Spinach and Mushroom Frittata with Beef Streaks

I made this spinach and mushroom frittata for breakfast this morning. It was definitely one of those rare mornings when I felt like making something a weebit fancy (well I usually have protein shake, so yeah… this is fancy).


Frittata is a cross between an omelette and crustless quiche, in case you’re wondering. It’s loaded with all types of fillings, but unlike omelette, frittata is cooked (broiled) in the oven. It’s super duper easy, I promise!

For the fillings, you can use any veggies, meats, cheeses and herbs that you like. Broccoli, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, basil, chives, parsley, zucchini, sweet potato, chili, asparagus, ground meats, chicken slices, pepperoni, sausage… anything really. You can even add cooked pasta if you want it to be more filling.

 IMG_2992For this frittata, I used red capsicum, baby spinach, swiss brown mushroom and beef breakfast streaks, because that’s all I have in my fridge.

IMG_2996Saute the chopped onion, garlic and the fillings in a pan (if you have a cast iron skillet, then use that).

IMG_3002Then pour in the beaten egg mixture that has been seasoned with salt and pepper (I used 6 eggs by the way). Sprinkle with grated mozzarella cheese and chopped scallion and let it cook for 2-3 minutes.

IMG_3003Finally, place the whole pan under the broiler. Because I don’t have a cast iron skillet, I just placed my pan like this with the handle sticking out and let the oven door slightly ajar. Broil for about 8 minutes. (excuse my dirty oven! :P)

IMG_3021Remove from oven and let it cool before serving. I find it easier to cut it using a spatula.

IMG_3008And my fancy breakfast is served! Hehe.

My Hijab Story

I see more and more local female celebs who were once quite “sexy” have started wearing the hijab. I even followed some of the celebs’ hijrah stories and was truly amazed, not just by their appearance, but also how they have totally changed and become better Muslimah – even better than those who have worn the hijab long before they did (that would be me). MasyaAllah! It just shows that the Almighty can give His hidayah to whoever he wants.

As for me, I started wearing hijab when I was 9 years old but only at school. It wasn’t until I reached the age of 14 that I started wearing hijab full time.

Well… I didn’t actually decide it myself; it was my parents. They had been telling me (and my sisters) since we were small, that once we hit puberty, we will be accountable for all our sins, bad deeds as well as good deeds, and that they will no longer be responsible for our sins. So on top of not missing the 5 daily prayers, fasting in Ramadhan and other do’s and don’ts, we were also told to wear the hijab. Being a good daughter that I was (I still am la, ok hehe), I obeyed them without any protest. It wasn’t that easy tho.

One of the biggest issues I faced when I first wore hijab outside of school was styling it! I had to ditch my skirts and dresses and switch to wearing only long pants. And because I was the eldest, I didn’t have anyone to turn to for fashion advice. I had zero sense of style and didn’t know how to dress up especially with hijab. My sister’s friends used to ejek the way I wear my hijab and called me “tudung empat segi” because of the way I shaped my tudung that made my face looked squarish. Pffft. But seriously, when I looked back at my old photos when I was a teenager, I would cringe. No wonder I sulked in all the photos. I looked hideous!

Trust me, I’ve tried and tested all sorts of hijab styles. There was even a time when I wore a floral tudung with a scarf ring down the middle – with a denim shirt and cargo pants. 8-O I don’t know what I was thinking! But oh well, we’ve all had our fashion disaster moment, no? Hehe. So yeah, that was one of my biggest struggle when I first started wearing hijab, which actually lasted for a decade! I wanted to cover up but didn’t know how to do it nicely… and I felt ugly. My self-esteem was at the lowest point at that time (didn’t help that I also gained weight!) and I felt selekeh all the time. I just wanted to be invisible!

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate the hijab. I just hated that I don’t know how to look nice wearing it. And I feel offended when I was told that wearing hijab “tak standard and outdated”. Sigh.

As years went by; as I grew older, I slowly started learning how to improve my appearance. After more than a decade, I finaaally “mastered” how to wear the hijab without looking selekeh (took me so long haha). I also started dieting to lose weight (but umm well, I’ve gained them back after my pregnancies woohoo). Honestly I never thought of becoming a lifestyle blogger and that people would actually ask me for style and fashion tips (seriously, guys? haha).

I am no fashionista, but I still think that just because you wear hijab doesn’t mean you cannot look good. I still think that you can still be modest and look chic at the same time and just be confident with yourself. Looking and feeling good don’t always mean wearing fancy clothes, the latest bags and shoes, and thick, heavy makeup. Sometimes something as simple as wearing deodorant and nice-smelling shampoo can make a huge different.

I find that my head feels so much more comfortable and “lighter” in hijab when my scalp and hair are clean and smelling fresh. I love how Sunsilk Lively Clean & Fresh gives my hair that clean and fresh feeling because nothing is more annoying than an itchy scalp and hair full of dandruff – not even if you’re “free hair”.



And because I wear hijab, I feel the need to shampoo my hair every other day to maintain the cleanliness and freshness. It makes wearing my hijab a lot more pleasant and I love when I get a whiff of that sweet fruity-floral smell of Sunsilk shampoo, even when I had my hijab on (yes, you can actually smell your own hair even underneath the hijab!).

Sunsilk Lively Clean & Fresh is actually co-created with scalp care expert, Dr. Francesca Fusco, and the shampoo and conditioner are enriched with Vitamin Citrus Complex that cater specially for hijab-wearing women to give that fresh, itch-free and sweet-smelling scalp, even after a long day or wearing hijab. It also helps to remove excess sebum to give a clean and fresh scalp.



I no longer feel selekeh now; in fact I love my hijab and I feel confident donning it. It is a part of me and I would feel incomplete without it. My hijab is going to stay with me for the rest of my life, insyaAllah. I do admit tho, I am not a perfect Muslimah. Modesty is a never-ending journey and there are a lot of things I need to improve myself as a Muslim woman, and I hope God will ease my journey.

Sunsilk understands the challenges and struggles that hijab-wearing ladies are facing, and they want to encourage women to share their hijab journey in their digital contest on Facebook, Menemanimu Sejak Tahun 2000. The Grand Prize includes, RM20,000 cash prize for you to achieve your aspiration, as well as Sunsilk products and t-shirt with your tudung journey illustration. There will also be 10 consolation prizes – RM3,000, t-shirt with your tudung journey illustrations and Sunsilk products.

I’m sure every one of you hijab-wearing ladies have your own challenges and struggles that you faced in your hijab journey. Share it here and who knows you might win yourself one of the cool prizes!

For more info about this contest, log on to https://apps.facebook.com/sunsilkmenemanimu.



Guys, we have lavender growing right here in our own country! See?!

*jakun mode*


I never knew we could grow lavender in our climate until that day when I was in Cameron. I was like, “OMG, lavender!! I’ve always wanted to go to Provence to see lavender field!”.


Okay so it wasn’t exactly a huge field with rows and rows of lavender like in Provence; it was just a small garden. The lavenders were gated some more and no one’s allowed to walk through them unless if you’re a bride and groom couple who wants to take wedding photos in there (there were actually one when we were there. Everyone was like eee tak aci, nak jugak).

The rest of us pengantin lama can just take photos from outside the gates, thank you.





These lavenders didn’t have any scent tho, which I thought was a tad weird. I had to take a closer look to check whether they were ori lavender or not. They were ori alright.

But whatevs – scent or no scent. The most important thing is, we have lavender here!

Malaysia boleh! Hehe *tiba-tiba*

Life’s Simple Pleasures

It’s 10 o’clock in the morning.

I’ve bathed my girls, dressed them up in their school uniforms, prepared their breakfast, sent them off to school (and by sent, I mean, sending them to the door), did the laundry…. and now I’m sitting serenely at my desk, enjoying my morning snack. Ahhh… Bliss.




I love my morning time. It’s the only time of the day I get to spend on my own, doing whatever I want while my kids are at school. 3 solid hours of quiet me time – that’s pretty awesome, if you’re a mommy like me.

I can read my favorite book or take a nap without being interrupted. I can watch Food Network on TV (I’d go crazy if I hear one more song from Hi5. Please). And I can have a looooong hot shower if I want to.

But most importantly, I can eat in peace. I’m sure all moms would appreciate this. Once you have a kid, mealtime can be one of the most challenging time of all. You’d wonder how someone that small can make that huge amount of mess! I’ve had a few cases of missing spoons, broken plates, flying broccoli and lots of “drama” at the table.


mygirlsThis is what happens when I forgot to bring their notebooks and crayons when dining out -__-”

I get that kids this age are so active and they just have to have some kind of activity to keep them entertained, so when I get the chance to have my meal in peace and quiet, I would savour it.




I love dunking my biscuits/crackers in a nice steaming hot cup of tea. I love how the crackers absorb the hot tea, making them all nice and soft and just kind of melts in my mouth when I eat them. Sometimes when I’m feeling a bit fancy, I’d eat the crackers with brie cheese, maple syrup and strawberries. So simple yet sooo good (you have to try it!), just like the simple pleasures in life.

Often times we tend to ignore the simple things in life and take them for granted. We are too busy with our work and hectic schedules that we forgot to enjoy the little things. And we wonder why we’re so stressed out! Just snap out of it and embrace the good things around you. It doesn’t have to be luxurious (altho yes, a romantic getaway or a Chanel bag would be very nice).

Life is filled with simple pleasures.

The warmth of the early morning sun.
Your morning cup of coffee (or tea for me).
Hearing your favourite song on the radio.
Hugging your child tightly.
Having a good laugh.
Fresh, clean bedsheets.
Sleeping in on a rainy day.
A beautiful view.

Sometimes, simple is the best – just like my cup of tea and Jacob’s crackers. So simple, yet fulfilling!



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Raya 2014

It’s the 9th day of Raya today. I hope it’s still not too late to wish you guys selamat hari raya!

One of the things I like about Raya (besides the food and visiting family and friends) is seeing families in colour-coordinating Raya outfit. And now with Instagram, Facebook and whatnot, it gets even better! I was on a “Liking” spree on Instagram during the first few days of Raya, double tapping on every photo of Raya OOTD with family that I saw on my feed.

So here’s our family’s Raya OOTD. Hehe.


IMG_9618Shades of mint, aqua and green


IMG_9613My girls in kurung Kedah from Littlenista (DNA at Setia City mall). Totally a last minute purchase!

IMG_9546My favourite Raya dish has got to be my mum’s lontong.

We celebrated Raya in KL this year. On the morning of Raya, we had our customary “bermaafan” session with the whole family in the living room. My parents would sit on the sofa and they would start the session first – mum salam and seek forgiveness from dad and vice versa. Then it was our turn (the siblings) to salam and seek forgiveness from our parents, then sibling to sibling, and not forgetting the little cucus as well (of course they only salam to get their angpau). I love this tradition. I know we should always seek forgiveness from our parents but having a special day just for that makes it even more special and meaningful (and because sometimes we tend to forget to say sorry or we just do it over the phone/sms). Too bad both my sisters weren’t around on the first day of Raya (they still owe me an apology. Haha) so it was just me and my brother.




After saying my sorries to my dad, he said sorry too for any lack in the way he raised and brought me up. It almost teared me up. My dad is a very stern and strict man (he’s way cooler now tho hehe). We grew up with rotan and bulu ayam, and we’d be punished when we did something bad. But I get where he’s coming from and now that I’m a parent myself, I totally understand that he did the best way that he knew how. Plus, my dad (and mum) didn’t have a quick access to the internet on the best parenting style and parenting advise and whatnot at that time like we all do now, so everything he did was based on his upbringing, his beliefs and his best intuition on how to handle us.

My brother made a little forgiveness speech to my mum that must have touched her deeply that when he hugged her, she broke into tears. I don’t know how serious the mess he got himself into (kidding, kidding!) but it was such a touchy moment. Made me realize even more how important it is to have a strong family bond.

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize to you, my dear readers and followers for my wrongdoings and if I have ever offended you in any ways through my writings, emails and everything. I hope you guys are enjoying this Raya with your loved ones, but let’s not forget our brothers and sisters in Gaza. Do make du’a for them and do our best to show our support. It’s so heartbreaking to read and see the gruesome news and photos of what’s happening there. May Allah bless them and grant them Jannah.