Interview on Capital fm

I am slowly getting out of my comfort zone.

First, it was a live TV show. And then a live radio interview. Eeek!


When I first started blogging about a decade ago, I never thought that people would want to read my blog. The thought of appearing in the media had never ever crossed my mind. I was actually super duper shy and timid (ask my friends; I was known as “Iza the budak pendiam” in school and even uni) so this is like a big deal for someone so shy like me!

When Shah, my blog manager, called me to inform that Capital fm wanted to interview me, I was like….whatttt? Why meeee, of all the bloggers?! Haha. Ok la, I was terrified. Yes, TERRIFIED. You’d think I would be ok after my (short) appearance on TV3 the other day. I was not. Not really. Sure, people cannot see you on the radio but it was a 1-hour slot! Of course I was nervous. And I never liked the sound of my voice! >_<

I kept on bugging Shah about the interview. What will the questions be like? Are you sure they only wanna interview me and no one else? So I have to talk for an hour? Do you have the questions??? I feel like adding, Can you pretend to sound like me and go to the interview instead? Heee…. Chronic la aku ni. 😛

He was all cool and did his best to convince me that it will be alright blablabla. He even called me his son. =___=’




I didn’t know who was going to be interviewing me until that day when I arrived at Capital fm office. It was DJ Deb! We’ve met before at the Diva’s day out, some time ago (best day ever!) and she’s just so cute and bubbly! We had a little chat just before we went on air and that helped to calm me down a bit. But I was still nervous la. Can’t help it.



I was intimidated by this mic thingy. It’s so big and just right in my face as if saying, “Talk to me! Louder louder!”.

Before asking each question on air, Deb informed me about the next question that she was going to ask and I have already mentally prepared what I was going to say. It was actually just simple, straight-forward questions about blogging – how long I’ve been blogging, where I get my inspirations from, my favorite blogs, advice about blogging, etc. Simple, right! But when I was on air, I was a bit tongue-tied and couldn’t really say all the things that I wanted to say earlier, even tho Deb kept on saying I was doing fine. I guess people can’t really tell when I’m nervous because I wasn’t shaking or anything. But instead, my voice will be so soft and slow!

Despite being nervous and all, it was actually a great experience, really. And altho it was an hour slot, I didn’t talk the whole time (thank God for jam breaks and commercials)! I do feel like I could do better tho. Can someone tell me how not to be so shy and nervous?!

Right after the slot ended, Deb told me about her recent online shoe purchase from Sole Struck; a website I never knew about (I’m always excited to discover new shopping websites)!

A stunning pair of studded platforms!

And then we shared a bit about online shopping and our love for shoes, and I even introduced her to where I got my Betsey Johnsons heels. Ahh…there’s nothing like bonding over shoes! 😀

My first time on TV

OMG guys, I was on a live TV show last Monday! 😯

I had been EXTREMELY nervous since a week before the show actually. It was just a 6-minute segment in Wanita Hari Ini (TV3), but still, for someone who is a 3P (pemalu-penakut-pendiam), that is a big deal! Dah la live pulak tu, mati aku. And the thought of camera adds 10 pounds isn’t helping either. I even thought of inventing a disease at the last minute, but I remembered reading about facing your fears in one of those personal development books. I told myself that I just gotta do it! Not for fame, but to prove to myself that I can overcome my fear. Plus, I won’t be alone on the show – Kak Jem (Viruspadu) was also a guest. Yay, ada kawan! 😀

We were told not to wear white, anything stripey, polka-dots or checkered because those will cause a distracting wavy effect on TV screens. I actually wanted to wear royal blue, but I could only find navy-colored blouses (of course I had to shop for new clothes, duh).


Settled for a simple navy blouse from Forever21 and Tie Rack scarf


With Kak Jem, waiting for our segment. (I was sitting beside Datuk Tom Abang Saufi’s pink Birkin!)

Our segment is the “6 minit sihat bersama Nestle” and it was scheduled to go live at 12.30 noon. We managed to watch the segment before ours, which featured Datuk Tom Abang Saufi and her ready-to-wear collection. For a moment, I wasn’t that nervous and jittery, watching the hosts interviewing Datuk Tom and her daughter. It didn’t seem scary at all!

But when it was finally our turn, when we were actually on the set, about to go live, I started to be nervous again.

Oh wow, the lights are so bright, I think I’m going blind.
Hey, did they just add more cameras? I thought there were only 2.
I just hope I don’t fart during the show. Please, God, no.
Oh crap, I don’t wanna sit at the far end!

And before I knew it, we went live!
And no, I didn’t fart. Thank God.


Oh hello, that’s me (with what looked like a rugby player’s arms)


Alhamdulillah, it went smoothly, except for a teeny part when one of the hosts, Rena, asked me a question that was supposed to be for the other host. Haha. Nasib baik Fiza (the other host) cover balik! Even tho I was so nervous, I think I did ok. It was my first time after all! It did felt like the longest 6 minutes of my life, but when I think about it again, it really wasn’t that bad. I feel lucky to be selected to be on the show, even if it was just for 6 minutes.

Anyway, the “6 minit sihat bersama Nestle” is actually a 4-episodes segment in Wanita Hari Ini that started on the 30th August 2012. Ours was the final episode, entitled Tip-tip Ibu Bijak, which also summarizes the previous episodes. Mothers play a big role when it comes to feeding the family because she is the one who usually shops, cooks and serves food for her family. And I am concern about what my family eats, which is why I do my best to cook healthy food on most days. There are a lot of tips about healthy eating, and during the show, Kak Jem and I talked a few – she talked about food labels and yours truly talked about portion sizing.

The ideal portion size (saiz hidangan ideal) is actually the amount of food that you should eat in a meal. Like for example, for my kids’ breakfast, they usually eat a small bowl of NESTLE KOKO KRUNCH breakfast cereal with a glass of fresh milk and a fruit (either a banana or an apple). As for me and my husband, we normally drink a glass of protein shake or a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, but sometimes when we go out, we’d opt for a set of toast + an egg + a glass of orange juice, or a piece of roti canai with curry.

I admit that it’s a lot harder to control your portion size when you eat outside (especially when you’re hungry and everything looks yummy), but I’ve learned that it’s always best to stick to the ideal portion size. The same applies for lunch and dinner. When you follow the ideal portion size, you won’t overeat and it will ensure that you have enough energy so that you don’t feel sluggish all day. Always ask yourself, “Is this good for me?” before buying or eating anything. Remember, Good Food is the foundation of Good Life!

If you want more tips about healthy eating, you can hop on to

If you missed the episode on Wanita Hari Ini, you can watch it at (but you have to register first to watch)!


“Mama on TV!”

"Obsesi Terhadap Kasut…"

My blog was featured in Remaja magazine in the 15th August issue.

When I saw that page, I suddenly remembered that I still haven’t worn those three pairs of shoes which I bought like ages ago. Two of them are safely tucked in their shoe boxes, still in the paper bag! Takpe, lepas habis pantang boleh sambung pakai high-heels.

Or yes, they can be my Raya shoes (except that I would still be in confinement masa Raya. *sigh*).

In the mean time, I’m giving those tootsies of mine a little rest in this Mary-Jane slippers-cum-socks that I bought recently from Old Navy. I feel cute wearing ’em. Like a baby. Well it looks like a pair of baby booties, no?

I love that it has a buttoned strap on each slipper – cute! And it’s so cuddly and oh-so-comfy, it’s almost like walking on a cat’s fur!

50 Blog Terbaik Malaysia Pilihan InTrend

Check out InTrend’s choice of “50 Blog Terbaik Malaysia” in their March 2010 issue.

There are 5 categories which includes Fashionista, Cahaya Mata, Perkahwinan, Usahawan Muda and Pereka Fesyen.Apparently, yours truly’s blog is listed in the best Fashionista blog, alongside Hanis Zalikha, Tongue in Chic and a few others. Coolness! I think I’m the only “mak orang” in the list. Huhu.