Power of Why

This conversation took place about a week ago while getting ready to go to my parents’ house.

Me: We’re going to Wan’s house tonight ok kakak, but Wan and Atok won’t be home. There’s only bibik and aunty Wani.
Ayra: Yay ok! I like aunty Wani. She like to makeup and so pretty.
Me: *chuckles*
Ayra: But mama, why Ayra don’t wear makeup?
Me: Because makeup is not for kids. Makeup is for older girls. For big girls like mama and aunty Wani.
Ayra: But Ayra is big girl already. See! *shows me how tall she is*
Me: Yes, but you have to wait until you’re 20 years old ok. Then you can wear makeup.
Ayra: How about Tok Ummi? Why Tok Ummi don’t wear makeup?

Oh boy. (Tok Ummi is my husband’s mother by the way)

Ayra is at that stage where she would ask millions of questions every day. Most of the time, her questions are as simple as “Why I cannot eat cake every day” or “Why Raina don’t go to school” kind of questions, which I can easily explain and answer. Sometimes she would even ask a question and answer it herself, like in the conversation above (she concluded that grandmas don’t wear makeup, which is why her Tok Ummi doesn’t wear any because she’s a grandma already. Haha).

But sometimes, her questions can be quite tricky… like why boy ladybug is also called LADY-bug.

Hoihh pengsan!

Look, I get it. Kids ask so many questions because they have only lived for a few years and there are a lot of things they don’t know about. They’re just curious beings. It’s good that they are asking questions. Every why your child asks is a sign that her brain cells are connecting and that she is learning.

But I have to admit, it can be challenging (and exhausting) to answer all of their questions because their questions are never-ending! One question would lead to another question and another and another until I run out of answer. I’m sure you know what I mean, right moms? So because of that, Anmum has created a page specially for moms with smart kids, where moms can type in their kids’ tricky questions to get the right answers.

Introducing, the Smart Kids Ask Why page.

All you need to do is just type in your smart kid’s question in the box provided, and click on the ‘Get Answers’ button. Answers will be curated from selected websites.

So I typed in Ayra’s “ladybug” question…

And showed her the answer

So apparently, ladybugs got their name from Virgin Mary, known as “Our Lady” by some farmers in Europe about 500 years ago because they helped save the farmers’ crops by eating the plant-destroying pests. They didn’t differentiate between male and female ladybugs so they are all called ladybugs.

There you go!

You can also request for a free sample of Anmum Essential by clicking on the purple ‘Request A Sample’ button on the Smart Kids Ask Why page. Anmum Essentials contains nutrients such as DHA and GA that work together in building brain cell connections.

So here’s to our smart kids!

Mini Temporary Wallpaper

I have a thing for children’ drawings (and paintings). There’s just something so “pure” and innocent about their drawings – and not to mention, cute.

Children don’t censor their artwork. They would just draw whatever they feel like drawing and their artwork is usually a reflection of their inner world.

My soon-to-be 5 year old girl loves drawing, just like any other kids. She would spend 30 minutes or so drawing houses, people, ponies, fairies, princesses, flowers and butterflies every single day. Sometimes 2-3 times a day. I even set up a table with some drawing supplies (papers, sketch books, crayons, color pencils) in their room so that she and her little sister could draw or scribble whenever they want.

But Ayra has never really painted a picture. Her paintings were usually just random splotches of colors and patterns… until today.

She was down with a fever this morning and slept until around 11 am. And when she woke up, the first thing she said to me was, “Mama, I want to do painting. Pleaseeee… But I don’t want to use hands, I want to use the brush”.

It was like she had an inspiration or something. A dream, maybe.

And so after lunch (she paksa me to gobble up my food. “C’mon mama, I want to do painting!”), I took out their painting supplies and rolled out the drawing paper on the floor. Ayra wasted no time painting her first picture.

It was a house. A pink house.

Then she painted a butterfly with polka dot wings. I was impressed! I couldn’t stop praising her paintings because she never really painted a “picture” before. I got so excited and took out my camera (mommies, right. Hehe). But Ayra was too busy in her own world and couldn’t be bothered with my excitement. She just rolled out more paper and continue to paint one picture after another….


A baby butterfly


A girl with a flower on her hair


Flower, tree, car, clouds, sun

And before you know it, she made one looonggg scroll of paintings. Almost 2.5 meters! It’s her biggest masterpiece by far (the drawing paper roll is from Ikea, by the way).


While her sis was busy painting pictures, Raina was busy painting her hands and the floor (last time she painted her face!).

In case you’re wondering what we did with the scroll painting (I mean, I couldn’t just throw it away now, could I)…

Wallpaper. Just what their bedroom needs. Hehe

Raina turns 3

So they say age 2 can be tough – what with the terrible twos and toddler temper tantrums.
Well, not really the case with Raina.

What terrible twos? Cheeky twos, more like!

Raina is really a fun kid to be around, altho she can be quite shy with some people. She’s easy-going, very cheeky and full of expression. Unlike her big sister who is Miss Prim & Proper, Raina is the total opposite. She’s Miss Cheeky & Cheerful. Those curls of hers really suits her personality. She’s not fussy and very selamba. We can bring her to crowded and loud places, wait for my turn at the post office for an hour or so, go grocery shopping with her in peace and hardly a temper tantrum. She rarely screams or whines when things don’t go her way; she’d either just make a duck face (which is so cute by the way) or throw herself on the floor and cry for like 30 seconds. After a hug and a cookie, she’d be all cheerful again.


But at home, this little girl is a handful! She’s into everything and I mean EVERYTHING.ย She likes to poke around and is really good at making a HUGE mess which drives me insane sometimes. She likes to inspect every drawer in the house, pour drinks on the carpet, smear food on her face, hair and everywhere (she once smeared blue paint on her hair), climb on anything she can, chew on dry leaves and twigs, and turn every knob, switch, button or whatever she can get her hands on, including the stove and the oven. She’s like one curious kitten! Really keeps me on my toes, this girl.

Now Raina is at that mimicking stage. She likes to mimic whatever her big sister say and do. If Ayra refused to do something and said “No, I don’t want” and made a face, Raina would mimic her exact words and expression. One time, Ayra accidentally hit her knees on the leg of our bed and cried “Waaaaaa sakit kakiii!” and Raina pretended to cry as well and said the very same thing. It’s so freaking hilarious! Boleh berlakon la budak ni!

She gets along well with her big sister most of the time, but can get aggressive when she’s angry. Raina is more of an “action” girl (Ayra is more verbal, which includes whining :P). If Raina wants something, she’d go and get it. If she’s angry at someone (usually her big sis), she’d just hit her with a Barbie or pull her hair or something. People say it’s a second child thing? Well I don’t know, but I do know that every child is different and I’m doing my best to embrace it.

But overall, Raina is a cheeky and happy-go-lucky child. She’s loveable and adorable. It’s hard to be mad at her because every time when she does something “naughty”, she’d give me this huge cheeky grin that flashes her deep dimple (which she got from her dad), and I melt instantly.

Sigh… Dimples are my weakness.

Raina at 5 months old

Anyway, Raina just turned 3 today. She went from being a calm and quiet baby to this goofy cheeky kiddo (my MIL said “budak banyak akal”). I don’t know how that happened! Haha. But I love her anyways, so very much.

We threw an early birthday party for her last week. Promise I will blog about it soon.

Happy birthday, my cheeky little sweetheart! Here’s to a wonderful year of being 3! (Please don’t postpone your terrible twos to terrible threes).

Blue Eyes

This happened a few weeks ago.

I was clearing up my girls’ old chest of drawers where I used to stash stuff that I don’t want them to find… like watercolors, chalks, plasters, some ointments, shampoo, lotions and other toiletries supply. While I was sorting out the top drawer, my girls found a pencil case filled with magic color pens and they squeaked in delight. It’s not everyday that my girls get to draw with magic color pens or markers, and there’s a reason why I hid them from my girls. I don’t want something like this to ever happen again!

Of course they were excited to find their hidden treasure.

“Mama, can I color? Please please PLEASEEE!”.

I gave them some papers and told them to draw and color only on the papers. Not on the wall, not on the floor, not on the doors. Just on the papers. They agreed.

They spent about 20 minutes drawing, scribbling, coloring on the papers while I got the stuff in the drawers sorted out. They were still so busy with their artwork that I decided to leave them for awhile in their playroom while I went to my computer to check my email and stuff.

After about half an hour (I got carried away), I came back to the playroom and saw my girls sitting on the chairs at their table (they were on the floor earlier).

“Hi girls, have you finished coloring?”. I picked up the scattered papers off the floor.


“Yes! Look mama, Raina makeup”, said Ayra.

I turned around. What??

And then I saw it. OMG.
Raina had a blue “eyeshadow” on her lids!


It was so blue and kinda matched the color of the top that she was wearing. It actually looked like some kind of a superhero makeup! Pretty cool, I have to say. What with her wacky curly hair. Haha!


I asked who did it and Ayra confessed it was her.

“But I already told you magic color pens only for paper, kakak”.

“Yes but this one for eyes, mama. Not for paper”, she explained innocently.

Before I could reply anything else, Ayra showed me that particular magic color pen and read the little words to me.


Crayola, why the heck did you name your magic color pen “blue eyes”??!

“See mama? It’s for eyes. Blue eyes, like Cinderella”.

I was speechless. I wasn’t sure what to say so I burst out laughing instead. I took the other magic color pens, wondering if their names were “red lips” or “purple cheeks”… but thank God they weren’t. Kalau tidak, mau satu muka adik dia kerjakan!

Monsters University at Petrosains

Guys, remember them?

Mike Wazowski and Sulley!

I’m sure you’ve heard that Monsters University, the prequel to Monsters Inc, will be released next month. I’m definitely gonna watch it. Monsters Inc is one of my favorite animation movies of all time! I cannot remember how many times I’ve watched it. Must have been at least 8 times. I think the movie is funny and touching at the same time. Mike, the silly and funny monster and the ever-so-loving Sulley are my favorite characters; I almost wished they were real. And then of course there was everyone’s favorite – Boo, the adorable little girl. Sigh. Can’t wait to watch the prequel next month!

Anyway, in conjunction with the release of Monsters University movie, Petrosains is celebrating their movie tie-in with Monsters University by holding lots of fun activities for kids and the whole family, starting from 18th May to 30th June 2013.


Brought my kids here last weekend.


Our IDs. We’re officially Monsters University students! ๐Ÿ˜€

There’s a Magical Math activities, quizzes, games and shows for Petrosains Members, happening every Sunday at Monsters University Campus at Teater Ungku Omar on the below dates and time:

There’s also a ‘Count The Monsters’ contest, which is pretty much self-explanatory. You just need to guess how many Monsters University plush toys are in this giant box.

How many monsters do you think are in there?

Anyone who can guess correctly will win an iPad Mini, free movie passes and exclusive limited edition Monsters University premium items, as well as Petrosains merchandise. You can also join Petrosains Family Membership during the promotion period (18th may – 30th June) to get 2 free movie passes and a limited edition Monsters University T-shirt.

We decided to check out Petrosains later after that. The last time I was here was when I was 16! That seemed like eons ago. Man, how time flies. And now I’m here with my kids!

Waiting for the Dark Ride. Raina was a little scared halfway through the ride. Thank God the ride was only for 4 minutes!

This is the ‘Ride The Hurricane’ booth where you can experience how strong is a hurricane wind. Of course I didn’t want to go inside. Didn’t want to ruin my tudung ๐Ÿ˜›

The wind blew over 100km/h! Ayra thought it was fun (my husband didn’t tho. Haha)

Petrojaya exhibit – a cartoon village for shadow play/Wayang Kulit

Doing our own Wayang Kulit show

Here’s something cool – a hologram of a toy car. It looks real but it’s actually not there!

My girls were so curious and tried to touch the car. “Mama, how? I cannot take it!”.

The Infitnity Mirror. Uhh ok, not this one.

This one! “Wow, so many mama and kakak!”

This is the Geotime Diorama exhibit where you can discover about earthquakes, fossils and other things from more than 200 million years ago

We were greeted by this singing T-Rex. Ayra was scared to enter at first, but after explaining that it’s only a “big toy”, she wasn’t scared anymore. Raina cried tho! I had to cover her eyes and carried her. Hehe

Ayra loves puzzles, so when she saw this Tangram, she decided to play with it

She said she was making people.

Saw the Magical Math Fiesta area and decided to check it out

There were so many interesting activities including puzzle games, mini shows, perfume making with spices and baking workshop!

Some apparatus where you can make your own alarm clock to wake up the sleeping teddies. I had no idea how to make one (don’t think there was a manual or anything).

But Raina had another idea. She took all the sticks (or whatever they’re called) and stuck them in the holes.

There’s also a playing area with mini slide and giant Lego blocks! My kids spent about 20 minutes playing with them.

And then they drove Formula 1 cars…

…while my husband rode on the Cycraft Simulator.

Big slide!

At Music, Art, Science area. I can’t remember what this thing is called but it’s like a color mixture machine where you can “squirt” the paints while they swirl to make patterns.

We spent about 2 hours at Petrosains that day. Even tho my girls are still preschoolers, they learned and discovered new things, and they surely had fun! Well, except for the singing T-Rex part. Heh. But it’s definitely a great place to bring your kids for a fun time learning and exploring, especially during this school holiday.