Rakuten Online Shopping Mall


Japan’s number 1 online shopping mall, Rakuten, is now available in Malaysia. It’s basically like a shopping mall, where they have different shops under one roof except… well, it’s online! They have heaps of products – over 100,000 products ranging from electronics, home and living, baby and maternity, books, fashion, beauty and many more. Heck, they even have food and beverages on their website!

If you’re looking for something for your home and family, do check out this website especially their beauty/cosmetic and kitchen sections (I have yet to khatam browsing everything on Rakuten. So many items!).

The first thing I saw on Rakuten website was “SK II” at their Hot Items tab (you know how much I love SK II!). I was impressed with their range of SK II products, especially the trial sets. I don’t think you can get them over the counter (unless if you purchase a certain amount of products), so this is great for those who want to try SK II for the first time or even for traveling.

As I browsed more, I saw SK II Facial Treatment Essence 215ml selling at cheaper than retail price (RM480 instead of RM565) and decided to purchase it right away. I also decided to purchase 1 piece of SK II Skin Signature 3D Refining Mask because I forgot whether I’ve tried that mask or not. Heh.


Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 7.13.40 PM

Purchasing from Rakuten is hassle-free and pretty straight forward. Add items to shopping cart, click checkout button, fill in your shipping details and proceed to payment page.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 7.15.08 PM


They have a few payment options too – you can pay with your Visa or MasterCard credit cards, online banking (Maybank2u, CIMB Clicks, etc), ATM/Cash transfer, Celcom AirCash, COD (if merchant allows) and even Rakuten Super Points.

Once you’ve made the payment, an email will be sent to you with all your order details. They will email you again when your order has shipped together with the tracking number so you can track your package online.

I received my items after 5 days, which is not so bad. I don’t know about you, but I always get so excited when my package arrived. It’s like opening present! :D


IMG_8953Tadaa~ my daily essential. Can’t get enough of this stuff!

I received a note in the invoice saying that the Skin Signature 3D Mask is out of stock and that they will send it to me when it’s available. They ganti with SK II Facial Treatment Mask for the time being. That’s ok by me. Overall, it was a smooth shopping experience with Rakuten and I’m happy with my purchase!

Now, here’s a good news for my readers. Rakuten is giving away RM30 shopping coupon a.k.a RaCoupon for all my readers who signed up as Rakuten members. You can sign up here! Simply key in this coupon code “RAKUPINK30” at the payment page to receive RM30 discount for your purchase of RM120 and above. This coupon is only valid from 23rd July to 3rd August 2014 so hurry and use it!

On top of that, you can also join Rakuten’s Spend & Win contest where you can stand a chance to win prizes worth more than RM5,000 when you purchase anything from Rakuten Malaysia website. This contest ends on 31st July 2014 so there’s still time to join it! More details about the contest here.

Here’s a few merchants (and their items) that I would recommend, in case you don’t know where to get started:


This merchant sells a variety of skincare, fragrance and makeup products from various high end brands – Chanel, Lancome, Dior, Burberry and SK II, just to name a few (I purchased my SK II products from this merchant btw). If you’re new to SK II, I would recommend either one of these basic trial sets:

Rakuten1SK II Pitera Essence Set – RM213
SK II Trial Set 5  – RM210
SK II Trial Set 2 – RM155



2) BigSpoon Kitchenware

They have everything that your kitchen needs! Cookware, bakeware (saw a donut pan and immediately thought of Joy The Baker’s Double Chocolate Cake Doughnuts because she baked her doughnuts using donut/doughnut pan like this one), tableware, utensils, kitchen storage and cool specialty tools like the turning slicer in the pic below which can easily slice fruits, veggies, onions, cheese, etc into 5 different shapes. And how fun is that lattice cutter? I’ve never made pies and pastries before, but I might try and make one if I have it.

Rakuten3Donut Pan 6 Cups – RM12.46
KASSPO Turning Slicer – RM899
Plastic Lattice Cutter – RM11.90

3) MYND Furniture

Cool furniture and storage solution for your house. I love their jewellery cabinets especially. In fact, I have this exact Mirror Jewellery Cabinet in white, which I purchased from the same merchant some time ago.

Check out these other cool products from MYND Furniture:

RakutenMAGNO Side Pumping Mirror Jewelry Cabinet – RM799
Louis chair – RM489
Wooden Tower Bookshelf Organizer – RM269

You can go to Shop Directory to view the full list of merchants available on Rakuten website.

Rakuten is also having Raya Sale up to 70% off in conjunction with this festive season. Browse their Raya Sale here.

Happy shopping!

Sun, Sand and Sea(food)

Went for buka puasa at Aroma Ikan Bakar in Jeram yesterday. Not the best seafood place I’ve ever been to, but for the past few weeks we’ve been having iftar at malls and hotels (besides at home of course), so it was a nice change of view and venue. Sun, sand and sea! The kids enjoyed it the most.














IMG_8909Hubs and his bffs. They’ve been friends for more than 15 years and still hang out almost every week! Sheesh.
(I’m secretly jealous coz I don’t even get to hang out with my friends once a month)




























IMG_8904Where’s my fish?


Can’t believe we have less than 2 weeks to enjoy this holy month. Let’s make the most of every remaining days guys, especially the last 10 nights of Ramadan!

Free Meal

I remember the first time when I got my first handphone. It was given by my dad a few days before I started university. Just before my parents were about to leave me, far far away from home (I studied in Melaka), dad handed me a box.

“Here, you’ll need this”.

It was a Nokia 3310 (no smartphone at that time ok).

Boy, was I happy. I felt like a grown up. I had my own handphone!

I spent the next few days playing around with my new baby. Dad got me a postpaid plan so I did not have to worry about credits and stuff. I sms-ed my friends, downloaded ringtones and picture messages every single day. So cool to have your own phone!

And then the bill came – to my dad, of course. 5 pages long! I was shocked (and scared, haha). I didn’t know ringtones would cost that much! I only downloaded like 20, I think. Pffft.

Let’s just say, my dad wasn’t happy at all and he decided to teach me a lesson by switching my postpaid plan to prepaid. He only provided RM50 top-up a month; pandai-pandai la kau berjimat guna. It could be worse – he could have taken away my handphone! But he did not.

But still, it was hard at first. I was always worried about how much credit I had left. Sometimes I even had to cut down my meal expenses and eat express noodles instead, just so I can buy extra top-up credit.

uMobile came up with something that I think students especially, would appreciate.




They’re having a promotion where you can redeem free Mamee Express Cup (curry flavour) and Revive Isotonic drink when you purchase RM50 top-up. Why didn’t they have this kind of promo when I was a student?! Sheeesh.



Redeeming it is easy too. Just go to any 7-Eleven outlet and present your uMobile top-up card at the cashier.




IMG_7936Make sure you have topped up your prepaird first before redeeming it.


IMG_8134And then you’ll get your free foodies!

You can also redeem a bottle of Revive Isotonic when you purchase RM30 top-up credit.

This promotion is valid until 31st August 2014. For more info, you may log on to their website at https://www.u.com.my/prepaid-packages/top-up-locations.

Nora Danish for FashionValet

When I heard that FashionValet is collaborating with Nora Danish for their Raya collection, I was intrigued and couldn’t wait to see it. Nora Danish is one of those well-dressed Malaysian celebs so I was sure her collection would not disappoint.

FashionValet held a private fashion show for the exclusive collection at White Box Publika last Thursday. The collection is not yet launched to the public so I was among the first lucky ones to view the entire collection. If you’re into simple, classy design, you’re gonna love it!





IMG_8013FV lady boss, Vivy. Still as warm and humble as the first time we met.

IMG_8023Nora Danish and FV (Fadza-Vivy, geddit?)

IMG_1519Met a few blogger friends. Shea, Syahira and Sabrina.

IMG_8079Dragged my sister as well. We love this stripey wall!

And then the fashion show started. Behold, the Nora Danish x FashionValet collection!



IMG_1508(Photo from FashionValet)



IMG_1551(Photo from FashionValet)


Nora Danish for FashionValet features a monochrome collection that are simple yet classy and stylish. I would totally wear them! You can never go wrong with black and white, and I love that these pieces can also be worn as separates.

There are a total of 8 looks altogether and my favorites are these…


IMG_1514The peplums, especially the one on the left. Love how they paired it with pearl necklace. Looks classy!
(Photo from FashionValet)

IMG_8051I also have my eyes on this kurung with contrast panel and another one with the wrap top (couldn’t get a closer picture tho).

IMG_1574(Photo from FashionValet)


This entire collection by Nora Danish is exclusively for FashionValet and they are going to launch it tomorrow, 1st July 2014 on www.fashionvalet.com. I heard they’re affordable too. You really don’t want to miss this!

So remember, TOMORROW MORNING, 11AM.

Europe Trip Part 3: Paris

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been really busy these past few weeks working on a project and helping out with my SIL’s wedding and stuff. Phew! Wedding is a lot of work. Fun, but a lot of work especially when you don’t have a wedding planner. But we got a lot of help from my husband’s relatives that came all the way from Kedah a few days before the event. Couldn’t thank them enough! Glad things went well despite the last minute preparation.

Anyway, here’s the final part of our Europe trip (it’s a continuation from Part 1: Rome and Part 2: Florence posts).

Our last destination was Paris. Paris!

Sigh… I love Paris. No matter how many cities I’ve been to (not that many apparently), Paris will always be one of my favourites. There is just something magical about Paris – the architectures, the sidewalks, the parks, the cute cafes, the patisseries, the shops, the fashion and of course the Eiffel Tower. I’ve been to Paris a few times and enjoyed each trip, but this time it was extra special because it was my first time with my husband. It felt like we were on honeymoon!


IMG_4226We stayed at this hotel. Galeries Lafayette is only like 3 minutes walk from here (and so is the metro station). No need to guess la where we went to, first thing after checking into the hotel.

IMG_3577 Angeline Cafe at Galleries Lafayette. I’ve been wanting to try their signature Mont Blanc dessert and hot chocolate ever since my sister posted a photo on her instagram a few months ago. My Godddd… They make the richest, thickest, smoothest and creamiest hot chocolate. I love it!

IMG_3580Hot chocolate on a cold day. If only I could curl up on a couch with a good book while sipping this…

IMG_3610I totally underestimated Paris weather because I thought it’d be warm and sunny just like in Rome and Florence. It wasn’t. The weather was around 9°C, which was cold (and wet) and I only brought light jackets and cardigans.

IMG_3634Thank God for Zara. Bought this cute pink coat and wore it right away. Then I felt a bit out of place when I saw most Parisians wore black coats. I mean, c’mon, I know it’s cold, but it’s still spring! Heh.

IMG_3656Paris also got tuk tuk!

IMG_3650Champs Elysees

IMG_3619Went to check out Disney Store at Champ Elysees for Frozen Elsa doll but there were none left. They only had the soft toy version. Didn’t get them because my girls don’t really play with soft toys.

IMG_3631If Italy is famous for their pastas, pizzas and gelato, France is famous for their pastries. I just love feasting my eyes on those sweet, decadent desserts. So hard to choose which one to have coz they all looked tempting!

IMG_3632We had this bruschetta instead :P


IMG_3671One of the famous monuments in Paris, Arc de Triomphe

IMG_3661We saw this and thought it’d be more fun to get around the city on the hop-on hop-off bus than the metro. Plus, we didn’t get the chance to ride on one when we were in Rome and Florence.




IMG_3674Upper seats, please.




IMG_3712Weather was beautiful. Thank God it didn’t rain the whole day.

IMG_3722I still get excited when I see Eiffel Tower, just like the first time. C’est magnifique!













IMG_3752When I saw this, I immediately remembered reading somewhere that Nutella crepe is a must try in Paris, so we ordered one each.

IMG_3767Mine was crepe with banana and strawberry slices + vanilla Chantilly cream + drizzled with Nutella. I usually don’t really like crepes (I prefer pancakes) but this one was sooooo good. The crepe was made fresh, right in front of my eyes. Best crepe I’ve ever had!




IMG_3823The obligatory jumping picture.


IMG_3834Hubs saw these boys playing football with their dad and decided to join them for awhile. A dog even came out of nowhere and tried to chase the ball. So cute!


IMG_3853One of the things I like about traveling to Europe during Spring/Summer is this. 8.30pm and the sun is still up. More time for sightseeing!

IMG_3929Next stop.

IMG_3886Louvre museum



 IMG_3970Took the metro to La Vallee Village the next day.



IMG_3933Rocking my rockstud

IMG_3993 Brunch first before shopping.

IMG_3991 I love Pret A Manger’s sandwiches (and salads).

Didn’t take a lot of pictures at La Vallee Village because I was busy shopping for my sister’s customers. Was a bit challenging because my sister was at Champs Elysees at that time. I spent 3 hours at Ralph Lauren outlet alone! Phewww.


IMG_4099After La Vallee Village, my husband suggested we check out Disney store in Disneyland, in case they still have Elsa doll because it was just one metro station away from La Vallee Village. If only he’s this semangat to find a designer bag for me. Sigh.

IMG_4101Of course there were no Elsa. We’ve searched for Elsa dolls in 3 cities and they were all sold out! Apparently, they were sold out everywhere, even online. Gila ah Frozen fanatics (we managed to get Anna dolls, Frozen t-shirts, Elsa tiaras, and Elsa & Anna figurines tho). 

IMG_4217Last day in Paris.



IMG_42041(Gelato) flower for me

IMG_4198Pretty and tasted not bad too, but cannot beat Italian’s gelato.

IMG_4173Maaaaakan je kerja aku :P (French croissants are the best. So light and soft and flaky, walau dah sejuk)

IMG_4246Decided to have one last cup of Angelina’s hot chocolate and a dessert. This time, we tried their Millefeuille.

IMG_4230Stopped by Pierre Hermé to tapau some macarons before heading to the airport.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 1.48.09 AM

And that’s the end of our 10-day Europe trip.