Ayra turns 5

My eldest girl turns 5 today. My sweet little girl, Ayra.

It’s amazing to see how much she has grown over the past few years. From a clingy baby/toddler who cries and whines A LOT to this independent little girl who washes her own cups and bowls. She’s a big girl now!

She likes helping around the house with simple tasks like cleaning up her room, arranging shoes and wiping any spills that she or her lil sis accidentally make. She’s also a caring big sister and I just love seeing the bond between her and her little sis – how they get along with each other, how she would help her little sis with just about anything when I have my hands full (getting dressed, suap makan, pour her drinks), how she would get mad when her little sis refused to wash hands and get cleaned after a messy chocolate treat because “Nanti kotor ants datang!” and how she would teach her little sis to do things like how to wear shoes and how to color properly. Senang cerita, she’s reliable (for her age) and I can depend on her. I guess that’s an eldest child thing?

Oh, but she still whines. Sometimes it even sounded like she’s nagging. And she sounded pretty much like me when she does that. Yikes.

I noticed that we have a lot of things in common other than the whining part. Her little sister may look a lot like me when I was little, but I think Ayra has my personality and characteristics. We’re both the eldest sister, we are fussy eaters (or at least I used to be one – just like her), we are shy and quiet around people, we like all things girly and pretty, we are somewhat neat freaks and some other things that shall not be spilled here. But she’s an early riser (that is so not me) and would always wake me up every weekend asking for breakfast.

Just like any girly girl, Ayra loves dressing up. Sometimes she even wears necklace and headband at home. And I can sense that she has a great taste in fashion for a 5-year-old! She knows how to match her accessories with her outfits that sometimes I would saja-saja ask for her opinion of which shawl goes well with my top or which dress is nicer, which bag to wear and whatnot (I used to do that with my sisters but now that we’re not living in the same house, I’m doing it with my daughter), and most of the time, she would choose the ones I like most. Haha. She’s like my little fashion buddy!



She has also shown a rather “serious” interest in drawings since earlier this year. I’d say serious, because she would draw for hours, every single day – whether at home, in the car, at the mall, restaurant, etc. Pen and papers are like her best friends now. And I’m more than happy to encourage that hobby of hers. Who knows maybe she would be a famous artist one day? Or you know, a fashion designer or an entrepreneur or whatever she wants to be.


Sigh. I still cannot believe how fast she’s grown… and to think that next year would be her last year as a pre-schooler kinda freaks me out a bit. Geez, could anyone please press a pause button for a sec? She’s growing up too fast!

Pa&Ma December Issue

Somebody tagged me on Instagram telling me that my Pa&Ma magazine feature was already out, end of last month. I was in Jakarta at that time, so I told my husband to get a copy.

He got two. One for us, one for my parents. My mum was in it too.



Yes people. That woman in the black tudung is my mom. And she’s 56!


Anyways, thank you Pa&Ma for featuring me and my girls (and my mum) in your personality section.
Just one thing tho…

Saya bukan kelahiran Ampang. Hehe :D

International Education & Islamic Parenting Conference

If you’re a BBIM (Brainy Bunch International Montessori) parent, you probably know that they’re organizing the first International Education & Islamic Parenting conference that will be held this Saturday, at Putrajaya International Convention Centre.

My husband and I are so going. I have been wanting to attend Mufti Ismail Menk’s talk, so when I heard that he’s going to be one of the speakers at this conference, I knew I couldn’t miss it. Dah la topic pasal parenting, lagi la cannot miss!



It’s a whole day event – talk sessions and activities will be during the day (9am – 5pm), followed by charity concert later at night. You can also bring your kids if you want. They even provide free daycare service for parents who are attending the conference but you have to register as places are limited. We’re bringing ours (Ayra and her friends will be performing choral recitation in the morning).

There are a total of 4 speakers at the conference and each of them will be talking about these interesting topics:

1) Raising our Children with the Book of Allah & the Importance of Islamic Education
2) Our Children and Digital Technology & Empowering Children to Take Charge
3) Preparing Children for Life
4) Tips for Raising Children of Jannah


Detailed program agenda as follows:


The ticket price has been reduced to RM100 per person, don’t you worry.

And oh, I forgot to mention that it’s open to public as well. Yes, anyone can join! You can go to their website for more info and purchase the tickets here.


Now, now…

I have THREE extra tickets and they’re only RM60 each. If you’re interested to purchase, kindly email me at iza@thepinkstilettos.com with the title “Conference” and let me know how many tickets you want. Siapa cepat dia dapat.


All tickets have sold out. To those who didn’t get to purchase from me, you can still purchase from the website. Mahal sikit tapi tak apa, sambil dengar talk sambil buat charity because 100% profit from this event will go to the children of Palestine, Egypt and Syria.

(See you at the conference, insya-Allah!)

Power of Why

This conversation took place about a week ago while getting ready to go to my parents’ house.

Me: We’re going to Wan’s house tonight ok kakak, but Wan and Atok won’t be home. There’s only bibik and aunty Wani.
Ayra: Yay ok! I like aunty Wani. She like to makeup and so pretty.
Me: *chuckles*
Ayra: But mama, why Ayra don’t wear makeup?
Me: Because makeup is not for kids. Makeup is for older girls. For big girls like mama and aunty Wani.
Ayra: But Ayra is big girl already. See! *shows me how tall she is*
Me: Yes, but you have to wait until you’re 20 years old ok. Then you can wear makeup.
Ayra: How about Tok Ummi? Why Tok Ummi don’t wear makeup?

Oh boy. (Tok Ummi is my husband’s mother by the way)

Ayra is at that stage where she would ask millions of questions every day. Most of the time, her questions are as simple as “Why I cannot eat cake every day” or “Why Raina don’t go to school” kind of questions, which I can easily explain and answer. Sometimes she would even ask a question and answer it herself, like in the conversation above (she concluded that grandmas don’t wear makeup, which is why her Tok Ummi doesn’t wear any because she’s a grandma already. Haha).

But sometimes, her questions can be quite tricky… like why boy ladybug is also called LADY-bug.

Hoihh pengsan!

Look, I get it. Kids ask so many questions because they have only lived for a few years and there are a lot of things they don’t know about. They’re just curious beings. It’s good that they are asking questions. Every why your child asks is a sign that her brain cells are connecting and that she is learning.

But I have to admit, it can be challenging (and exhausting) to answer all of their questions because their questions are never-ending! One question would lead to another question and another and another until I run out of answer. I’m sure you know what I mean, right moms? So because of that, Anmum has created a page specially for moms with smart kids, where moms can type in their kids’ tricky questions to get the right answers.

Introducing, the Smart Kids Ask Why page.

All you need to do is just type in your smart kid’s question in the box provided, and click on the ‘Get Answers’ button. Answers will be curated from selected websites.

So I typed in Ayra’s “ladybug” question…

And showed her the answer

So apparently, ladybugs got their name from Virgin Mary, known as “Our Lady” by some farmers in Europe about 500 years ago because they helped save the farmers’ crops by eating the plant-destroying pests. They didn’t differentiate between male and female ladybugs so they are all called ladybugs.

There you go!

You can also request for a free sample of Anmum Essential by clicking on the purple ‘Request A Sample’ button on the Smart Kids Ask Why page. Anmum Essentials contains nutrients such as DHA and GA that work together in building brain cell connections.

So here’s to our smart kids!

Mini Temporary Wallpaper

I have a thing for children’ drawings (and paintings). There’s just something so “pure” and innocent about their drawings – and not to mention, cute.

Children don’t censor their artwork. They would just draw whatever they feel like drawing and their artwork is usually a reflection of their inner world.

My soon-to-be 5 year old girl loves drawing, just like any other kids. She would spend 30 minutes or so drawing houses, people, ponies, fairies, princesses, flowers and butterflies every single day. Sometimes 2-3 times a day. I even set up a table with some drawing supplies (papers, sketch books, crayons, color pencils) in their room so that she and her little sister could draw or scribble whenever they want.

But Ayra has never really painted a picture. Her paintings were usually just random splotches of colors and patterns… until today.

She was down with a fever this morning and slept until around 11 am. And when she woke up, the first thing she said to me was, “Mama, I want to do painting. Pleaseeee… But I don’t want to use hands, I want to use the brush”.

It was like she had an inspiration or something. A dream, maybe.

And so after lunch (she paksa me to gobble up my food. “C’mon mama, I want to do painting!”), I took out their painting supplies and rolled out the drawing paper on the floor. Ayra wasted no time painting her first picture.

It was a house. A pink house.

Then she painted a butterfly with polka dot wings. I was impressed! I couldn’t stop praising her paintings because she never really painted a “picture” before. I got so excited and took out my camera (mommies, right. Hehe). But Ayra was too busy in her own world and couldn’t be bothered with my excitement. She just rolled out more paper and continue to paint one picture after another….


A baby butterfly


A girl with a flower on her hair


Flower, tree, car, clouds, sun

And before you know it, she made one looonggg scroll of paintings. Almost 2.5 meters! It’s her biggest masterpiece by far (the drawing paper roll is from Ikea, by the way).


While her sis was busy painting pictures, Raina was busy painting her hands and the floor (last time she painted her face!).

In case you’re wondering what we did with the scroll painting (I mean, I couldn’t just throw it away now, could I)…

Wallpaper. Just what their bedroom needs. Hehe