Electric Blue + Gold

One of my favourite items from my recent FashionValet haul is this satiny loose jacket by Mia Mikhail. Just look at the gorgeous color! I think this shade goes well with a lot of colors – black, white, beige, tan, nude, gold, as well as bright colors like fuchsia and yellow.

I wanted to keep it low key so I wore it with neutrals and denim.






This jacket comes in 3 other colors, as well as a printed version as seen on me previously. I just can’t get enough of jackets! Hehe.


IMG_2463aPaired it with Fluer Malaysia nude satin silk shawl and this gold Cucito necklace, also from FashionValet…
(finally managed to grab this necklace. It’s always out of stock on FV! Hot stuff, I’m telling you)


IMG_2469…and my gold Prada espadrille wedges. Wedges are my choice of footwear these days.


FashionValet is having GST Sale for the whole month of April and you can get 10% off all items, except for Scha x FV collection. Just enter “OKFINEGST” code at checkout.

Only a few more days left till April ends, you’d better hurry!

A Wand For Your Eyes

There’s a new SK-II product that I’ve recently added to my daily skincare regime. It’s pretty interesting as I have never used anything like it before.



It’s the revolutionary SK-II Magnetic Eye Wand!



You probably know that your eye area is one of the first places where signs of aging will begin to emerge. This is because the skin around the eye area is very delicate and extremely thin, and it will become even thinner as we age. That’s why there’s a specific cream for eyes (you can’t just use your moisturizer) and you need to apply it very gently.

This Magnetic Eye Wand from SK-II features the first in-the-world tri-magnetic eye care technology, which induces micro-electromagnetic field and it works in tandem with SK-II Stempower Eye Cream. It claims to help boost penetration of the ingredients in the SK-II Stempower Eye Cream into skin for faster, greater and more controlled ingredient absorption.

To use it, take a pea-sized amount of SK-II Stempower Eye Cream using your ring finger (you really only need a little!), and lightly dab 3 small dots under the eye, and 2 small dots on your lids… like this.


Gently swipe the eye cream below your eye, starting from the inner corner and moving towards the outer corner until the cream has mostly absorbed. Do the same above your eye. Repeat for both eyes.

Then take the SK-II Magnetic Eye Wand (make sure it’s clean) and lightly glide the curved side of the wand under and above your eye, starting from inner corner and moving towards the outer corner. Repeat this gliding motion until all the cream has been absorbed into skin.


Basically, the eye wand is used to enhance the absorption of the SK-II Stempower Eye Cream for a more visible improvements, instead of just using fingers. The two products work together to firm up the the 3 critical areas for younger looking eyes, which are eyelid, eye corner and under eye.

This SK-II Magnetic Eye Wand comes free with purchase of SK-II Stempower Eye Cream (RM449) and is available at all SK-II counters.


Sisterly Love

A lot of people asked me how do my girls get along so well and have they ever fought with each other?

Haha. My girls are normal kids, guys. Of course they fight!

They usually fight verbally (girls, right) over petty things like… whose hair is longer, or who should become Twilight Sparkle, or when kakak doesn’t want to sit beside adik, or when Raina sang My Little Pony song wrongly… stuff like that.


Sheeshhh pening aku -___-’

But their squabbles and fights don’t last long. One minute they’re like Ultraman and raksasa (except this Ultraman and raksasa fought over which Lego Friends scene they should pretend-play), and the next minute they’re like BFFs, laughing and giggling away like nothing ever happened.

Like the other day, they were fighting over iPad and there were lots of screaming and crying involved. Apparently, one of them “ruined” Sofia’s bedroom because she colored the bed with the wrong color and didn’t put the right accessories or something (they were playing Sofia The First coloring game by the way).

5 minutes later, they came downstairs together and Ayra told me, “Mama, I like Raina. She’s my best friend foreverr!”.


I guess it’s normal for siblings to fight and squabble every now and then. But one thing I learned is not to blame only one child or assume things based on what you see without finding out what really happened. Listen to both sides of the story. Let each child explain and then only take necessary actions (advice and whatnot). Parents should be the peacemaker here!


IMG_2195Dresses from DVF ♥ babyGap collection, flats from Zara Girs


One time, I casually asked Ayra whether she loves her little sis and she said, “Yes, I love Raina. She’s so sweet and funny and she’s so silly”.

Then I asked Raina the same thing and she answered, “I love kakak because she so nice and like to teach me”.


These two can be really sweet with one another when they’re not fighting. I just love to see how they get along nicely. It never fails to warm my heart. I hope my girls will remain close (if not closer) when they’re older, insya-Allah.










I think parents play a very important role in helping nurture a good sibling relationship. I know it can get really tempting to compare your children with one another (I admit I used to do that too), but please please pleaseee avoid comparing siblings, especially in front of them. It’s a recipe for disaster that can lead to sibling rivalry. Nobody likes to be compared – I’m sure you don’t like it when somebody compares you with someone else so don’t do it, especially to your children. Everyone is different and has unique talents and abilities; so does your child.

When you compliment or praise one of your children, compliment the others as well. You don’t want your child to feel “superior” or appreciated more than his/her other siblings and you certainly don’t want your other child to feel, “Mom probably loves my brother more because he’s smart”. You want each of them to know that they are all special in their own ways and that you love them no matter what. Insya-Allah they will learn to appreciate and respect each other. I actually learned this from my MIL (somebody once complimented one of my girls and my MIL told that person, “Kalau puji sorang, kena la puji sorang lagi”) and I have been doing it ever since. The compliments don’t have to be the same. Like for example, when I told Ayra, “Your hair is beautiful. So straight and smooth, I like it”, I would also tell Raina that, “I like your curly hair. It looks fabulous”.

Whether it’s their appearances or their abilities, just try to find the best in every child and appreciate their differences. It’s what makes them unique!


IMG_2205The dynamic duo. Ayra the neat and independent one, and Raina the cool and funny one :)

SK-II Auractivator CC Cream Review

Ever since discovering BB (Beauty Balm) creams a couple of years ago, I’ve been hooked. I’m not really a big fan of heavy foundations, but I don’t fancy the sheer coverage of tinted moisturizers either. BB creams seemed to fall in between those two - not too heavy, not too sheer. It’s just right. I love the “no makeup” makeup look it gives yet still provides enough coverage without looking too heavily made-up.

And then comes CC creams.

I read that CC cream is like BB cream’s amped-up big sister with more focus on skincare. It’s lighter and more opaque than BB creams and therefore they are better for acne-prone skin as it helps to conceal imperfections.

Behold the new SK-II CC Cream (this is actually my very first CC cream)…


IMG_2059It comes in a tube with pump dispenser, making it easy to use.


IMG_2062A pea-sized amount is all you need.


I was told that this Auractivator CC Cream has so many benefits, but I really like the fact that this CC cream helps skin reduce melanin that cause dark spots and protect the skin from future damage with its SPF 50, besides providing a good coverage. Gotta love makeup with added skin care benefits!

Here’s the product swatch:

skIIJust dot, slather and voila~ instant glowing skin
(You can use a makeup brush to apply it but I usually just use my fingers)


As you can see, the CC cream is very light in color (almost white), but once you slather it on your skin, it oxidizes and changes color and just blend right in. I think it does a nice job at disguising unevenness and redness, especially near my chin area. It also contains iridescent micro pearls to give your skin that radiant glow that you can see instantly. I would also suggest to go easy on the powder. You only need a thin layer to set it.


IMG_2118My current go-to minimal makeup look – SK-II Auractivator CC Cream, loose powder, mascara, lip gloss and I’m good to go!


Overall, I’m liking this new CC cream by SK-II. It gives great coverage, evens out my complexion with a nice glow anddd contains a whopping SPF 50, which makes it a makeup product with the highest sun protection that I have ever used. This SK-II Auractivator CC Cream retails for RM290 and is available at all SK-II counters nationwide.

Getaway in Style

So there’s this contest that FashionValet x The Luxe Nomad are running for bloggers to win a stay at the luxury Paresa Resort Phuket.

I’ve seen the photos of the resort and it’s ah-mazing, guys.

I mean, just look – the view, the sea, the suite, the private pool and everything. Sigh… it’s so romantic.









I miss having a romantic getaway with my husband. The last time we had one was on our 5th wedding anniversary, which was 2 years ago. And it was only for a night. Tak cukup! Hehe. We’ve been busy being daddy and mommy (even to each other sometimes) that we somehow forgot to be just husband and wife. It’s kind of hard to do so when the kids are around. So really, I’d like to win a stay at Paresa Phuket on The Luxe Nomad with my man so we can spend some time together, just the two of us. Plus, it’s our birthday this month (our birthdays are only 11 days apart) so it’d be a perfect gift for the both of us.

I’ve already picked out a head-to-toe outfit from FashionValet that I’m going to wear on one of the days if I win this contest. Something casual and breezy but still chic, in light neutral tones with a pop of color.


Top – Aere Oliva Oversized Buttoned Cuffs Top in Ivory
Bottom – Scha x FV Plumeria Skants in Peach
Scarf – dUCk Georgette Scarf in Chocolate Cookie Dough
Shoes – ShoesShoesShoes Liza Kinked Mule Wedges in Nude
Bag – Mischa CDG Pouch in Holi Pink

This contest ends today tho, so hurry and blog about it now if you wanna join! Hehe.

They are going to choose 2 winners – the 1st prize is 4D3N stay at Paresa Phuket + RM1,000 FV voucher and the 2nd prize is 3D2N stay at Paresa Phuket + RM700 FV voucher.

So exciting!

You can read more about the contest here: http://www.fashionvalet.com/fvtlngetaway.