Healthy Chocolate Snack

Dear anybody (especially those who are on diet),

Have you ever wished there’s a snack that you could eat in between your meal, that’s sinful enough, say like a bar of chocolate that could satisfy yourself instead of the same plain crackers you forced yourself to eat, but at the same time it’s healthy, makes you feel full, and could actually help you to lose weight?

Well, I have a great news for you: There is such thing as that!

The long-awaited Herbalife Chocolate Peanut protein bar is finally available here in Malaysia! Ever since last year, MZ and I had been hoping that one of Herbalife chocolate protein bars would be available here, so you could imagine how excited we were when we heard the news yesterday (we’re both choc-lover btw). I’m not really into the Lemon protein bars tho, bcoz I’m not too fond of lemon flavored sweet-stuff, except for ice lemon tea.

This protein bar is covered with rich milk chocolate, and the inside is chewy with bits of peanuts and if I’m not mistaken, there’s nougat as well (although it does not state there’s nougat in it, but it sure looks and tastes like one!). The best part is, one bar has only 139 calories, which is half of the calories contain in a Snickers bar, and less than 1/3 calories in a Mars bar. Why am I comparing it with these 2 chocolates? BCOZ the taste reminds me of them – no kidding!

ANd also, this yummy protein bar contains Vitamin E, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Calcium, and it’s high in protein (well, obviously!). Pardon my excitement, as it’s not a common thing to get health benefits from eating something so delectable; at least to me it’s not. Imagine eating a J.Co Donut and you get all those nutrients and vitamins instead of piling up the fat in your body. Mesti la syiokk kan! In case you don’t know, protein is essential for weight loss bcoz it builds lean muscle so that you could burn more calories, and this protein bar helps to build and maintain lean muscle in your body, bcoz it’s high in protein. Fabulous!

Now I don’t have to feel guilty anymore whenever I have a sudden craving for chocolates (especially during PMS), bcoz I have a healthier substitute. Yummy and healthy, me likey! Well if you’re interested to get one, just leave your email and I will give the details to you.

Btw, I hope Herbalife’s other chocolate-flavored protein bars – Chocolate Fudge and Chocolate Coconut (I bet this one tastes like Bounty Choc, which is my favorite!) – would be available soon too!

Speaking of Herbalife, let me share with you my weight loss progress. Remember in my previous entry I said that I’ve lost some weight, and that I have lost 0.5″ on my waist? Well, tiny mistake there. I actually lost 0.5″ on my butt, not my waist; which is even greater! My waist is still 24″, which I’m currently pleased with and I do not wish to lose anymore now.

I did my own body analysis yesterday, and I am currently weighing at 45.3 kg (well, I guess if minus the tudung, pants, cardy + sleeveless, brooch, watch and the rings that I was wearing, I would be 45kg. hehee). My body fat percentage has decreased for about 2% which is just so great, my body system is 1 year younger than before, and surprisingly, my metabolic rate has increased! Eventho it’s not that much, but it’s increasing – which is a good sign. Must be the Tea Mix, bcoz ever since working on a shift yg tak tentu masa, I sleep more than I always do which means logically, my metabolic rate should be decreasing since less activity is being done to burn my calories. But instead it went the other way round!

Anyway, here’s some of my body analysis info that I’ve recorded since July this year. I didn’t measure that often tho, but you could definitely see the progress:


I tell ya what all of that numbers mean… I’m not an expert tho, I just attend trainings and read books, so do correct me if any of these infos in italic font are not exactly right (the rest I got from the brochure of the body analysis scale).

Body fat % for women of the age 20-24:
Excellent= 18.2, Healthy= 22.1, Medium= 25.0, Obese= >29.6

(Fyi, body fat % is much more important than your weight bcoz it determines whether the amount of fat in your body is healthy or not. You may be in ideal weight, but your body fat % does not necessarily be in the healthy-excellent range. Sometimes a person in ideal weight may be obese in terms of fat %, so it’s not the kilos that you should really watch out, it’s the body fat %. This is bcoz your weight (KG) comprises of not only fat, but also muscles, water, bone, etc. Which is why it’s important to follow a healthy weight loss program bcoz you don’t wanna lose water and muscles instead!)

Muscle Mass:
For every extra KG of muscles gained, the body uses approximately 100 extra calories a day. Because muscle is denser than fat, monitoring your muscle mass gives you a more accurate understanding of your overall body compositions and changes in your total body weight.

(Basically, this means the more muscle mass you gained, the more calories you can burn. How can you gain muscles, you may ask? It’s protein that does the work! You should also monitor your calorie intake accordingly.)

Basal Metabolic Age (BMA):
Basal Metabolic Rate starts to decrease after the age 16/17 years old. Your Metabolic Age Rating indicates what age level your body is currently rated at. If the age indicated is higher than your actual age, then you need to improve your basal Metabolic Rate. Increasing exercise levels will build healthier muscle tissue which burn more calories, consequently improving your Metabolic Age Rating.

(The BMA means that your body is functioning at the specific age as indicated. So let say if u’re 25 but your BMA is 40, it means your body is functioning like a 40-year-old, which is not good at all. Well, I don’t exercise at all so I suppose the “young” Basal Metabolic Age that I have right now is as a result of consuming Herbalife shakes and tea as it burns calories and build muscles and whatnot. You could see that as months went by, my body system is improving which is why I’m getting “younger” bcoz of the consistency of my shake intake. After all, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! Just so you know, when I first started doing this body analysis, my BMA was 25 and that was AFTER I started Herbalife for about 2-3 months, which was around end of last year. I suppose I was way older than 25 before getting on Herbalife products!)

Visceral Fat:
Visceral fat is fat that surrounds the vital organs in the trunk/stomach area of the body. High visceral fat level increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Lowering your visceral fat levels can stabilized insulin action substantially, reducing your risk of diabetes and other related illnesses.

Excellent: 1-4
Healthy: 5-8
Bad: 9-12
Alarming: over 13

(I am SO excellent! hikhik ;p)

I could say that I’m very pleased with my overall weight loss and health improvement so far, and if you ask me whether I want to lose more.. Well, maybe just the body fat % and BMA (if I’m not mistaken, 16 is the youngest and bestest BMA).

So whoever says Herbalife does not work must either not know how the body works to lose weight or just merely saying it. If you don’t get the result, don’t blame the product – blame yourself. I know it may sound unpleasant, but c’mon… If I and another 60 million people from around the world can get the result, then why can’t you, right? ;)

Btw, Slamat Hari Raya AidilAdha everyone!


It’s 6ish in the morning and I’m still wide awake. Well, that’s no surprise as this is the time where I would sit at my desk doing the things I would be doing at work. My parents were off to Japan last night (well it could be considered as today, as their flight was at 12 midnight) so my sister and her hubby are staying here until my parents get back *yay* and I’m yay-ing bcoz it means I get to mengadap Hariz for the rest of the week *yay again*.

Anyway, MZ and I have been on night shift (10pm-7am) for 2 weeks now, and starting next week our shifts will start at 5.45 in the morning until 3pm. Which means, next Monday is an off-day for us bcoz we’re only gonna start our shift at 5.45am, and that would be on Tuesday morning (but in American time, it would be Monday). My off-days are not on weekends anymore; it’s gonna be on Wednesday and Thursday, which, in Malaysian time, would be Thursday and Friday. MZ on the other hand, has off-days on Saturday and Sunday, which means Sunday and Monday Malaysian time. Sounds confusing? Well, we’re more confused. Sometimes we lost track what day is it, and like now, if I’m not looking at the calender I would have thought it’s Saturday morning. I feel like I’m living in a different time zone with a different time system or something. Wait till you hear my daily meal routine…

But it’s not a bad thing, it’s just… a new experience. And to be honest, I find this new experience rather exciting. I mean, I love changes bcoz I’m the type of person who gets bored easily doing the same thing or having the same routine or whatsoever (which explains the need to update my wardrobe every so often, and letting go the stuff that “I’m done with” ;p). But then when I discovered something that I really love (like a favorite food or a bag or something), I don’t mind having/wearing it all the time. Okay, now I’m babbling.

I was hoping to be on the night shift for a little longer – in fact, I wish I work only at night. I tell you why. It’s bcoz:

- parking is free, so we saved RM25 a week
- there’s no traffic jam pergi dan balik, which means lesser money spent on petrol
- we don’t have to spend money for “lunch” as we brought our bekal from home bcoz our “lunch” is at 2am, so malas nak kuar mlm2 buta; we saved about Rm20 there
- we get to wear casual clothes (read: jeans!)
- and most importantly, we get allowances! :D

And to top that up, since working on night shift I have actually lose some weight. My waist is 0.5″ smaller (I do not wish to lose anymore, except maybe my lower tummy part), and most importantly, my love handle has also shrunken to 0.5″ smaller! You know why? Coz I only have 2 meals a day. My breakfast would be around 8pm where I would have my usual Herbalife shake (I woke up at around 6pm btw), and my lunch would be at 2am, and that’s it (notice the Pm and Am). By the time I reached home, which is around 8am, I was too sleepy to have my dinner so I hit the pillow straight away. I’m not sure if that’s a healthy routine, but then it’s not good to have your meal right before you go to sleep, right? And it’s not like I starved myself. Tido lagi sedap dari makan kot.. huhu. I haven’t weigh myself tho, but if I do lose any kg/fat %, I will let you know.

Okay, I’d better hit the sack. I’m going shopping with my sisters later in the afternoon and it’s sunrise already!

Shoe Woes

Remember the bronze GUESS peep-toe wedges that I bought about a decade ago? Yeah well, since buying it I have only worn it once – which was about 2 hours or so bcoz within the first 30 minutes of walking, it started to biteΒ my feet like nobody’s business and I was actually limping trying to walk in those, bcoz the shoes are a weeeeee bit small for my feet and well, it’s a pump (I can never wear any pumps! *sobs*).Then recently I’ve found a way that could ‘enlarge’ the front part of the shoe without having to go to the cobbler or any shoe experts. What I did was squatting on the tips of my toes, with my shoes on for a few minutes. It helps to expand it a little, and so the too-tight-front-part problem has now been solved.I’m still searching for the solution for my other shoe problem tho, which I always always have with pump shoes. I do not have a problem wearing high heels (except the tiredness after a 6-hour walk, which is pretty normal), but when it comes to pump shoes, my feet totally refuse to tolerate. It’s kind of like a love-hate relationship, you know. I’ve tried everything – biting the shoe, waxing it with candle (I could not find a proper candle so I used the birthday candle from Secret Recipe), folding the edge of the shoe to expand it and I also tried Bama Smiling Feet invisible gel strips which I put at the back edge of the shoe. But nothing works so far. The shoe still hurts. It’s so frustrating bcoz I personally think pump shoes look more posh and elegant than sling backs, and there’s about a hundred pumps I’ve been longing to wear, like these beauties from GUESS and Forever 21

How do you wear pump shoes? Is it just me, or is pump shoe really that agonizing?
I really want to be able to wear my GUESS wedge-pump. Help!Β Sticking the handsaplast (is that how u spell it?) thingy at the back of my feet would be the last resort bcoz it’s kinda leceh la, especially sbb nak solat…


I’m done with my trainings, and starting today (well, yesterday actually) we’ll be working on night shift, which is from 9pm till 6am. I’m still adjusting my sleeping time and it ain’t easy, I’m telling ya. I had no problem staying up and sleeping after Subuh and then woke up in the afternoon during my uni years, but since 2 months ago, my body was trained to automatically shut down around 10-11pm.. so you can imagine how damn sleepy I was when the clock struck 12 last night.

But despite being all lethargic and groggy, I managed to get the highest score in class for the 1st test (mind you, only 2 out of 30 people got 100%, and I’m one of them – and the only girl too. *ehem* Not bad for someone who despise IT huh. hehe). Anyway, we’re currently in the midst of tests which will determine our positions with The Company, and if I’m not mistaken there’re like 9 tests altogether. We had 3 tests today (I mean last night – on Monday) and I’ve done well except for the last one. Well, what d’ya expect.. it was 5 in the morning and my eyes were sore (wearing contact lens only worsen it) and I could barely think straight, let alone nak jawab soklan! And it happened to be the toughest paper of all. Bummer. I hope I could score fabulously for the next next tests. Do pray for me. MZ on the other hand, got the highest score in his class for all of the tests. In fact, the trainer asked him to come early tomorrow to train his classmates. Maybe I should be in his class too….

Okay it’s almost 9am now, I’d better get some sleep. I do not want to end up looking like a racoon now. But before that, I took this interesting quiz which was forwarded to my email by my bestie. It’s a quiz that estimates your duit hantaran (click here to take it). C’mon, it’d be fun!

According to the quiz,

Based on the matrimonial information you have supplied and considering prevailing economic conditions, your Hantaran would be $11,000.

(Hmm…that’s pretty much what we had in mind. I mean, kind of ;p)

The Minty Pink Stilettos

I love cutesy stuff, especially if it’s pink and shoes-y like this mint I got from Watsons. There were a few to choose from and they were all SO cute that I had a hard time making up my mind, but at last I picked the one with a stiletto, simply bcoz I’m a high-heel girl (not bcoz of the ‘high maintenance’ word bcoz I don’t think I am).

And it has a mirror. Perfect.