Stroller Shopping

I did some research on strollers at this website some time ago, just to get some ideas on what kind of stroller to get, and I’ve found my favorites. Here are some of ’em:

Clockwise from top (left):
Quinny Buzz, Uppa Baby Vista, Stokke Xplory, Peg Perego Skate

Notice that I’m into strollers with single wheel on each side and frame that’s made of aluminum or steel? And yes, I want something in red bcoz it’s a universal color.

Unfortunately, all the strollers that I have my eyes on either exceeds our budget (like the Stokke – it’s nearly RM5k!), is not available here, or doesn’t have most of my must-have features.
I want a stroller that has a large storage basket, parent/child tray or at least a cup holder, reversible (so that my baby can face the world or me), and lightweight, besides other important features. Hubby doesn’t really mind, except he wants something simple and not bulky.

After surveying some strollers, we finally found the one we like – Valco Baby – at The First Few Years (thanks to my sister and Kaezrin for recommending the store). We weren’t actually planning to buy right away on the first visit, but since it’s the last one in red and the price is way below our budget (plus I think we’ve been to nearly all the stores that sell strollers), we decided to get it. I hope we’ve made a right choice.

It comes with everything I wanted, with an added bonus of an interchangeable play tray (with a cup holder) and a bumper bar both included. The only feature this stroller doesn’t have is the reversible option.

Oh well, I guess takpe lah.

Next on the list: a car seat.

Any suggestions, mommies? I was wondering… is it really important to have one just as soon as the baby arrives? Or do you think it’s okay to get it 1-2 months after the baby is born? Bcoz I think I would hold my baby for the first 2-3 months when I’m in the car. But I don’t know. What’s your experience?

How To Choose a Breast Pump?

Okay Mommies, I need some help here on how to choose a breast pump. Or rather, how to choose an electric breast pump.

The other day when we went to the Parenthood Expo, I wasn’t well-equipped with breast-pump knowledge at all, so you can imagine how totally “lost and confuse” I was when the SA showed me a few models (there was a booth selling Medela’s feeding equipment). I’ve decided to get an electric pump, but I didn’t know there were a few models to choose from! I thought it was purely a choice between manual or electric pumps and nothing else. I can’t remember all of the models, except for the Mini Electric pump – I thought it was for those with small boobs!

Hubby was even more lost. He doesn’t even know that breast pump existed. He said “Susah ke nak perah susu ek sampai nak kena guna pump? Kalau saya tolong buatkan tak boleh ke?”. Uhh righttt.. I had a picture of him milking a cow when he said that.

Anyways, which brand should I choose – Avent or Medela? I heard great things about Medela, but when I came across this and this, I’m not so sure anymore. Especially the part regarding milk contamination:

Medela breast pumps DO NOT have this protective feature….something very important to consider when purchasing a breast pump.”

Should I choose Avent instead? The Avent ISIS iQ pump sounds cool. If anyone has experience using both brands, please share.

Secondly, how do I know if I need a single or double/twin pumps? I’m not working, so insyaAllah I’ll be staying at home with my baby 24-7, if that’s any help in choosing a breast pump.

Another thing, is it necessary to have a cooler bag carrier/icepack? Bcoz one of Medela’s electric breast pump comes with the cooler bag carrier and the SA suggested to get that.

Oh, and is it best to purchase a breast pump before or after the baby arrives? Some say before, some say after. Saya keliru…

Baby Sling – The Ultimate Accessory for Yummy Mummies

I do not know when is the perfect time to start baby shopping, but I have started scouring for baby’s stuff some time ago, mainly online. It’s so exciting! I can spend all day long just browsing and picking out items I’d love to have. But I think I’ll take baby steps first – sikit2 lama2 jadi bukit, kan? I have about 3+ months to go, so I still have plenty of time in hand.

So far I have only purchased stuff for me to wear and use; not the baby (except for those Gap rompers but that’s it) bcoz *sigh* I don’t want to rush into things and buy everything cute and girly or whatever it is you buy for baby boys when the baby’s sex is not really confirmed. I heard so many stories – masa scan nampak girl, keluar boy. Masa scan nampak macam hotdog, turned out to be the baby’s umbilical cord. So, better be safe than sorry kan?

My only purchases so far is the OiOi Diaper Bag (it’s bigger and roomier than I thought!), and this Nursing Cover by Bebe au Lait. It took me a week just to decide which pattern to get. Typical of me.

Anyways, I am planning to get a baby sling for my next purchase, bcoz the other day when my mom’s Bibik babysat Hariz, he was crying out loud so Bibik carried him in the “gendong” style (she’s an Indonesian) using her blanket, and he immediately stopped crying and fell asleep not long after that! He must’ve liked it. Most importantly, Bibik can “gendong” him for hours while doing the house chores without a hassle. It’s definitely one of the best baby inventions and a necessary thing to have when you have a baby bcoz c’mon, we’re not octopus. We only have 2 hands.

Now there’s a stylish way to “gendong” your baby. The baby sling.
Here are a few reasons why baby sling is a parent must-have:

1) they are convenient, fast and hassle-free,
2) can carry newborn up to toddler,
3) it’s comfy for both parent and baby (there’s leg padding),
4) can be worn up to 5 different carrying ways,
5) increase parent and baby bonding,
6) besides carrying a baby, it can also be used as a stroller cover or baby’s blanket,
7) it’s compact and light so it fits easily in your diaper bag,

and of course:

8) it’s fab!

I am definitely choosing baby sling over baby carrier. I’m not sure what my hubby wants – I’ll leave that for him to decide, but I am SO getting the baby sling!

I came across a few brands of baby slings online, and I’ve read great reviews about them. So after doing a little bit of comparison here and there, I think I’ll go for Hotslings. It has up to 9 sizes so you’ll get a more precise fit, and there are so many fabrics and patterns to choose from! Pink and brown has always been my favorite color combination so I have narrowed down the choices – and I’m torn between these two: Ana Stretch Sateen or the Reversible Eye Candy.

I dig anything that is reversible, but I want a stretchy sling. Hmm…

Of Parents and Children

These two topics are among my favorites in this book. Makes me understand about some things.

Here’s some excerpts:

Your Parents Did the Best They Could

I never liked how my father raised me. He was an ex-Marine drill sergeant and a former professional boxer. He treated me like a drafted recruit in World War II. I grew up resenting the beatings, the discipline and the constant terror.

A friend of mine in college shocked me when he said, “Your father could have tossed you in a garbage when you were a baby. He didn’t. Her raised you the best way he knew how.”

I’ve since learned that all parents are winging it. None of them went to parenting school. Few of them read parenting books. Most of them raise their kids either the way they were raised or the opposite of the way they were raised. None of them raised their kids with ill intent. They were doing the best they could.

Your parents did the best they knew how to do, based on their beliefs, upbringing, and best guess about how to handle you.

Forgive them. Understand them. Love them. All they want from you at this point is to know that you understand they did the best they could. Tell them so. Don’t withhold the very thing they long to hear.

Your Children Will Become What They Become

How can you tell if your child will grow up to be the next Dalai Lama?
You can’t.

My sister has twins. They were raised in the same environment, by the same parents, had the same teachers in schools, and dated sisters.

In spite of that, they are completely different in personalities and goals.

Water your children with love and allow them to grow as they choose.

And be sure to give them each a copy of this manual. (I will, when I have kids of my own)