His coffee fix

When I was single, my mom kept on telling me that a lady should know how to make a nice cup of coffee. My mom makes the best coffee, or at least according to everyone else. I don’t like coffee so I never really knew what a good coffee tasted like and I never really bothered to learn how to make one (I do love the rich aroma of coffee tho).

But according to my mom, I would need to because when I get married, I would have to serve my husband coffee every morning before he goes to work. And then I jokingly said that my future husband doesn’t drink coffee or any types of hot drink except plain water. LOL. Dasar pemalas.

Well what do you know, that joke actually came true. I married a guy who only wants to drink plain water in the morning. Haha phew! :P

For 3 years we lived in a coffee-less house. I did not have to worry about making coffee for my husband and he didn’t seem to mind (I tried making for my mom once or twice and it turned out horrible, it was such an embarrassment).

Ok, my husband actually drinks coffee but only occasionally, like when we’re out dining at kopitiam or any coffee shops.

But ever since working with this new company a couple of years ago, he has been drinking coffee almost every day, sometimes twice a day. He’s been swamped with work and projects (he’s an app developer, by the way) and every night he would stay up late with his eyes glued to his computer screen, doing programming thingy which I don’t understand a thing even tho I have a degree in IT (Ruby on Rails what?). He needs coffee to help him stay up through the night.



Of course I made him that cup of coffee – in a pink mug, nonetheless (well that’s what he gets marrying a girly girl. Tee hee).

I guess my mom was right – I do have to serve my husband coffee at some point, except in my case, it’s at night!

But my coffee-making skill has improved, thanks to this 3-in-1 sachets. I don’t have to worry about brewing coffee and the sugar-to-cream-to-coffee ratio and whatnot. Made things so much easier for me and less embarrassing!


My husband likes his coffee with a little flavor and I remember he always order Hazelnut White Coffee at OLDTOWN White Coffee cafe when he’s not ordering iced drinks. He said the OLDTOWN White Coffee 3-in-1 Hazelnut sachet version tasted just like at the kopitiam – creamy, nutty and aromatic, just the way he likes it.


Sometimes when I’m feeling a little fancy, I’d froth some milk and spoon it over his hazelnut white coffee
(I did tell you my coffee-making skill has improved, didn’t I? :P)

And when I’m feeling even more fancy, I’d make a smiley face on his coffee.

Obviously my coffee art needs more practice, but my husband thinks it’s cute. It’s the effort that counts, really *ehem*

And that, to him, is the perfect cup of coffee.
I feel like such a domestic goddess. *flicks apron*

Dipped Row Exclusive Trunk Show

I was invited to Dipped Row’s tea party and trunk show at The Cigar Room in Kenny Hills last week with my sister, Wani. To be honest, I have never heard of the brand before so I was pretty excited to check them out and feast my eyes (and hands) on the newly discovered jewellery brand over delectable desserts.


Coincidentally wore color-coordinating outfit with my sister. Ha!
(I’m wearing Tudung People Numa shawl, Zara tunic dress, Next white pants and Jessica Simpson platform sandals)

Dipped Row was founded by three childhood friends, Karina, Azura and Lina, who are self-confessed jewellery addicts. Every piece in the collection is personally curated to showcase a glimmer of their different personalities and style.

As I arrived at the door, rows of sparkly colorful necklaces caught my eyes from across the room so I went straight to the table where they showcased the collection and just stared admiringly at them. I went like, “Oh my, that is nice. Oooh, this one too. And this one. And that one!”. Every piece is drool-worthy!

Their Spring/Summer 2014 collection features distinctive yet versatile jeweleries; from simple dainty bracelets to head-turning statement necklaces that would surely complement and elevate any ensemble. Necklaces and earrings are embellished with crystal clusters, floral patterns and brightly colored resin stones, while the bracelets are swathed in exotic stingray, phyton and ostrich leather.

They have clutches too, all brightly bling-ed!

So in love with this Kaleidoscope Clutch Bag.

Of course there were yummy desserts (and other food). Man, I was so busy checking out the jeweleries that I forgot how hungry I was until I saw these.

These earrings cookies inspired by Dipped Row’s own collection looked so real – so sayang to eat!

My sister and I had been whatsapp-ing each other a few days before the event, telling how we were craving for yummy vanilla cupcakes, so you can imagine how beyond happy we were when we saw those pink cupcakes. They were so good!

I must say, the highlight of the event is the jewellery customization. Guests were given the opportunity to choose any piece of Dipped Row necklace that was laid on the table (there were a few different designs to choose from) and give it a little makeover by painting it with nail polish! How brilliant is that? I have never thought of doing that before.

The 2 most beautiful designs would win some goodies from Dipped Row so everyone started to work on their designs right away. Some even sketched a few design options on paper first with swatches of colors!

I chose this necklace, and so did my sister (no surprise there. We kinda have the same taste in almost everything :P)

Yes, hi sister. Bye sister. Hehe

I don’t have a lot of blue and purple necklaces so I decided to paint it in those 2 colors. I  should have just left it like this laa – just bits of purple and blue. Looked simple and nice, me think. But it was a lot of fun painting those crystals that I got carried away. I even wanted to paint the chains after finishing with the crystals, but thought that might be a bit too much.

The end result. Wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to add pink, but whatevs. It was fun playing jewellery designer! We even get to keep the necklace so yay (I’m so gonna padam the colors and paint a new one soon).

So guess who won this necklace-painting competition?

My sister! (and this other lady)

I have to admit, their necklaces looked impressive. The color combinations are beautiful and they didn’t even look like they were painted with nail polishes! (My sister’s necklace is the one of the right, by the way)

Dipped Row collection are available online at www.dippedrow.com. You seriously have to check them out! They are affordably-priced, between RM30 – RM400 and they offer fast delivery throughout Malaysia, as well as a few selected international countries.

And not only that, the team at Dipped Row are feeling generous and they’re giving a special discount for my readers to shop! Simply use this discount code: PINKSTILETTOS at checkout and you will get RM20 off your purchase of over RM100. This code expires on the 31st May 2014, so hurry!

They are also having a Mother’s Day promotion where you can get 15% off on all items with the code: MOTHERSDAY. The last day for you to use this code is on the 7th May 2014 by 2pm and your order will arrive just in time for Mother’s Day.

Happy shopping!

Girls’ Outfit Ideas

A few of my friends have started scouting around for their kids’ Raya clothes and I decided to jump on the bandwagon. More reasons to shop for those cute little dresses, yay!

I came up with a few outfit ideas for my girls from my favorite children clothing brands and thought of sharing them here (don’t worry hubby, I’m not going to buy all of them). This is what I usually do before making a purchase – I make mental notes when browsing online and in stores, trying to put their outfits together by mixing and matching with whatever pieces they already have, while making sure one sister’s outfit coordinates with the other (read how I coordinate my girls’ outfits here). Sounds like a bit of a task but it’s actually a lot of fun!


 Outfit 1: Afternoon Tea

Left: Janie & Jack eyelet blazer, Zara printed dress, Crazy 8 cutout sandals
Right: Janie & Jack peplum ponte dress, Gymboree heart pearl necklace, Janie & Jack gold bow sandals

Outfit 2: Cool Cruise

Left: Janie & Jack bow poplin hat, Gap Kids floral stripe belted dress, H&M fabric sandals
Right: Gymboree ruffle eyelet top, Gymboree seersucker bow capri, Crazy 8 aviator, OshKosh B’Gosh slip-on shoes


Outfit 3: Spring Dressy

Left: Zara bag, Zara printed dress, Gymboree perforated ballet flat
Right: Zara frilled dress, Gymboree hat headband, Zara cutwork ballerina flats



Outfit 4: Aloha Sunshine

Left: Janie & Jack bow headband, babyGap split neck stripe shirtdress, Zara ankle strap sandals
Right: babyGap flower print pleated top, babyGap cropped leggings, Gymboree curly ribbon ponies, Zara faux patent leather sandals

Outfit 5: Laid-back Chic

Left: Zara handbag, Zara polka-dot printed shirt, babyGap legging jeans, Crazy 8 strappy sandals
Right: Old Navy swiss dot peplum top, Zara geometric print trousers, Zara shiny embroidered scarf, Zara leather roman strap sandals



 Outfit 6: Green Scene

Left: Gap Kids denim jacket, Crazy 8 bow batik dress, Zara leather roman strappy sandals
Right: Janie & Jack flower necklace striped top, Janie & Jack colorblock ponte skirt, Zara patent leather slip-on

Outfit 7: Miss Mod

Left: H&M sunglasses, Crazy 8 stripe pocket dress, Mangko Kids bow belt, Crazy 8 bow ballet flats
Right: H&M top with lace sleeves, Mango Kids faux leather skirt, Crazy 8 tulle headband, Zara pompom ballerina

Outfit 8: Candy Crush

Left: Gymboree eyelet tee, Gymboree striped bow dress, babyGap bow jelly sandals
Right: Gymboree big dot bow dress, Crazy 8 bow barrettes, babyGap bow jelly sandals

Outfit 9: Vintage Charm
Left: Gymboree flower straw bag, Zara embroidered dress, Zara cutwork ballerina flats
Right: Zara combined dress with bow, Zara hat with ribbon, babyGap crisscross ballet flat

Outfit 10: Sweet Posies

Left: Janie & Jack boucle beret, Janie & Jack corsage ruffle top, Janie & Jack gingham crop pant, Old Navy metallic sandal
Right: Janie & Jack hydrangea pique top, Old Navy twill capri, Gymboree heart pearl bracelet, Zara espadrille sandals

I could go on forever with the outfit list, but I think I’ll just stop at 10.

Breakfast Day

If there’s one meal that I would never skip, it would definitely be breakfast. I don’t know about you, but I always wake up in the morning with a growling tummy and if I don’t feed myself right away, I’d spent the rest of the day feeling irritable and scatterbrained. Or worse, a pounding headache! Not a great way to start the day.

Apparently, those who have breakfast tend to have better mood than those who don’t. I noticed that with my girls too, so I would always ensure that my girls have breakfast even when we’re running late because it’s important to start the day with a positive energy. Else, they will be so cranky, it would ruin everyone’s morning!


My girls’ typical breakfast – Nutella sandwiches and warm Milo for Ayra, cereal with milk and warm Milo for Raina

Milo is like a food staple in our kitchen. My girls loveeee Milo and they would drink it every day, sometimes twice a day. And when they’re not feeling well and have no appetite to eat anything, they would just request to have a cup of warm Milo instead. At least they have something to fuel them with energy throughout the day.

It’s great that Milo dedicates one special day for Malaysia Breakfast Day every once a year to celebrate the most important meal of the day and to also encourage the whole nation to enjoy breakfast with their family and friends. Just like last year, there will also be Malaysia Breakfast Day Run as well as games, performances and breakfast, and everyone is invited to take part!

Here’s the details of the Malaysia Breakfast Day Run:

Date: 20th April 2014
Time: 7am – 1pm
Venue: Perbadanan Putrajaya

There will be 2 types of run – Competitive Run (7km) and Family Fun Run (3km).

For more details about this run, log on to their website at www.milo.com.my/breakfast.


Last year at the Malaysia Breakfast Day with si kecil molek, Yuyu Zulaikha.


Hopefully we could join it again this year!

Milo Toasties

The other day while I was busy doing some work, Ayra came to me and requested to bake cookies.

I felt bad to turn down her request because we haven’t been baking for weeks, but I had a deadline and couldn’t be spending an hour making cookies with my girls (yes it usually takes that long), so I suggested we make something easier and a lot quicker instead. Milo toast!

She agreed upon hearing the word “Milo”.

And suddenly my tummy was rumbling and I was salivating. Oh man… Milo toast.

My mom used to make Milo toast for me when I was a kid. She would drizzle sweetened condensed milk on sliced bread and topped it with a thick layer of Milo. The slightly crunchy, sweet and chocolatey malt in every bite was so heavenly! I had them for breakfast and as my snacks for like everyday. It used to be my favorite food when I was a kid and I haven’t had it for awhile now. Time to introduce it to my girls!

I wanted to make it a bit more fun for them and more like a baking activity, so I added a little twist to the Milo toast-making.


I let my girls cut the sliced bread into flower shapes using cookie cutters.


And then we put them on a baking tray and baked in the oven for a few minutes so that it would look like we were baking “cookies”. Ha!

Anndddd…. instead of using sweetened condensed milk, we spread cream cheese on the toast… because cheese makes everything better! And umm well, because we don’t have sweetened condensed milk at home. Heh.

Then I spooned some Milo powder in a sugar sifter and let the girls sift the Milo over the toast.
Raina got a bit carried away and sifted Milo all over herself. Totally normal.


We ate them immediately! This is a less sweet version of Milo toast, but it was still nice. Creamy and chocolatey (Raina ate 3 of them!)


It only took 10 minutes to make these and everyone was happy.
Probably the quickest “baking” project ever! :D