Superhero Moment

There’s something magical that happens when you enter motherhood. Suddenly, BAM! Your inner superhero revealed herself. All the “powers” you never knew you possessed just sprang into action!

Ok, so we may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, or fight crimes on the street, or save thousands of people from atomic explosions, but we moms sure have our own super powers!

Don’t believe me?

Well as moms, we have so many responsibilities and we also hold so many job titles. We are the chef, the caretaker, the housekeeper, the chauffeur, the alarm clock, the teacher, the nurse, the handyman, the nutritionist, the laundry maid, the personal assistant, the photographer, the life coach, the event planner, the therapist, the wardrobe stylist, the personal shopper, and the list goes on. Sometimes we even do a few things at once. I mean, who else can feed the baby, reply an email and talk on the phone all at the same time? Heck, we can even go without sleep for days! I think that is some kind of a superhero power. *blows nails*




But what amazes me the most is the supersonic hearing that God has given to us moms (that, and the unconditional love we have for our kids even when they drive us crazy!).

You know, before becoming a mom, I was a very heavy sleeper. Alarms don’t wake me up, nor the loud banging on the door. My mom used to joke that even an earthquake won’t wake me up (it’s that serious)!

But now that I’m a mom, things have changed. I have changed. I have now become super alert and I can even hear the sound of a cry or a thud in the middle of the night, from the other room, with my supersonic hearing. It’s like a miracle! It must be a mom thing.

I am convinced that our alertness and strength may double or even triple when our children are in distress. It’s like we have a telepathic power that can sense when things are not right or something.

Like the other day, I was awaken by a faint sound from my kids’ room at around 3 o’clock in the morning. I went to check on them and saw my eldest child was shivering. I felt her forehead and sure enough she was burning up with fever. Turns out, she had tonsillitis and her temperature was quite high (39°C). 

I don’t think I really slept during those nights when my child was sick. I think I woke up every hour to check if her temperature spiked again, or whether she was breathing fine, or if she was too cold, or whether she needed a drink because she kept telling me her throat felt hot. And then came morning, I had to do my usual routine despite having a headache and backache from lack of sleep. Headache or not, mom duty must still go on (thank God for Panadol Actifast, an instant headache relief)!


IMG_3503Lunch in bed because she was too weak to move around.

Being a superhero mom is not about being a perfect mom. There’s no such thing! It’s about doing the best that you can for your children. Whether it’s looking after a sick child, or killing a cockroach with your bare foot to “save” your children from it (I cannot believe I actually did that – once), or fixing broken dolls, we are all superheroes in the eyes of our children.

We might not be anything to someone else, but to our children, we are everything!

When pain gets in the way

The other day, I woke up feeling fatigued with neck pain and a throbbing headache.

That wasn’t the first time tho. I’ve actually experienced this several times, and I noticed it usually happened when I had a looong day outside the house or when I stayed up really late the night before.

I hate waking up like that. If I don’t do anything about it, the pain would last the whole day and my day would be ruined.

I cannot cook for my family, I cannot do the laundry, I cannot do any housework, and most importantly, I cannot attend to my children’s needs properly. All I want to do is just sleep and rest without any interruptions until my headache subsides. But that is highly unlikely, especially if you’re a mother with no helper. Can you imagine attending to your 4-year-old’s cry with a pounding headache? Things can get really ugly and both of you could end up crying!

Sometimes I would even lose it and get snappy at my children for playing too loud or interrupting my rest with their petty little things.

Sigh… Poor my children. They just wanted my attention and I failed to give it to them because of my headache and I got mad at them instead. I feel like such a crappy mom! >_<

Now whenever I wake up with a headache, I know what I need to do. I need my Panadol Actifast. I need to treat it right away so that I can get back to my normal life, enjoying every precious moment with these two munchkins of mine….


IMG_0083Playing dress-up


IMG_6450Making a giant poster painting


IMG_6481Enjoying our ice-cream treat


IMG_6407Having a picnic in the front yard (or even indoor)


IMG_8754Goofing around and just having fun.


I won’t be able to enjoy these moments if I am sick or in pain, because pain can really get in the way of everything.

Aligned with Panadol’s recent campaign, let’s not sacrifice any pain with every small yet priceless moment with our children. Instead of ignoring the pain, choose to treat it so we could go back to our normal every day routines with the kids.

Did you know that Panadol Actifast is gentle even in an empty stomach, which absorbs twice as fast than regular paracetamol and leaves body naturally within 24 hours, besides being a safe and effective pain reliever?

If you’re in pain, don’t just suffer through the pain. Your children need you. They need their mommy to be healthy and happy again. Treat your pain, because when pain is gone, life takes its place. #LifeReplacesPain #PanadolActifst

Sisterly Love

A lot of people asked me how do my girls get along so well and have they ever fought with each other?

Haha. My girls are normal kids, guys. Of course they fight!

They usually fight verbally (girls, right) over petty things like… whose hair is longer, or who should become Twilight Sparkle, or when kakak doesn’t want to sit beside adik, or when Raina sang My Little Pony song wrongly… stuff like that.


Sheeshhh pening aku -___-’

But their squabbles and fights don’t last long. One minute they’re like Ultraman and raksasa (except this Ultraman and raksasa fought over which Lego Friends scene they should pretend-play), and the next minute they’re like BFFs, laughing and giggling away like nothing ever happened.

Like the other day, they were fighting over iPad and there were lots of screaming and crying involved. Apparently, one of them “ruined” Sofia’s bedroom because she colored the bed with the wrong color and didn’t put the right accessories or something (they were playing Sofia The First coloring game by the way).

5 minutes later, they came downstairs together and Ayra told me, “Mama, I like Raina. She’s my best friend foreverr!”.


I guess it’s normal for siblings to fight and squabble every now and then. But one thing I learned is not to blame only one child or assume things based on what you see without finding out what really happened. Listen to both sides of the story. Let each child explain and then only take necessary actions (advice and whatnot). Parents should be the peacemaker here!


IMG_2195Dresses from DVF ♥ babyGap collection, flats from Zara Girs


One time, I casually asked Ayra whether she loves her little sis and she said, “Yes, I love Raina. She’s so sweet and funny and she’s so silly”.

Then I asked Raina the same thing and she answered, “I love kakak because she so nice and like to teach me”.


These two can be really sweet with one another when they’re not fighting. I just love to see how they get along nicely. It never fails to warm my heart. I hope my girls will remain close (if not closer) when they’re older, insya-Allah.










I think parents play a very important role in helping nurture a good sibling relationship. I know it can get really tempting to compare your children with one another (I admit I used to do that too), but please please pleaseee avoid comparing siblings, especially in front of them. It’s a recipe for disaster that can lead to sibling rivalry. Nobody likes to be compared – I’m sure you don’t like it when somebody compares you with someone else so don’t do it, especially to your children. Everyone is different and has unique talents and abilities; so does your child.

When you compliment or praise one of your children, compliment the others as well. You don’t want your child to feel “superior” or appreciated more than his/her other siblings and you certainly don’t want your other child to feel, “Mom probably loves my brother more because he’s smart”. You want each of them to know that they are all special in their own ways and that you love them no matter what. Insya-Allah they will learn to appreciate and respect each other. I actually learned this from my MIL (somebody once complimented one of my girls and my MIL told that person, “Kalau puji sorang, kena la puji sorang lagi”) and I have been doing it ever since. The compliments don’t have to be the same. Like for example, when I told Ayra, “Your hair is beautiful. So straight and smooth, I like it”, I would also tell Raina that, “I like your curly hair. It looks fabulous”.

Whether it’s their appearances or their abilities, just try to find the best in every child and appreciate their differences. It’s what makes them unique!


IMG_2205The dynamic duo. Ayra the neat and independent one, and Raina the cool and funny one :)


I put my girls to bed as usual, last night. I read them a bedtime story, chatted for a bit about their day, recited a few surahs and du’a, hugged and kissed them good night.

Then Ayra asked me to urut her knee. And then Raina also requested me to urut hers as well (she likes to follow whatever her sister does hehe). So I sat on the floor, in between their beds and urut them – one hand massaging Ayra’s knee, and another hand massaging Raina’s knee.

I told them that when I get older and sakit, they would have to urut and take care of me as well, just like I did to them.

Raina replied ‘okay’, but Ayra was awfully quiet.

And then I heard her sob.
OMG. She cried!

“I don’t want you to get older and sakit, nanti you die and I don’t have mommy anymore”.

Ohh sweetheart…

I hugged her tightly and whispered that mama’s here and I’m not going to die yet (and okay, I cried a little).
I was so touched!

“If you love mama, you have to make du’a to Allah and ask Him to protect me and let me live long enough so I can be with you”, I said and gave her a kiss.

She nodded.

“I love you mama”.


I love you, sayang. Both of you, so very much.

O God, be kind to me through the survival of my children,
setting them right for me, and allowing me to enjoy them.
My God, make long their lives for me,
increase their terms, bring up the smallest for me,
strengthen the weakest for me,
rectify for me their bodies, their religious dedication, and their moral traits,
make them well in their souls, their limbs,
and everything that concerns me of their affair,
and pour out for me and upon my hand their provisions!
Make them pious, fearing, insightful, hearing,
and obedient toward Thee, loving and well-disposed toward Thy friends,
and stubbornly resistant and full of hate toward all Thy enemies! Amen!

O God, through them strengthen my arm,
straighten my burdened back, multiply my number,
adorn my presence, keep alive my mention,
suffice me when I am away, help me in my needs,
and make them loving toward me, affectionate, approaching, upright, obedient,
Never disobedient, disrespectful, opposed, or offenders!
Help me in their upbringing, their education, and my devotion toward them,
give me among them from Thyself male children,
make that a good for me, and make them a help for me in that which I ask from Thee!
Give me and my progeny refuge from the accursed Satan,
for Thou hast created us, commanded us, and prohibited us, and made us desire
the reward of what Thou hast commanded, and fear its punishment!



Ayra turns 5

My eldest girl turns 5 today. My sweet little girl, Ayra.

It’s amazing to see how much she has grown over the past few years. From a clingy baby/toddler who cries and whines A LOT to this independent little girl who washes her own cups and bowls. She’s a big girl now!

She likes helping around the house with simple tasks like cleaning up her room, arranging shoes and wiping any spills that she or her lil sis accidentally make. She’s also a caring big sister and I just love seeing the bond between her and her little sis – how they get along with each other, how she would help her little sis with just about anything when I have my hands full (getting dressed, suap makan, pour her drinks), how she would get mad when her little sis refused to wash hands and get cleaned after a messy chocolate treat because “Nanti kotor ants datang!” and how she would teach her little sis to do things like how to wear shoes and how to color properly. Senang cerita, she’s reliable (for her age) and I can depend on her. I guess that’s an eldest child thing?

Oh, but she still whines. Sometimes it even sounded like she’s nagging. And she sounded pretty much like me when she does that. Yikes.

I noticed that we have a lot of things in common other than the whining part. Her little sister may look a lot like me when I was little, but I think Ayra has my personality and characteristics. We’re both the eldest sister, we are fussy eaters (or at least I used to be one – just like her), we are shy and quiet around people, we like all things girly and pretty, we are somewhat neat freaks and some other things that shall not be spilled here. But she’s an early riser (that is so not me) and would always wake me up every weekend asking for breakfast.

Just like any girly girl, Ayra loves dressing up. Sometimes she even wears necklace and headband at home. And I can sense that she has a great taste in fashion for a 5-year-old! She knows how to match her accessories with her outfits that sometimes I would saja-saja ask for her opinion of which shawl goes well with my top or which dress is nicer, which bag to wear and whatnot (I used to do that with my sisters but now that we’re not living in the same house, I’m doing it with my daughter), and most of the time, she would choose the ones I like most. Haha. She’s like my little fashion buddy!



She has also shown a rather “serious” interest in drawings since earlier this year. I’d say serious, because she would draw for hours, every single day – whether at home, in the car, at the mall, restaurant, etc. Pen and papers are like her best friends now. And I’m more than happy to encourage that hobby of hers. Who knows maybe she would be a famous artist one day? Or you know, a fashion designer or an entrepreneur or whatever she wants to be.


Sigh. I still cannot believe how fast she’s grown… and to think that next year would be her last year as a pre-schooler kinda freaks me out a bit. Geez, could anyone please press a pause button for a sec? She’s growing up too fast!