Cutest pair of jeans

Yesterday, after meeting up with another internet friend of mine for the Herbalife thingy, I did a lil bit of shopping with MZ. My favorite purchase that day is this pair of Levi’s Lady Style jeans with cute embroidered detail at the back pocket. I love it!


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I know I said I wanted to wait until I can fit size 26 baru nak pergi beli, but when I slipped on this pair of jeans yesterday, I was utterly in love with it and I can’t wait no more! Plus I’m getting bored of having to wear the same old black pants sbb jeans lain dah longgar. MZ even said I looked hot in the jeans so I had to get it bcoz I wanna look hot. Hahaha. Lagi pun, 27 sounds ‘small’ enough too, isn’t it? At least that’s what I think. Both my sisters have the Levi’s Lady Style jeans so I think it would be so cute if all three of us wear the jeans when we go out together, each with different patterns at the back of our bums. Heh heh.

I didn’t shop for any other stuff tho; one, bcoz macam sayang plak nak mengirai duit (I know that doesn’t really sound like me, but trust me, I’ve changed a bit ok. In terms of delayed gratification n stuff. ngeehee. Percayalah). And two, bcoz there’s nothing much kat MV.

Anyway, my boyfriend got me these cute pinky stuff from his Korea trip: a compact mirror with a magnifying mirror at one of the sides, which is great to zoomify my face and a pink brooch that adds up to my collection of dragonfly brooches (I think it’s a dragonfly, but he said it’s a butterfly. Whatever, asalkan bukan brooch bentuk lembu).

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Clothes Catastrophe

This is a story of The Copycat Dolls. I never expect this to happen eventho we (my sisters and I) have a lot of the exact same stuff, especially clothes (that’s why we call ourselves TCD).

I went to Mandarin Orientel Hotel last Saturday to meet someone for Herbalife. My boyfriend had a few meetings kat sana sampai malam so after meeting up with her, MZ dropped me off at KLCC. My sis, Wani and I planned to break fast together at KLCC (both my parents and bro balik kampung) so while waiting for her to arrive from her college, aku pon jalan-jalan la dulu dalam Parkson.

At around 5pm I got a phone call from my sis. Without saying hello, she almost shouted, “Don’t tell me you’re wearing the same baju as mine!!”. And I went like “Haaa?? Ko pakai baju Riian London ni gak kerr?? Where are youu??”.

Then she asked me to turn around.

And so I did. And I saw her. Omigod. It was like looking in a mirror – the same top, the same pink scarf, the same Eclipse heels, (except mine is black and hers is purple). Every one and I mean EVERY ONE was staring at us! It was embarrassing! Mana taknya, mesti lah pelik tiba-tiba ada kembar sesat dlm Parkson, blaming each other on wearing the same outfit (we kind of look the same too; some people thought we were twins).

We went out of Parkson and I told Wani to walk separately. Few moments later, Wani called. Dia tanya nanti nak berbuka macam mana, takkan nak makan asing2. So I had no choice but to hunt for a top ASAP, bcoz it was 6pm already. My sister on the other hand, went to reserve a place for us to dine.

I had never shopped like I did that day. Macam ribut! I went to Zara, Topshop, MNG, Elle and Marks & Spencer. Nothing caught my eyes. I saw a shirt at NafNaf, but it didn’t match with my scarf (I was wearing a pink tudung, remember?). So I went up, masuk Guess and Esprit pulak. Still nothing. Then I remembered Parkson. There are a few brands there so it’d be easier to shop. Thank God. So I hurried there.

Tapi sampai sana, masalah lain pulak datang. There were a lot of choices (UCB and Sisley) and I didn’t know which one to buy! Then I saw a nice satin tube top at Warehouse and I froze. Cantik!

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The mannequin pakai cantek sangat, I feel like I have to have it. I can wear it with a cropped cardigan or something. Tapi karang satu hal pulak nak cari crop cardy. And it was almost 6.30pm. So I walked off.To cut the story short, I chose a retro-like floral top from Sisley (I was really close to buying the green-and-pink floral UCB shirt like my sister’s, Hanis, tapi fikir balik, God no! Enough of copycats already).

I arrived at California Pizza Kitchen just in time – 6.55pm. My sister was already waiting for moi. Tapi sbb order lambat, so our orders pon sampai lambat (I had 4 glasses of ice lemon tea sementara menunggu and by the time my pasta arrived, I wasn’t hungry anymore). Anyway, here are the pichas of the copycats.


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See the same tops and tudungs?? Hanis pon ada baju tu jugak..heee. Just so u know, we have like more than 10 baju yg sama! That doesn’t include bags and shoes. I cannot imagine if all three of us ended up wearing the same tops. Pengsan! Next time if we were to go out together, kena inform awal-awal nak pakai baju apa supaya kes seperti ini tidak berulang lagi. LOL.

Honey-Shiny Hair

I bought new hair stuff from The Natural Source; Hi-Shine Extra Care Shampoo and Conditioner. I’ve been using it for about 2-3 times now, and so far I’m loving it. Makes my hair shines and cantek. I’ve tried several brands of shampoos and conditioners before – including L’oreal Elseve (both the multi-vitamin and cashmere), Schwarzkopf, Body Shop, Clinique, Prefers, Ralph Lauren, Pantene, Sunsilk, VS, Head n Shoulders, Himalaya Herbals, TRESemme, but so far I haven’t found the one I like best.

I decided to give the TNS haircare a try bcoz of the good reviews I read. They even won Best Beauty Award tapi tak ingat mag mana. And the smell is so yummy too, I could eat up my own hair! Smells like honey and oatmeal cookies. I’ve yet to try the hair mask though, that is, when I’m finished with the Body Shop hair mask.

You can buy the TNS shampoo/conditioner online for only RM39 each at Ozwin Online Shopping, by the way.

Weekend Project: Baking

I made my very first pizza and buns!

I didn’t know the existence of Bread Softener before, which is err.. softener for breads. The only softener I know is Softlan, the fabric softener. I’m learning something new here.

Ok, truth is, I didn’t really bake ’em; but I did help my mom to glaze the buns and tabur2 the pizza toppings, so that must’ve count as baking too, right? ;D