Buncit vs. Pregnant

My little one refused to show its “toot-toot” during the last ultrasound. Its position yg sedang menonggeng makes it hard for the doc to determine its sex. Dia menonggeng, sambil gerak2 kepala, as if saying “No mommy, I’m not gonna let you see it yet!”.

Haih… takpe laa. It’s still quite early.

Anyways, there’s a good news and a bad news.

The good news is, my uterus is now at the same level as my navel (the doc checked it by pressing my abdomen to “feel” it). Which explains why my lower tummy looks kinda buncit! All this while I thought it was just fat bcoz I eat a LOT. And I whined about it like 8 times a day. My sweet hubby keeps on telling me that I’m not fat, I’m just pregnant. I refused to believe that bcoz… okay, I know I’m pregnant. But I have always thought that the baby is still very teeny and at only 4+ months, it’s not supposed to make any difference to my appearance just yet, especially my tummy. Well, I guess I was wrong. That buncit-ness is actually my little one + the placenta + amniotic fluid + uterus + whatever “equipments” that’s got to do with pregnancy. So I’m actually quite relieved.

However, the bad news is… I can’t fit in my size 25 Levi’s jeans anymore. In fact, most of my pants/jeans too. It got stuck at my waist – it just won’t zip. And I personally think that of all the stages in pregnancy, now is the most challenging stage in terms of finding what to wear. You look more buncit and plumper than you’re pregnant. So it’s really hard to find clothes, especially pants/jeans that fits perfectly (please don’t suggest maternity clothes just yet). Currently I’m able to wear size 27 jeans and it fits my butt and thighs nicely, but not my waist. I wish the waist is an inch or two bigger. If I button it up, it’ll be a bit tight and uncomfy. If I go 1 size bigger, which is size 28, it’ll be too loose, even at the waist. Not fab.

But anyway, I managed to overcome that stuck-at-waist problem with the help of this genius invention! It’s Bellybelt Combo Kit for pregnant women who still wanna wear their regular clothes, which I got from Mothercare for RM89.

The kit includes 2 sizes of bellybelt button-up, 2 sizes of bellybelt slide (I wear this mostly with my kain baju kurung) and 3 colored panels to cover the gap. You don’t need the panels if you’re wearing the short bellybelts tho.

It’s cool, isn’t it? I can still wear my old pants/jeans! Woohoo!

As for tops… well, I don’t have much problems with that. I can still wear most of my clothes, except those with buttons at the front. I can only button the first one. I don’t think I need to tell you why ;p

Simply Schrimp-tious!

Ever since I got pregnant, I’ve been a fan of cooking programs; be it online (Kraft Foods) or on tv (Asian Food Channel). This is mainly bcoz I get hungry all the time so it’s like, I have to always be in contact with food – whether it’s eating or watching; tak kisah as long as it’s got to do with food! It’s no wonder that even when I’m on bed just resting and lazing around, all I can think about is food. I am so gonna get fat! ;p

So anyways, I’ve promised to treat my dear little sister (who happens to have a blog too) a lunch at Italiannies like eons ago bcoz she had never been there before. So yesterday we went to The Gardens to fulfill my promise but well, I changed the venue at the last minute. It wasn’t my fault, really. Bcoz what happened was, I was waiting for my sis to pick me up at my PIL’s house so while waiting for her Majesty, Princess Wani to get ready, I watched my favorite channel and the program at that time was License to Grill. One of the menus that Rob (the Chef) cooked was grilled tandoori shrimp. Oh my my myyy… I was drooling in front of the tv, what with my growling stomach and everything! And I said to myself (or it could be my little one): Must. Have. Shrimp.

So instead of Italiannies, I asked my sis if it’s okay to have lunch at Tony Roma’s and she’s fine with it (well of course, I’m the one who’s paying and pregnant ;p). We both had shrimps – Wani had Shrimp Scampi Pasta (loadsss of shrimps in there, like 20 of ‘em), and yours truly had what she wanted – grilled shrimp!

The shrimps… Oh my GOD! It’s juicy and perfectly grilled! Even the bell peppers were yummy that I finished all of ‘em. The grilled shrimp is served with scampi butter, french fries and coleslaw.

Here’s a close-up pic of the shrimps btw. (Adakah saya berjaya membuat anda terliur? Please do! ;p)

And here’s some pics of me and my sister, since some of you have been wanting to see my latest pregnant-pics. Well, I don’t have a big bump yet, if that’s what you ladies are wanting to see, as I’m only 4 months pregnant. But I’m a weebit chubby here and there.

Hubby picked me up at around 7.45pm and we headed to Kelana Jaya bcoz he had a futsal game. Later we had dinner at a stall called William, which was recommended by his friends. Guess what we had? Shrimps! Again :D Well it was actually Seafood Creamy Pasta. The plate was overspilling with seafood – shrimps, lobster, sotong, mussels, scallops, ape tah la lagi. Dah macam aquarium pon ada. The food was nice, but the place is totally disgusting (especially the “tandas awam”). Seriously, some men just think they can pee wherever they like! *roll eyes*

By the way, I’m going for my next check-up this weekend, and hopefully we can see the sex of our little one! I can’t wait! So, do you think it’s gonna be Iza Jr. or MZ Jr.? ;)

Clarins Beauty Treatment

I haven’t been really taking care of my face like I used to, ever since I’m pregnant (must be the hormones or something). I often skip my night time facial routine; scrub and mask seem like a hard work. Instead of twice a week, I only do it once or twice a month. Not good, not good! It’s no surprise that lots of tiny pimples are starting to show up on my skin, particularly on my forehead and cheeks as a protest against my lack of interest in skincare.

I also don’t bother with makeups anymore. Now it’s just loose powder + eyeliner. I do want to make extra effort to beautify myself, but I’m just too queasy to do so. Sometimes I feel like teaching my husband how to do my makeup so that I don’t have to do it myself. I am that lazy! I don’t know what’s happening to me. Must be the hormonal change or something.

So when my dear little sister asked me if I want to have a beauty treatment at Clarins Institute as my belated birthday present (she’s a Clarins Club Beaute member btw), I said yes straight away! It’s what I need. It’s what I want.

She was thinking of giving me the Mother-to-be treatment (for 3-6 months pregnant) which is a 2-hour body massage, but since I already had foot and body massage a day before, I decided to have facial treatment instead. The Skincare Specialist said I have congested area on my forehead due to hormonal changes in pregnancy, so she recommended a facial treatment called Truly Matte from Mogok. I was hoping that she would extract my whiteheads and everything, but she said it’s just gonna be a deep-cleansing facial. And it was. My face was cleansed like 8 times I think, using different kinds of oil and stuff. It’s a 1-hour facial, and the most relaxing facial I have ever done so far. I still prefer Kaj for facials tho, but if you’re in for something relaxing, then this is the place to go.

After my facial, I decided to have Express Makeup (we’re heading to Pavilion after that) bcoz… well, I feel all sleepy after being pampered for an hour so I don’t feel like doing my own makeup, plus the treatment that my sister offered me was more expensive than the one I chose, so why not, ey? It’s only RM60. The end result was a fresh-looking me (I didn’t bring my digicam along, so no pichas were taken). It’s amazing how a simple touch of color can make a difference. And I realized something; just bcoz I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I have to abandon myself and not feel fabulous! I think this beauty treatment has somewhat brought me back to my old-self. Not fully 100% yet, but it’s getting there. Thank you, sister.

I hope I’ll get back to my old beauty conscious-self soon bcoz my pregnancy sickness is finally gone.

p/s: I bought the Bio-Oil that some of you have been raving about, and I love the scent!

Elemis Oil

I had a freaky dream last night.

I gave birth to a baby boy and it wasn’t painful at all bcoz I was sleeping during the whole baby-coming-out process. In my dream, I thought I was dreaming. I didn’t realize that I’ve given birth until my hubby told me. I peeked under the duvet to check my belly (sure enough, there was no bump) and there wasn’t a single stretch mark, so I was happy…

…until I got changed. I nearly fainted when I saw the cheetah-printed stretch marks in a rainbow shape at the upper back of my body. It looks something like this, except it’s white-ish instead of black:

It was freaking hideous and the ugliest stretch mark I’ve ever seen! I was so shocked that it woke me up from my sleep and I’m glad it was just a dream. I don’t know the ending of my dream – heck, I don’t even want to know! I’ve had a few vivid, weird and freaky dreams ever since I got pregnant, but this is by far the freakiest! *shudders*

Then I realized I didn’t massage my body with oil before going to bed last night, bcoz I was so jaded that I couldn’t even lift an arm (I went for cooking classes since last week. Yesterday was the last day – thank God!), and I couldn’t ask hubby for help bcoz he was asleep. Maybe that’s why I had that dream. I am never ever going to bed without massaging my body with oil ever again!

Well, speaking of massage oil, I am currently using Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil, which was recommended by Victoria Beckham in her fab book, That Extra Half an Inch; but hers was a green bottle, like this. Mine is maroon.

It’s a moisturizing oil that’s rich in plant collagen so it helps to reduce and prevent stretch marks and also improve skin elasticity. Most importantly, it’s suitable for pregnant women. I’m okay with the scent; it reminds me of spas (although my little sis thinks it smells like oil oil).

I’ve been using it for about a week now (especially for my tummy and boobs, since those two are “growing”), and I’m seeing difference. Not in terms of stretch marks tho bcoz so far I have none on those areas, but in terms of moisturizing. Before this, the skin around my tummy is dry and flaky as a result of too much Kwan Loong ointment sbb saya selalu pedih perut, and I’ve been using L’Occitane Supple Skin Oil for nearly a month (I prefer oils to creams or lotions bcoz I find it easier to massage, absorbs faster and non-sticky), but my skin condition was still the same. It’s a “dry oil” so I guess that doesn’t really help in moisturizing (but the scent is nice tho). That’s why I switched to Elemis oil, and now my tummy is not dry and flaky anymore :)

Let’s hope it works for stretch marks too.

Modem Katak

We decided to give Maxis USB modem a try bcoz the wireless Streamyx connection at my parents’ house is so aggravating that we need to reset the modem for like every half and hour or so. I think this is the third time we had the modem changed and we’ve had enough of it.

So far the connection is fine and the speed is not bad. Laju macam Streamyx jer. Plus, it’s cute too. I wanted the Zebra-printed modem tho, bcoz my favorite animal print has always been zebra, but there was only Frog left. Well never mind, bcoz Frog was my second choice (but I still wish we had the Zebra modem!).

Anyway, according to the indicator, green is for GPRS network, cyan is for HSDPA network and blue is for WCDMA network (whatever that is). I think the last one is the best. And I think the light indicator on our USB modem shows the color blue, although hubby said it’s cyan. Whichever, as long as the network is available and is working fine!

There’s a 7-day return policy, which means we have another 6 days to test it. Let’s see how it goes…


We decided to return the modem back bcoz it’s a bit slow at night (hubby wants to use the Internet at night, after work). I guess night time is the peak time, so the connection is congested!