Memory Game on Capital FM

Capital FM is currently running a memory game on their radio station called ‘Capital FM Reconnect” and I got the opportunity to watch how the DJs carried it out live in action at their studio last week. It was actually my second visit to the studio (first time was last year, for a radio interview).


The memory game runs from 6th to 24th May 2013 and during the 3 weeks of contesting, listeners will have to guess the correct memory combination in order to win. You know the memory game card you used to play, where you have to choose 2 cards and flip them to see whether the pictures match? Well this is like that, except you cannot see the card, you have to listen! More challenging, eh? But you can download this template from Capital FM’s website to help you with the game.


Each numbered box actually represents different amount of cash and various aspirational prizes, and each caller gets to choose 2 numbered boxes and see whether they are a match. If the caller successfully match the two tiles, he/she wins whatever prize that is in the box – it could be an all-paid weekend getaway, spa packages, beauty products, cash of up to RM20,000 and many more. This games runs 6 times a day – twice on ‘Talk of the Town with Joanne and Xandria’, once on Capital Wave, twice on ‘The Jam Break with Debs and Non’, and once on ‘Groove Down with Priscilia’.

I arrived at the studio at around 9 am, where Joanne and Xandria were having their ‘Talk of The Town’ segment. I was quite surprised to see another person inside the studio. It was Naz, the TV presenter! Turned out, they have invited guests for the ‘Talk of the Town’ segment where they talked a wide range of topics with their guests, besides interviews and fun contests.

 I sat quietly at a corner, listening to all 3 of them talking. Naz was giving an advice to a caller who is a divorcee and a mother of 3 about her relationship with a foreigner.

So happening and lively la, these women.

Then it was the memory game contest. The first caller of the day called and chose the 2 numbers from the boxes…. and guess what? SHE WON! Lucky woman!

Xandria excitedly said, “OMG you just won yourself RM750 cash!!!” (or something like that. Hehe)

With Xandria Ooi, after their segment had ended. Didn’t manage to take a photo with Joanne tho, coz she was rushing to the loo! Hehe.

With Naz.

All these whiles, I only listen to the DJs and songs on the radio but that day, I got to see with my very own eyes how they managed the cue to call and everything. I was like, “Ooo…macam tu rupanya”, all the time I was there. 😛 It was quite an experience!

You can follow them on Twitter @iAMCapitalFM and Facebook page for their latest updates and happenings.

Raina’s version of Gwiyomi

I’m pretty sure most of you know about the Gwiyomi craze that has gone viral on the internet by now. I don’t get it, really. My husband had been pestering me to watch the videos since about a week ago (he said just for fun, and because the girls are cute. Pffft) so I unwillingly had to watch them just so he can stop bothering me… and oh my eyes. Awat la hangpa gedik betui? 😛

Ok la, there are some that are cute. Like this one, for example. And also the kids’ version (kids are always cute anyways). But I still don’t get why 1 plus 1 equals gwiyomi, 2 plus 2 equals gwiyomi and so on (gwiyomi means cutie by the way. Yes, I looked up the lyrics). Can somebody explain that to me??

Anyway. I only watched about 3-4 Gwiyomi videos and little did I know that during those times, si kenit Raina picked up a few words (or rather one word) from that song! She kept on singing “Mikko! Mikko!” on repeat for the past few days. I didn’t know she was actually singing Gwiyomi song. I thought it was a song from My Little Pony or something until someone commented on my Keek just recently. I suppose Raina’s “mikko” is actually “naekkeo”! LOL.


That vid was recorded last weekend during our short getaway at DoubleTree Hilton by the way (will blog soon). I had been trying to upload it on Keek but internet collection was so freaking slow at the hotel, so now back at home only I can upload.



Speaking of internet connection, Celcom has officially launched their 4G LTE just recently, which is the 4th generation wireless mobile communication that allows mobile users to experience speeds up to 10 times faster! Imagine downloading a 5MB song in only 2 seconds flat and a 750MB movie in 5 minutes! That’s how fast the 4G LTE is. I bet uploading Keek vids would be just as fast!

Celcom is now offering the 4G LTE modem at only RM199 for the first 1,000 subscribers, so if you want it, go and grab it at either Blue Cube in Sunway Pyramid or Menara Celcom now! More info here:

Winners for Breeze Giveaway

Thank you for those who participated in the Breeze products giveaway.

So here are the 6 lucky winners, randomly selected by a random number generator (

  1. Riana –
  2. Ain Omar –
  3. Elyas –
  4. Sungrin –
  5. Su –
  6. Ilahnashrin –

Congratulations, ladies! Nuffnang will be contacting you guys soon via email for the product collection.

Citizen 2020

I was in primary school when I first heard of Vision 2020. I didn’t know much about it; all I know was that Malaysia will be a developed country by then and that I will be in my late 30s. 😯

I still remember calculating how old my parents will be and wondering whether they will still be around (I hope they will) when the year 2020 comes… and how jealous I would be of my youngest brother because he will still be in his 20s (read: young) in the year 2020. And of course I wished by that time, someone would invent Doraemon’s “pintu suka hati”. 😛

That felt like eons ago. And now it’s almost 2013 already!

I wonder what this country would be like in 2020. Would we be at par with other developed countries like Japan and Singapore?

Back in the 60’s till the 80’s, Malaysia was a strong developing country, ranked the same as Singapore and Japan. But now Singapore is ranked no. 3 in the world, Japan no. 23 while Malaysia is far behind at no. 57! This is calculated based on a country’s GNI – Gross National Income (you can watch this video if you’re unsure what GNI is).

A few programs have been initiated to turn Malaysia into a high-income nation by 2020. One of them is the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), which will catalyze the economy, create millions of jobs and grow our GNI. The programme could affect what we do, how we live and most importantly, who we are. Hopefully, we all can enjoy higher quality of life by the year 2020.

We’ve heard of “Vision 2020” for ages now and I have always wondered what the future will be like (and whether there will actually be a real “pintu suka hati” like Doraemon’s!). It’s scary but exciting at the same time. Aren’t you curious what the year 2020 will be like? And aren’t you curious of what and where you will be in 2020?

I just took a virtual journey to the future with Citizen 2020. It’s a fun and interactive app where you can explore various ETP-related projects, make real-life decisions and get a prediction of who you will be in 2020.



You will need to answer a few real-life scenario-based questions, like these for example…

List of things I want to do, in the particular order! 😛


Grocery shopping. I chose exactly all the items that I usually buy.


Top 3 things you need in your house.

The answers you choose will determine your path in life and you will get a prediction of your personality… and who you will be in 2020!

Here’s what it says about me:

I am most interested with my possible career paths. Especially creator of the next eBay. Now that would be very awesome. Or you know, a clothing line or something. Anything related to online shopping, really.

Try it out yourself at and see what your future might be. It’s just a prediction but who knows it would become true….


Prudential came up with Project Listen in conjunction with their 88th anniversary, where they collect stories of everyday Malaysians from all walks of life, hoping to touch and inspire others.

Some of the stories and videos include a pregnant mother whose baby was diagnosed with a heart disease, a struggling Chinese musician who later found success in Indian music, a bully victim who becomes a sifu in Kung Fu and many more. I’ve watched some of the videos and they were really touching.

There are also stories shared by bloggers including ProudDuck, Viruspadu, Ceeramoon and FourFeetNine. I also shared mine too, mainly about what it’s like to be a stay-at-home mum to these two little precious.


Click here if you would like to read my story.