The Birth Story

I started having menstrual-like cramps in the wee hours of a Saturday morning. Despite this being the second time, I was still a little unsure if I was in labor so I started to track the contractions using a contraction timer on my iPhone. Each contraction was about 3 minutes apart so I thought, “This must be it. I’m in labor, yay!”.

Then I remembered that I still haven’t packed my hospital bag so I grabbed my small luggage and stuffed everything needed inside. I took out Ayra’s diaper bag and packed her stuff too because she will be staying with my in-laws when I’m at the hospital. It only took me 15 minutes to finish packing for all 4 of us (including the baby!). And then I realized I haven’t shaved my legs so I spent the next few minutes in the bathroom, shaving my legs and timing my contractions at the same time. I think it was around 5 in the morning. I must be crazy!

Since it was still too early in the morning and my contractions were still bearable, I decided to go to the hospital later and get some sleep first. But when I woke up, the contractions were gone! In fact I didn’t feel the contractions at all during the day. I thought it was a false labor. Kecewa sedikit because I was so eager to meet my little one. But hubby sent Ayra to his parents’ house anyway since it was the weekend.

The next day at around 1 am, I felt the contractions again. This time it was stronger and more intense than yesterday’s. I was so sure it was true labor but still insisted to go to the hospital later during the day. So there I was laying on the bed, “savoring” the contractions while reciting surah Maryam. I managed to finish reciting it from where I last stopped – just in time!

By 8am, the contractions became stronger and stronger (yes I didn’t sleep!). Hubby and I got ready. I had my second and third breakfasts in the car – first one was Herbalife shake at home, second one was Sausage McMuffin with Egg, lepas tu rasa macam tak cukup, pusing balik beli McD Hotcakes pulak. Heh, I just wanted to make sure I have enough energy to give birth because I didn’t sleep, remember?

We arrived at the hospital at 10-ish am. I was taken to the labor room and the midwife started to do an internal examination to check whether I was in true labor. I was already 6cm dilated. She then monitored the baby’s heart rate and everything was fine. I started reciting surah Yasin while waiting for the doctor.

7cm dilated. The midwife was pretty amazed by how “well” I seemed to be coping with the contractions. She still asked if I wanted an epidural tho just in case, and I politely said no. The doctor arrived, greeted me and went on with the internal examination. She said the baby had pooped inside so she had to break my water to speed things up.

And things did speed up right after that. Everything happened so fast, I couldn’t believe it was really happening!

I was reciting Al-Mathurat when the super strong contractions came. Oooohhh the pain was indescribable! But reciting Al-Mathurat seemed to lessen the pain and took my mind off of it. After like 5 really really strong contractions, I suddenly felt macam nak tercirit so hubby called out the midwife. The doctor was kinda surprised it happened quicker than expected. And the next thing I know, I was pushing and pushing and pushing… and then the baby’s head popped out. Phew, that was hard work! And my husband managed to record the whole process!

At 12.41 noon, my baby girl was born 🙂

Alhamdulillah, everything was normal. I can’t believe I was in the labor room for only an hour plus (first time was almost 7 hours!). Berkat doa dalam bulan Ramadhan agaknya sebab saya tak putus-putus doa dipermudahkan proses bersalin and everything. Thank you Allah!

As for her name, tunggu dah register and betul-betul confirm la baru saya announce yer.

I lost some weight, woo-hoo!

Went for my weekly check up this morning. As usual the nurse checked my blood pressure, urine and my weight. I was surprised I’m 2kg lighter! I mean, how long have we fasted so far?

Only a week. Exactly.
And 2kg in a week is quite an achievement, no?

Of course I’m not on diet. You should see the amount of food I ate masa berbuka. And not to mention, my current addiction to Green Tea Frappucino which I now have every other night, thanks to my brother. But I do notice tho, ever since staying with my parents and being fed with gooood food, I’ve been having two bowel movements right after taking Herbalife shake for sahur. Like it’s eliminating those unwanted toxins or whatever. Maybe that made me lighter.

A little part of me was happy with the weight loss, but a major part of me wasn’t sure if losing weight at the very end of pregnancy is a good sign or not because umm… aren’t preggers supposed to gain more especially during the final trimester? I was a little worried. Is it possible for babies to lose weight in the womb? What if the baby didn’t gain enough weight? Should I eat rice or something else for sahur besides Herbalife shake?
But my worries were put at ease when my OBGYN told me that my baby’s development is up to par, Alhamdulillah. She’s 3.25kg now compared to 3.1kg last week (altho I know ultrasound scan isn’t 100% correct coz last time masa Ayra timbang 3kg, tapi keluar 2.8kg. I don’t really care about the numbers because what matters more is that my baby’s doing great in there). But that means my baby managed to gain weight even when I’m losing weight! It made me happy for the rest of the day because I never thought I could ever lose weight during pregnancy, what with my way of eating. And I was even happier thinking that insyaallah I won’t be gaining more than what I’ve gained last time.
Just so you know, masa Ayra dulu I gained a whopping 18kg throughout my pregnancy – I never lose any weight (gained ada la) walaupun dapat puasa penuh sebulan. This time at 38+ weeks I’ve gained 14kg so far. Not much difference but I’m happy. But well, I’m still heavier than before *smiles sheepishly*. I hope I won’t reach over 70kg.

I’m secretly hoping I can lose a little more weight sementara dapat puasa lagi ni so that takde la banyak sangat nak lose lepas bersalin nanti. Heh.

p/s: I wish I could say that’s my belly in the picture. But it’s not.

Pregnant, Fasting and feeling Fabulous

It’s been one heck of a week. And it’s only Wednesday.

I’ve been very very very busy preparing for the arrival of my second one. I’m about to enter 38th week of my pregnancy, which means I can “pop” anytime now… which also means there’s no time to waste as I’ve got lots of things in my to-do list!


The past few days were spent doing at least 5 loads of laundry DAILY, cleaning the room, shop for the remaining things that I haven’t been able to get, packing stuff for us and stuff for the baby (we’re going to stay at my parents’ house pretty soon so you can imagine how super busy I am nak kemas-kemas semua). I’m still not done yet tho. Hopefully everything will be settled by the end of this week. And hopefully the baby will come out at least next week!


A piece of advice for first-time mommies out there; if you can prepare anything at all for the baby (even baby shopping), just do it. Don’t wait at the very last minute because it’s kinda challenging to do things when you’re as big as a whale – even shopping. Jalan 1 jam dah penat macam lari marathon satu daerah.


It’s 4 pm and amazingly, despite being very heavily pregnant and fasting, I’m doing great and am still energetic doing the house chores, which involves doing 3 loads of laundry so far and looking after my even-more-energetic toddler. I haven’t been thinking about food for more than 5 hours – that’s a record! (selalu macam setiap jam fikir pasal makanan ;p). It’s weird how I’m constantly hungry masa hari biasa, tapi masa puasa tak pulak.


Here’s what I had for sahur this morning.

A glass of Herbalife chocolate shake (mixed with Formula 3, oats, fresh milk and soy), MonaVie juice and a few pieces of dates. If I weren’t pregnant, I would be drinking a glass of hot Herbalife Tea Mix as well. Of course I can eat something else after taking the shake if I want to because I’m pregnant, tapi kenyang sangat tak larat dah nak makan benda lain. Saya suka la sahur macam ni. Simple tapi best dan kenyang dan berkhasiat.


In case you’re wondering, here’s how to consume Herbalife during Ramadhan.



I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all my Muslim readers a very happy Ramadhan! May Allah bless us all.


Basketball Belly

They say if your belly looks like a basketball and you’re carrying it low, it’s a boy.

If your belly looks like a watermelon and you’re carrying high, it’s a girl.

Well, not true.

Look at me!

I think my belly looks more like a basketball than a watermelon because it’s very round – like a ball. And I’m carrying super low! But I’m having a girl, insyaallah. At least that’s what the ultrasound scans showed.

Science say the way you’re carrying is determined by muscle and uterine tone as well as the position of the baby.

Kesimpulannya, jangan percaya old wives’ tales! ;p

When pregnancy mood swings attacked

I wasn’t feeling so well for a couple of days last week. I had a terrible stomachache that made me vomit twice and my body was so weak, I felt like I needed bed rest for a week. And I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster ever since. One minute I was okay, the next minute things really get to me. I was irritable and snappy at everything. It was ugly. I was ugly. And Ayra has been so cranky lately, it just made things even worse for me. She cried A LOT. Like, all the time. And I cried too. At that point I just wanted to get away to an island or somewhere else just by myself. I just wanted to be alone.

I ended up locking myself in the room.

My husband had been looking after Ayra most of the time for the past one week.
I feel like a bad mom. Maybe I am a bad mom.

But anyways, I’m feeling much better now. I had a lot of sleep, naps. I’ve been reading some good books, drinking a lot of water, pampering myself a little bit (just spending 10 minutes a day to slather on some lotion all over my body makes me feel good!) and getting lots of hugs from my husband.

Only 9 more weeks to go, Iza!
Or maybe less.