Accessories from Coach

I am so crazy over accessories nowadays – be it scarfs, bangles/bracelets, necklaces. I just love to accessorize bcoz it can transform a plain, boring top to be more chic and fab – that is, with the right accessories.
Last few weeks, I bought 10 necklaces (most of them are from Warehouse, including the one I wore during the Chanel makeover) and 3 scarfs from M&S… and recently, apart from Kenneth Cole and Monet necklaces and Liz Claiborne brooch and bracelets, I got these from my dearest Hubby as my birthday present (yes, they’re on my want-list!):


1″ Coach Tattersal Enamel bangle

The Coach scarf is pretty small in size (27″ x 27″) and that’s the smallest scarf I have ever worn – but it turned out to be the easiest to wear in terms of hmm.. everything. I love it! The only drawback is that the scarf is 100% silk, which means it needs to be dry clean only (I always find that somewhat cumbersome – well, don’t you?).

Hariz & Shoes

Look what I got for my birthday! Something pweeeety from Leen…

Yeap, it’s the Nine West Satin peep-toe that’s on my want-list! (one down, hundreds to go ;p Actually, 4 down; I’ll blog about the other 3 later). Thanx mucho dear!

This li’l guy was excited with the present too, so he helped me to open it…

Comel sangat! But sorry boy, it ain’t gonna fit you. Plus, I don’t think you would be able to walk in it!

My sisters and I went shoe-shopping at Pavilion today, and while waiting for his mommy to try out tons of shoes, Hariz enjoyed his own reflection in front of the mirror. Fyi, this li’l guy sangat suka tengok cermin! I guess he likes what he sees, ey? ;)

I managed to record a video of him waving at himself. It’s a short (and blurry) clip tho, but it’s so cute…

Anyway, yours truly managed to grab some shoes too – Aldo, JLo, and Nine West shoes. There’s nothing wrong with buying birthday presents for yourself, no? ;D

Stilettos will always be my favorite type of shoes, period.

And looks like stilettos caught his eyes too…

Wedding Hantaran

As promised, here are the wedding photos – but I’ll start with the hantarans first bcoz it’s one of my most favorite parts in a wedding! ;p

9 dulang berbalas 11…



Here are the hantarans from my side, made by Kapas.


Sirih junjung




Wallet & belt



Cake by Kapas
Perfume set



And here are the hantarans from the Groom’s side which were made by MZ’s aunty…


Sirih junjung


Wang hantaran and a ring from Diamond & Platinum
Al-Quran & sejadah

Makeup & perfume set


Sepasang persalinan





Hey people, it’s my birthday today!As I’m typing this, my hubby is very “busy” playing with his games and he has not wished me yet. *roll eyes*

I thought I’ve set my birthday reminder in his handphone…

Oh crap! His handphone is here on the table and it’s on vibrate. Hmmphh!

Let’s see if he still remembers that today is his wife’s birthday – or else I’ll ask for another birthday present.

Cat Show

Do you like cats?
We do!

My hubby and I were invited to join the International Cat Show by his friend, which was held at Mid Valley Exhibition Center last weekend. The friend, whom shall be addressed as Mr. F, brought 10 of his cats to the competition! Yes, TEN! In case you think 10 is not that many, wait till you hear this – he has 30 (or izzit 50?) cats kat umah dia! Dah macam zoo kucing jer! ;p

That was my first time going to a cat show, so I was like jakun sket tengok banyak sangat kucing. I’ve never seen so many catssss in my whole life!! There were like more than a hundred cats, I think.

The cats were placed in cages, and divided according to their own breeds like, Malaysian cats, Siamese, Persian, kucing muka penyet, kucing muka panjang, kucing telinga capang, kucing telinga kontot, kucing bulu cam rimau, kucing bulu cam carpet, kucing takde bulu, kucing ape tah la lagi…

This is one BIGGG (and tall) cat! It’s like half the size of my body!

This one has fur that looks like a sheep

This has got to be Tinkerbell’s (Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua) long-lost twin!

Harimau jadian

Kembar siam

Is this baby sleeping or crying?

Mr. F’s cats have really unique and peculiar names, like Pesona Shareca, Pesona Inna Gadda Da Vidda, and Sonata Eujin Na, just to name a few. I bet if there’s an award for ‘The Most Unique Name’, his cats would definitely win! I wonder if he ever gets confused with the names tho….

Anyway, one of his cats named Chevy, won the Best Malaysian Cat. Way to go, gurl!

Mr. F and his Chevy

This is Shareca

Awww… look at them.. Being comfy with each other?

Chevy is… quite a heavy cat…

This is also one of Mr. F’s cats, whose name I do not know…

Meow Meeeoww!! (it means, The End).