I’m NOT buncit, I’m just pregnant!

I was walking with my husband passed an OSIM store when a promoter with an OSIM uZap strapped on her tummy looked at me and said, “Kak, nak try OSIM uZap?”.

I grunted, - “I’m pregnant, okay” and walked away without even looking at her.

Seriously, I need to wear that t-shirt.


Here’s how “buncit” I am at the moment…

Buncit2 pon, I can still wear that Topshop Pintuck Shirt in the smallest size (size 6)! ;p

Food and Friends

One of the best things about being pregnant is, I get to decide where to eat :)

And that’s why I brought my friends there, bcoz we have a BIGGG appetite! (and bcoz I know they are gonna enjoy the food).

Mr. Hubby had futsal game with his office buddies every Thursday night, so I decided to meet up with my friends for a girls’ night out at The Gardens, last night… and all we did was eat eat and eaaaatttt!
Deciding what to eat and drink is part of the fun, even tho it took us awhile to make up our minds – so many food, so little time! We ordered our drinks, and I had my usual Strawberry Splash.

The food at Italiannies are meant for sharing, so here’s what we had:

For appetizer:

We wanted to have mussels ape ntah, but the waiter informed us that there’s alcohol in it. Well, never mind. That reminds me, you know the complimentary fresh breads with olive oil and balsamic vinegar that Italiannies always serve while waiting for your meal to arrive? Well, next time tell the waiter to pour only the olive oil bcoz I just found out quite recently that balsamic vinegar is not halal. It’s made of leftover wine or something like that. If anyone has clearer info about this, please share.
Ok, moving on to the best part of all: the main course.
We had…

I’m not so sure if the grilled chicken is called ‘Martesse’. All I know, it starts with an “M” and has “S”-es somewhere in between. Hmm, come to think of it, I think there’s an “L” too. Martessel? Marlettes? Apa2 la. But basically, it’s grilled chicken topped with chunks of tomatoes with creamy gravy that’s made of cheese and umm… spinach, I think. It was soooo divineeee that I nearly swooned when I had my first bite! It was one of those moments where you savor the food with your eyes automatically closed, not wanting to relinquish the taste, and finally exhale with a deep breath, shivers and go, “mmMmmMMMmhHhhhhh…”. That’s the kind of divine I’m talking here.

And I don’t think I need to tell you just how much I love shrimps, especially if they are as fat and succulent as the shrimps in the Shrimp Linguine. The pizza was yummy too – well, all of the food we had last night were yummy!

Oh, let’s not forget the dessert.

I wish they pour more of the white sauce bcoz I like my bread butter pudding flooded with that thing, like my mom does. It was good, I like the slight taste of cinnamon, but I still prefer their creamy cheesy Strawberry Cheesecake with strawberry puree (which MZ and I got as a complimentary dessert for being a regular customer). That was even more sinful.

We couldn’t finish off the dessert tho, bcoz we were so stuffed to the brim! But it was definitely one of the best dining experience I’ve ever had with my friends. And tonight we’re going for makan-makan again, at our friends’ wedding.

Speaking of that, I haven’t decide which shoes to wear! I gotta go now. I have some trying-ons to do. And yes, I am gonna wear high-heels, pregnant or not! ;p

Acne Treatment

My face has gone haywire since getting pregnant! Red bumps, white bumps, deep bumps, whiteheads – it’s the worst acne I have ever had in my whole life. There are 7 of them (yes, no kidding), and it seems to get worse day by day – especially since entering the second trimester. I am not blaming the pregnancy hormones alone (although that is obviously the main reason), but my lack of skincare routine especially during the early days might also worsen it.

I began searching for acne problems during pregnancy and whether it’s safe to use acne treatments… and I found some conflicting viewpoints. Most acne treatments as we know contain Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide, and some websites say it’s safe to use, while others say to stay away from anything containing Salicylic Acid bcoz it may be harmful to the baby. I’m really confused.

But I went to Kiehl’s the other day anyway, and purchased the Blue Herbal Spot Treatment, hoping it would ease my pimples. I told the SA that I’m pregnant and she said it’s okay to use, so I believed her. I should’ve asked my doctor first before purchasing it bcoz… it turns out that leave-on gels/creams especially, should be avoided during pregnancy bcoz it will be absorbed in the bloodstream and to the baby. I even showed the box to my doc. She said those pimples that I’m having is bcoz of hormone changes in my body so I just have to live with it *sobs*. She mentioned something like “pembawakan budak” – which I’m not sure what it means, but the fact that my skin will be back to normal when the pregnancy is over is a total relief. As of now, I shall leave my pimples alone and try not to focus on them so much. Anything for you, baby!

So since I can’t use the spot treatment, I’m gonna let it go. I have only used it for about 4-5 times, so it’s hardly used. Here’s the details:

  • Inspired by Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion®
  • Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment with Extracts of Cinnamon Bark and Ginger Root
  • Helps prevent new acne blemishes from forming
  • Clears blackheads, whiteheads and acne blemishes
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Not tested on animals

Inspired by Kiehl’s venerable and most enduring preparation, Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion™, this gentle, yet effective gel dries and clears blackheads, whiteheads and acne blemishes and allows skin to heal. Quickly penetrates pores to eliminate most acne blemishes and help prevent new ones. May be applied on clean skin, per directions, as necessary. Dermatologist-tested to help minimize allergy risk.

Size: 15ml
Retail price: RM70
Selling price: RM50 only (free shipping)

If you’re interested, please email me at iza_mirilyea@yahoo.com for details of the payment.


The Kiehl’s Spot Treatment is sold. Thank you!

It’s a *toot*!

This mommy-to-be is so anxious and excited to know the sex of her baby that she couldn’t wait another week for her next check up! And Alhamdulillah, this time the little one was cooperative. It even waved at us sambil pusing2, as if saying “Hi mama! Hi walid! Weeeee….. I’m doing great in here” (I think that’s what we’re gonna call ourselves).

Anyway, I’m not gonna announce it yet – not until it’s really confirmed. All I can say is, if the ultrasound scan that I did today was accurate, then my very first instinct was right. But I’m gonna do a 4D scan sooner or later InsyaAllah, so you have to wait for that.


Left pic: View from baby’s bottom with legs apart. Right pic: Top view of baby’s head.

Does that look like a hotdog or a cheeseburger to you? ;)

Sleepless Night

During the 1st trimester, I went to bed early. On average, at 10pm.

Now I have a hard time sleeping – at night. I’m not talking 15 minutes or so; I’m talking hoursss. Sometimes up to 4 hours! My eyes refuse to shut before 4am, no matter how sleepy and tired I am. There was even a time when I only get to sleep after Subuh (actually it was about 3 times). It’s not bcoz of the little one kicking. And I don’t think it’s insomnia. I just… think a lot.

I would lie in bed thinking about… well, all sorts of thing. Like what should we name our baby, or the food that I’m craving for, or should I buy that pretty pink GUESS peep-toe, or how I miss eating sushi, yada-yada-yada… You get the picture. Sometimes my mind even sings! That’s the toughest part to deal with bcoz most of the songs that my mind loves to sing are the songs that I hate. And it keeps on repeating over and over again, even when I tried to stop. It gets really annoying. And when it’s about 2 hours later, I think to myself, “Why am I still not sleeping”, and later commands, “Come on, go to sleep NOW!”.

But I’m still not sleeping. Not at least for another hour or so.

How do I tell my mind to shut up?