Because moms need time-outs too

“To be a good mom, you need to be a happy woman first”.

Hot stone massage. Facial. Sushi. Movie. Desserts. Girlfriends.

Hope y’all had a great weekend too! 🙂

The perfect birthday present. Or so I thought.

I was saving up to buy myself something big for my birthday this year.

An elliptical machine.

I am a full-time breastfeeding mom and I get hungry all the time so it’s very very challenging to watch what I eat. Everything looks yummy when you’re so hungry. I’m not one of those lucky moms who can shed a lot while breastfeeding (not fair ok), so I thought maybe I could start exercising instead. But I would need an exercise machine to help me with that. The elliptical machine seemed perfect.

I could imagine waking up early every day, have my breakfast shake and start working out while watching Glee or something. Or do you workout first and then only have your breakfast? Either way, it’d be fun! Maybe I would start making exercise as my daily routine! Gosh, just thinking about it makes me so bersemangat!

My husband doesn’t agree with the idea of buying that exercise machine tho. He doubts I would really use it because I had never exercised in my whole life! Gee thanks for the encouragement, hun. I guess having a gym in our dream home is out of the question then?

He suggested I do simple exercises on my own like sit-ups and stuff. *yawn*

And then he gave me this link.

Do not buy a bulky and expensive home gym contraption. Do not buy a bulky and expensive cardio machine. The vast majority of people who buy expensive home exercise equipment never use it, and the equipment ends up being used as a very expensive coat rack, or just collecting dust in the basement or garage. So save yourself a small fortune and avoid buying any expensive home exercise equipment because chances are that you’ll never use it.


Maybe I’ll just buy myself an oven instead.

And dumbbells.

That doesn’t count as exercise machine, does it?

p/s: Despite being discouraging about the elliptical machine, my husband gave me the perfect birthday present – my dream bag! Well, one of my dream bags ;p


I think I’m starting to like Glee.

And it’s all because of this – the song, the guy, the girl.

So. Freakin’. Charming.

Here’s another favorite of mine – Baby. Glee’s version is so much better (and cuter!) than Justin Bieber’s.

Tiba-tiba aku suka gila lagu Justin Bieber! LOL.

10 Random Things I Want To Do

1. Go on a holiday trip with my girlfriends

2. Go up on a hot air balloon

3. Horseback riding

4. Eat gourmet food for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the entire week

5. Start my own clothing line

6. Cook a romantic 3 course meal for my husband

7. Ride a tandem bicycle

8. Take dancing lessons

9. Take a limo ride

10. Visit a chocolate factory

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A Mommy’s Wish List

Deep freezer – because there is no space left for my EBM in my current freezer.

Tandem stroller – because I have a toddler and a baby.

Waffle maker – because I want to make my own waffles instead of buying them.

Petunia Pickle Bottom baby bag – because one bag is not enough!

Elliptical exercise machine – because I cannot go on a diet (breastfeeding) so I need to exercise
and this looks more fun than a treadmill! ;p