Cat Show

Do you like cats?
We do!

My hubby and I were invited to join the International Cat Show by his friend, which was held at Mid Valley Exhibition Center last weekend. The friend, whom shall be addressed as Mr. F, brought 10 of his cats to the competition! Yes, TEN! In case you think 10 is not that many, wait till you hear this – he has 30 (or izzit 50?) cats kat umah dia! Dah macam zoo kucing jer! ;p

That was my first time going to a cat show, so I was like jakun sket tengok banyak sangat kucing. I’ve never seen so many catssss in my whole life!! There were like more than a hundred cats, I think.

The cats were placed in cages, and divided according to their own breeds like, Malaysian cats, Siamese, Persian, kucing muka penyet, kucing muka panjang, kucing telinga capang, kucing telinga kontot, kucing bulu cam rimau, kucing bulu cam carpet, kucing takde bulu, kucing ape tah la lagi…

This is one BIGGG (and tall) cat! It’s like half the size of my body!

This one has fur that looks like a sheep

This has got to be Tinkerbell’s (Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua) long-lost twin!

Harimau jadian

Kembar siam

Is this baby sleeping or crying?

Mr. F’s cats have really unique and peculiar names, like Pesona Shareca, Pesona Inna Gadda Da Vidda, and Sonata Eujin Na, just to name a few. I bet if there’s an award for ‘The Most Unique Name’, his cats would definitely win! I wonder if he ever gets confused with the names tho….

Anyway, one of his cats named Chevy, won the Best Malaysian Cat. Way to go, gurl!

Mr. F and his Chevy

This is Shareca

Awww… look at them.. Being comfy with each other?

Chevy is… quite a heavy cat…

This is also one of Mr. F’s cats, whose name I do not know…

Meow Meeeoww!! (it means, The End).

The long-awaited Wedding Photos

Surprise, surprise!
My wedding photos are ready, finally!



I am so so SO excited coz the photos are superbly captured! Let me give you a little sneak preview before I upload the rest, bcoz God knows how long that would take (the size of each photo is so big, I need to resize ‘em first and there are like thousands of photos)!


Okay that’s all – for now! ;)


Wedding photos by Ikram Ismail.


Chanel Makeover

Chanel is having a beauty makeover promotion at Bintang Circle, Pavilion, so my sisters and I went for it – and I have to say that this is the best makeover I’ve ever done so far! (both my sisters agreed too).
First, the makeup area is not exposed to the public (it’s like in a cubicle – only laaarger) so it’s comfortable to have our makeup done without a crowd watching; second, the photography area is also hidden from the public so we can pose tanpa rasa malu; third, the service is superb and professional (duhh, it’s Chanel), and most importantly, there’s the world-renowned ‘CHANEL’ logo at the backdrop for the photography, which is so cool because it’s like on a fashion runway or something. No other brands have ever done that (or at least, we never came across makeovers with their brand names as the backdrop – not Dior, not Clinique, not Lancome, not Shiseido, not Armani, not Kanebo, etc etc).
The Makeup Artist asked me whether I would like to have natural or intense look for the makeup, so I said the latter one because I’m so used to having natural makeup look. She used lots of purple and black for my eyes.



Our individual shots
I have always wanted to have a makeover photo with my sisters… and at last!


The Copycat Dolls for Chanel ;D
I also took a few photos with my husband and I like it more than the previous one that we took with Giorgio Armani last few years…
My favorite shot
We get to redeem stuff from Chanel, and here’s what yours truly got:

- Le Crayon Yeux Precision Eye Definer in Black
- Le Crayon Levres Precision Lip Definer in Natural
- Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Color in Admirable
- miniature Aqualumiere Gloss in Bonbon
- miniature Aqualumiere Sheer Color Lip Shine in Samoa



…and those add up to my Chanel makeup collection.Speaking about makeups, I’m giving Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder a try, after reading the wonderful reviews at MUA. I can’t wait to use it! I hope it’s better than MUFE’s.

Middle-Eastern Cuisine

Ever since the Hong Kong trip, I have been developing a new love for Middle-Eastern cuisine (especially Falafel and Samosa) bcoz that was what we had almost everyday, which now can be categorized as one of my favorite food – besides Italian and Japanese.

Few nights ago, hubby took me to Al Diafah, which is a Middle-Eastern restaurant located in Sri Petaling (it was actually our 2nd time there), bcoz I’ve been having this mad craving for its Almond Milk. I was so excited bcoz the first time we went there, we didn’t get the chance to dine in at the place bcoz something came up so we only tapau some Samosa and Hummus

Anyway, the place is nice and exotic, and kinda romantic too… and the best part is, the price is so reasonable that I feel like having everything they have! (okay, I’m exaggerating. But the drinks are so.. interesting).

We ordered Hummus with pita bread (I think those are pita bread), Chicken Samosa, Falafel Sandwich, Rice Pudding for dessert and the adorable-tasting Almond Milk. The Rice Pudding is soooo yummy too – rasa gebuuu! The last time I ate it was like 5 years ago when I was in Korea. And I thought they don’t have it here! Silly me! (ape jer makanan yg takde kat Mesia ni kan ;p)

MZ’s favorite – Hummus

My favorite Almond Milk!

Samosa and Rice Pudding (the one in a tall glass on the left)

The spicy Falafel Sandwich

We were also given a complimentary drink each, but I’m not so sure what it was…

Hmm.. it tastes like apple and sirap and something else

We were so full that we felt like our tummies were gonna explode (there was an “explosion”, except it’s not from our tummies ;p)! But it was a nice dining experience and I’m sure gonna come back, especially for the Almond Milk and Rice Pudding! ;D

My customers’ Herbalife testimonials

It’s been awhile since I last blogged about Herbalife, so let me share with you the testimonials from 2 of my current Herbalife customers…


12th March – Iza, tq for ur guidelines. So far I’ve been religiously following ur advice. I consume hl shakes for breakfast and dinner and it’s true when u say that it can makes u feel full for hours. The shakes are so yummylicious and that makes it even easier for me to drink it for 2 times a day.

and i am so in love with the tea. i love the citrus smell and i didn’t even have to put honey when i drink it. skarang i minum the tea dekat 4 kali sehari.
so far, the after effect is that i always buang air kecilllllll and buang anginnnnnnn…

14th March - Alhamdulillah, so far dah turun 2kg. hehe


11th March - this morning minum shake with Y-Soy nyer soymilk (coz tu yg ader kat kedar semlm). ( …the taste boleh tahan la…boleh masyukkkk!!! ;)…

this afternoon smpt gie giant kelana jaya tuk cari soyfresh nyer brand..dapat!!! i beli cappucino!!! ;) mlm nie nyer shake leh minumla…ehhehe..=)
n the TEA sgt2la sedap!!! bila minum pepanas terasa badan mcm berpeluh2…n tiba2 angin2 kecil xbyk lagi…but yg i notice when minum tea tu terasa mcm berpeluh tapi tak…;)..byk gak minum tea (coz i mmg drink lot of water) so instead of drinking mineral water i minum tea….;)…
14th March – ...oh ya bout the tea my mom sgtla suka…so skrg cam kene kongsi ngn dia plak..ahahha..i think next order will go with tea also!!..i loike bila suam2 gitu…=)….
18th March - after 1week trial kg down by 1.5kg :) yippiie!!!
n the inches of my chest ,waist n butt..all down by 1-2inches….yg penting ukuran buntutku sudah menurun!!! ;) sgt2 suka okehh..thanks to YOU n HERBALIFE!!! n now the shakes dah pandai bancuh n sgtla sedap..rasa cam xbesh klu xdpt shakes..ahhaha…n tea also!!!..
25th March - the progress…as at 24 mac 2008 i’ve lost 2.5kg..yippiee…n total lost in cm approx.15cm…yippiee!!! sgtla suka hati…br* pun dh longgar…my jeans apatah lagi…yikss.s..besh2!!!!….baru 10hari minum herbalife… ;) i loikee….the best part is support from my tunang..=)

I am a proud Coach! Keep it up, gurls! ;)