My First LBD

I bought my very first Little Black Dresses, and I don’t care if I can’t wear them!

Oh no, I don’t mean that

I mean, this!

I managed to catch the Times Bookstores Book Fair at Pavilion last Sunday, so I decided to pick up something light and entertaining bcoz all this while I have my nose stuck in pregnancy books (not that it’s no fun; it is, but sometimes I feel like I’m studying Biology all over again).

I wasn’t really keen on LBD books before (I’m not sure why tho) but since there were not so many choices of Chick Lit books, I decided to give it a try. Plus, TPC members can get 20% discount on all books. So after skimming all the titles, I finally chose Falling Out Of Fashion and She’ll Take It. I have a feeling that the latter one would be more interesting.

I’m just curious tho, what makes you decide to purchase or read a book? Besides books that are being recommended or best-sellers.

As for me, I would first skim the titles, then the illustrations on the book cover (or vice-versa). Then I read the very first paragraph of the first chapter. This is most important to me, and the whole buy/read decision is based on that bcoz it’s a way to tell if I can click with the book. Synopsis doesn’t help that much.

But let’s see if those apply to the two books as well.

Favorite chocolate biscuits ever

It’s that time of the month and the one thing I’m craving right now is this Marks & Spencer milk chocolate digestive biscuits.
It’s SO good!

Say Cheeseeee!

Remember the day my sisters and I had Chanel makeovers at Pavilion? Well, we headed to The Loaf right after that to have a quick bite; my hubby and Wani ordered the U-hu-hu cheesecakes, and it just so happened that whoever purchased the cheesecakes (even just 1 piece) get to join the “Let’s Say Cheese” contest that they were having at that time. So we had our pics snapped, and was told that the winners will be contacted soon. Nadia and his cute bro (whom I thought was her new boyfriend) were there too, buying cheesecakes.

It was months after that and all of us had forgotten about the contest, but suddenly I received a letter earlier this month saying we’re one of the Consolation winners! Woo-hoo! I know it’s not grand prize or something but hey, at least we won something! ;)

So hubby and I went to Pavilion today to redeem our prizes (just a Canon bag tho, and The Loaf Loyalty Card), and sure enough there were photos of the winners! It was exciting to see our picha up on the wall… ;p

And guess what? Nadia and his bro won the 2nd place! Jeles aku… but they sure deserved it (altho my sis and I think they should’ve won the 1st place). Just look at their photo…

Anyway, here’s a close-up of our pic:

Nadia, korang dapat hadiah ape ha?

Kickin’ away!

I’ve started to feel a few subtle kicks a few weeks ago. At first I thought it was my rumbling tummy – but tummy doesn’t rumble only on the left side, does it?

Now the kicks and movements are a little more definite and more regular than before, and it’s truly an amazing and magical experience! Hubby was the most excited one. There was one night when I felt the strongest kicks while we were lying on bed talking, so I took his hand and put it on my belly and he waited anxiously. It was quite a funny and cute experience for both of us that I couldn’t help myself from giggling (plus, I’m a ticklish person) so it took quite sometime for him to feel the kicks. But at last the kicks came, a few times. Hubby asked if that was it. I said yes, and then he turned to my belly and said in a cute voice, “Hi in there! I love you!”, and kissed my belly. I can sense that the baby feel loved, bcoz the mommy does! :)

I also noticed that my little one is the most active in the morning and at night. Especially when I’m lying down. The kicking and moving doesn’t feel like butterflies fluttering, or popcorn popping, or a goldfish swimming around, like what I’ve read. Mine feels like… something (or rather, someone) is poking and probing around. It can get a bit ticklish sometimes.

Anyway, here’s a video of baby movement I found on YouTube. It’s amazing! I wonder if that’s the baby’s head or the leg….

Craving for…

Yours truly is craving for something chocolatey, but not really a chocolate (if you know what I mean), and I can only find these two that’s the closest to “something chocolatey”:
Herbalife Chocolate Peanut Protein Bar and Mars Bar.

I couldn’t decide which one to have, so I ate both. But I’m still not satisfied.

I want something chocolatey and… and… something biscuity.
I’m actually craving for this!

Now I have to wait for another 2 days until I can finally satisfy my cravings (bcoz we usually go out on weekends only). Lamanya nak tunggu!

p/s: Can somebody explain to MZ that a pregnant women’s craving is not the same as normal cravings? He doesn’t seem to get it. Or maybe…. it’s out of his willpower bcoz I was madly craving for those M&S biscuits at 12am last night. Grrr…. I wish M&S opens 24-7!