Say Yes

Besides the basic human necessities, I really cannot live without the internet. It’s an essential and I would feel “lost” without it.

I use it for almost everything – look up recipes for dinner (you should see how I cook in the kitchen – one hand holding a wooden spoon and another hand holding my iPhone, trying to follow the cooking instructions), send Whatsapp messages to my family and friends, check my emails, search for a specific location using gps on my phone, search for food recommendations when I’m at a new place, etc…



And then of course there’s Instagram. It’s interesting to see pictures of what my nephews and my friends’ kids are up to, what other people are wearing today, what they are having for lunch, what new arrival items my favorite online stores are releasing, etc etc. I just have to check it for like every hour or my fingers would itch. I’m addicted!

All of these require internet connection, which is not a problem when I’m at home. But when I’m out and about – when I need my phone and a fast internet connection the most (you know, in case I got lost or I need to post a photo of my yummy dessert on Instagram or something), that’s when I usually face connection problem.


One time, I was at Sephora looking for a new facial scrub when I came across a new brand with a pretty packaging. I wasn’t sure if it was any good, so I quickly took out my phone from my bag and started to look up for the reviews of that scrub on Sephora website (they have user reviews and ratings which I find very helpful). But the WiFi connection was very slow, so there I was, standing in the middle of the beauty aisle, frantically reloading the page for like the hundredth time while my husband was impatiently waiting outside, giving me the “how-long-are-you-going-to-be-in-there” look. Gahhh!

It can be frustrating dealing with super slow internet connection. You can’t even rely on the free WiFi connections that some cafes and restaurants provide because they are also slow as everyone else is using it.

Maybe I should say yes to YES. I heard about their new mobile hotspot device – the Huddle XS. This device can create private WiFi hotspots wherever you are and it’s light and compact enough to slip in your pocket or inside your handbag. It’s just the size of your palm!


The Huddle XS would be perfect especially for gizmo geeks who like to carry around several devices with them wherever they go – phone, tablet, laptop. You can share high speed internet connection (4G y’all!) on multiple devices that’s 10 times faster than other 3G providers. Your iPhone, iPad and Macbook can all be connected with just one subscription. You can stream videos without buffering (ain’t that a pain?), download your favorite songs, update blog, upload photos on social medias, etc faster than ever, even when you’re (moving) in a car! Best part is, even if you’ve used up all your data quota, you can still continue using unlimited data at 128Mbps with no extra charge.



The Huddle XS retails for RM480, but if you sign up for their Yes Super Postpaid Plans between 2nd January – 31st March 2014, you can get the Huddle XS for FREE! They are also having the largest tablet giveaway contest – 90 tablets are up for grabs and you could stand a chance to win one. There’s only 12 days left to win it!

Here’s how to participate:

1. Log on to
2. Answer a survey question
3. Submit and win*

*Contest T&C apply:
*Valid for subscribers who signed up from 2nd Jan – 31st March 2014 only.

Homemade Burger Patties

My husband is a huge fan of burger (that, and pizza) and he requested that I include it in our weekly meal. Every once a month he’d buy packets of freshly ground beef so that I can make a big batch of beef patties, just like my make-ahead meatballs. Saves me a lot of time and trouble!

Of course it’s much easier to buy frozen pre-made patties, but it’s a lot tastier and healthier to make your own from fresh lean ground beef. Sometimes you can even find grass-fed ground beef at supermarkets like Jaya Grocer, which obviously is more nutritious.

The most basic beef patty recipe requires only 2 ingredients – ground beef (well of course) and a bit of salt. I wanted my beef patties to be flavorful with more than just a pinch of salt so I did a little research on Google and found a rather simple but tasty patty recipe from I always double this recipe to get a month’s worth of patties. You’re never gonna want to buy pre-made supermarket patties once you’ve tried this!



Beef Patty Recipe:
(Makes 6 patties)

750g ground beef
1 large onion, minced
2 cloves of garlic, minced
1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
2 tsp Tabasco sauce (or any hot sauce)
1/4 cup fresh parsley, chopped
1 cup breadcrumbs
1 egg, whisked
1 tsp ground cumin
Salt and black pepper to taste
Cheese slices

In a large mixing bowl, mix all the ingredients until well-combined. Divide the mixture into 6 equal portions and shape each portion with your hand to form a patty.

Place the patties (single layer) on a tray lined with parchment paper. Cover the tray with a cling film and leave in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to rest. This is to help the patties hold their shape together when cooked and also to let the flavours blend.

If you’re making these ahead of time, instead of in the fridge, place the tray in the freezer for about an hour until the meat is firm. This is to ensure that the patties won’t stick to each other when being frozen. Then took out the tray and place the patties in a freezer bag and freeze them for up to 3 months.

To cook the patties, heat oil in a pan over medium heat (if your patties are frozen, thaw them in the fridge overnight before cooking). Cook the patties about 2-3 minutes on each side or until browned. Transfer the patties on a lined baking tray and bake in the oven for 8-10 minutes at 180°C. Place a slice of cheese on top of each patty and bake for another 5 minutes until the cheese melts.


If you’re one of those hardcore dieters, you can totally skip the cheese. But how could you!? That’s the best bit!

How you serve these patties is totally up to you. You can use burger buns or any other buns and bread like wholemeal buns, baguette, wholegrain bread, ciabatta, roti Arab and even the basic white bread. Same goes for toppings. Lettuce, spinach, onions, pineapple rings, tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, sunny side up, pickles with whatever sauce you like (I had even tried with salsa. YUM).


Here’s what we had last night. Juicy cheesy beef patty on slightly toasted bread with black and white sesame seeds, arugula, tomato slices, beef salami, chili sauce and a sprinkle of black pepper.

Rose Gold promotion only from Celcom

If you’re thinking of getting a new phone, you might want to check out the latest baby from Samsung – the GALAXY Note 3 Rose Gold Edition. It’s an improved version of GALAXY Note 2 with a more prestigious and sophisticated design – soft leather-like cover at the back with Rose Gold accent, 5.7″ HD screen to enjoy a more vivid viewing experience and a new S pen for smoother navigation.

It comes in 4 colors; Black, White, Black with Rose Gold and White with Rose Gold. Personally, I like the White with Rose Gold the most. I’m a sucker for white color when it comes to gadgets!


Ok, the Black with Rose Gold is nice too. Looks kinda edgy.


Celcom is offering exclusive deals for its customers, which includes:

1) Free Moschino case worth RM189 when you buy the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 Rose Gold Edition

2) When you sign up with any Celcom First with mPro Plan with the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 Rose Gold Edition, you can enjoy the Samsung GALAXY Gear in Orange at only RM288

For more info, you can visit


Convenient Moisturizing with Rinse-off Body Lotion

I saw this on my Instagram feed some time ago and I literally laughed out loud.

Soooo true.

One time, I thought of pampering myself with at-home spa treatment while my girls were busy building a Lego house. I figured that should keep them busy for a good 20 minutes. I went to the bathroom and started with facial first – cleansing oil, cleanser, scrub. Then I took a shower and began to shampoo and condition my hair. While waiting for all the goodness of the conditioner to absorb in my hair, I applied some facial mask. I was just halfway through applying the mask on my face when I heard a knock on the bathroom door. It was Raina.

“Mama, what you doing? Open ye doooorrrr” (open the door).

11 minutes, guys. That’s all she’s willing to give to me. And I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet!

I should have known tho. Taking a shower is already considered as a mommy’s luxury and there I was, trying to “upgrade” it for at-home spa treatment! Haha.

You see, when you’re mom, showering simply means brushing teeth, cleansing face, cleansing body, rinse off and nothing else. No scrub, no loofah, no pumice stone, no bath salt. Shampoo is only for when my hair gets greasy. Lotion? Only when my skin gets really really dry because it can be quite time consuming to wait until the lotion is fully absorbed.

When I heard that NIVEA has come up with a rinse-off lotion, I felt like one of my wishes came true.

 Behold the first rinse-off body lotion, Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner.

Yes, sometimes I find myself wishing that applying body lotion would be easy and fast, just like using shower gels. My skin needs moisturization so badly but I just couldn’t be bothered to apply lotion every time after showering. In fact, I’m not the only one. 70% of Malaysian women do not apply body lotion every day because they don’t have the time to sit around waiting for the lotion to dry off (we’ve more important things to do) and some don’t like the sticky residue following moisturizing especially in the hot weather. This rinse-off body lotion by NIVEA is the solution. The unique water-activated formula is designed to be used after shower gel, which leaves the skin feeling hydrated and silky soft instantly.

It comes in 2 variations: Sea Minerals for normal skin and Almond Oil for dry skin.


I love the clean fresh scent of the Sea Minerals and I use that for my body. I use the Almond Oil for my feet because I have very dry feet.

 See? It looks just like normal body lotion


I’ve been using this rinse-off body lotion for a few days now and I’m super loving it. You use it the same way like you use a shower gel but it doesn’t replace your shower gel. You still need your shower gel ok. Think of it as a conditioner for your body. Like your hair. After shampooing, you need to apply hair conditioner right? Same goes to your body. So what you do is, cleanse your body with a shower gel as usual, rinse off, apply the NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner (while still in the shower), rinse off and towel dry. You can get dressed immediately. Having a clean and well-moisturized skin under 5 minutes, I can totally live with that! It’s totally a beauty savior. I feel like my skin is smiling and thanking me!

You can watch this video for some In-Shower experiment that involved a beauty queen and a hunky host *ehem*.

Check out NIVEA Malaysia Facebook page for more info and a free NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner trial pack. You can even make a pledge with NIVEA and stand a chance to win a full year supply of the In-Shower Skin Conditioner with your 3 BFFs!

Sky Park

Last weekend we went to check out Sky Park at the newly opened One City mall in our neighbourhood. Nothing much to shop there, but they have quite a number of restaurants and cafes. At least we have more food options when we don’t know where to eat (always happens on weekends).

Ooh, there’s a cinema too. Definitely going there for a movie date with my husband when my sis-in-law is back in town.

But what I like most about this mall is the rooftop with lovely landscape. There are mini ponds, walkways, green plants, restaurants with outdoor seating overlooking the city. I thought it’d be a cool spot for some OOTD pictures of me wearing this new piece that I just got from FashionValet.


Spot the cameraman a.k.a my husband

This 2-in-1 top is from FashionValet’s latest designer collaboration, PU3 <3 FV and it’s my favorite of all simply because you can wear it in two ways – as a top or a cardigan. Another reason is because I don’t have a lot of cardigans in my closet so I just had to get this.

The top/cardy features a button on each shoulder, long sleeves, inside out stitching and pockets on both sides. Button both buttons and you’ll get a top with inverted V overlapping at the front. Unbutton the buttons and you’ll get, well you know… the normal open-front cardigan look.

But my favorite way to wear this cardigan is buttoning on one side.

I love the one-sided waterfall look. Something different, me thinks.

Not easy doing OOTD shots while keeping an eye on your kids at the same time.
Exhibit A: Raina trying to lick the glass.

Exhibit B: Raina crumpling dry leaves into tiny pieces…

She said so that the birds can eat the dry leaves easily. How very thoughtful. Hehe

Here, I’m wearing the PU3 <3 FV cardy with Warehouse chevron top, Tudung People satin shawl, Accessorize necklace, Zara pants and my favorite Betsey Johnson wedges.

My girls are always up for OOTD shots! (ok I lied. They really don’t give a hoot)
Raina is wearing Old Navy lace peplum top, H&M Kids checkered pants, Cotton On Kids flower clip, Diva Kids necklace and Zara Girl studded ankle flats.
Ayra is wearing Zara Girl dobby dot blouse, Mango Kids floral jeggings, Monsoon flower headband and Zara Girl studded ankle flats.

Check out the rest of the PU3 <3 FV collection here.

Happy Monday!