Surprise Mini Anniversary Getaway

Last Saturday, February 16th, marked our 5th wedding anniversary. I know this sounds very cliche, but really, how time flies!

I still remember clearly talking to this guy whom I barely know on the telephone for the first time (he was studying in the U.S at that time). He was actually my friend’s friend. My friend gave him my number because her phone battery just “magically” died (yeah right la. Haha). And suddenly here we are, already been married for 5 years and have 2 kids! How did that happen? (Umm no, don’t answer that).


Look how young and kurus we were back then. Sigh.

Anyways… My husband planned a mini romantic getaway for our anniversary. It was really so sweet of him! A week before our anniversary, my husband asked me where I wanted to go to celebrate our anniversary and I just told him to surprise me because I didn’t want to sound demanding – and because I knew Paris, Maldives or even Bali was out of the list. I almost wanted to suggest him to just get me a bag or shoes or something. Heh.

A day before our anniversary, I told my girls that they will be staying at their Atok and Wan’s place for a night.

“Tomorrow Ayra and Raina will stay at Wan and Atok’s house, okay. There will be bibik, aunty Wani and uncle Aizat too”.

Ayra was excited. “Yay! We going to Wan’s house!”.

I also told them that Atok bought Barbie Princess Popstar for each of them and Ayra was even more excited.

And then she asked whether we would be staying there too. I told her no, mama and walid have wedding anniversary. She said, “Wow, that’s amazing!”. When I asked her whether she knows what wedding anniversary is, she just said no. Haha. What a cutie!

I had no clue where my husband was taking me. I only knew that we were going to spend the night at a hotel, so imagine my surprise and excitement when we arrived at Villa Samadhi!


The villa is a perfect place for a romantic retreat, located right in the middle of the city (just a few minutes away from KLCC). It almost felt like we were in Bali. It was just perfect!



We stayed at the Luxe Crib and the room is very spacious with a waist-high bed.

There’s a big jacuzzi in the bathroom and a hee-ugee rain shower that could probably fit 3 people.

The staff were friendly too. Upon arriving, the staff were already waiting to pick up our luggage, and then we were given welcome drinks (lemongrass juice). My only complaint would be the bathroom lighting. I know it’s supposed to be romantic and everything hence the dimmed lights, but I could hardly see my reflection in the mirror. So hard to do my makeup! Ahh the little things I’m concerned about. Hehe.


Complimentary drinks and Villa Samadhi’s homemade cookies in the room


There’s even complimentary chocolates, placed on the bed.

Right after checking in, we headed to KLCC for lunch. My husband also booked a movie at 4pm because we haven’t been to the cinema in ages (that’s normal when you’re a parent).

Wearing L’adorn shawl, MNG dress/tunic, Zara chain belt, Zara pants and Forever 21 wedges

Had lunch at Yuzu (my treat!). First time tasting mango sushi (the yellow one). So nice!

I was happy with my food, really.

That night my husband asked where I wanted to have dinner. I had no idea. My cravings for sushi were already satisfied at lunch earlier that I didn’t mind where and what to have for dinner. He suggested Saloma Bistro. We had never been there so we decided to give it a try.

Wearing Mimpikita ♥ FashionValet peplum top, Tie Rack scarf and my favorite Zara heels.

The heels are actually a tad loose even after putting gel cushions (it’s half size bigger), but whatever. I still love em.

I was actually expecting the interior of Saloma Bistro to be very traditional, with kerawang and all that because it serves Malay cuisine. When we arrived, I was puzzled. Are we at a wedding or something? Because the table setting looks pretty much like the ones we see at weddings! You know, round tables, chairs covered in cloths and tied with big bows, and a stage in the middle. We honestly thought we went to the wrong hall.

My husband said we could still leave and go eat somewhere else if I wanted to (he suggested Mandarin Oriental) but I said it was fine. We were there already! Plus, it wasn’t easy walking in my loose heels, but of course I didn’t tell him that (I told him once and he asked why on earth would I wear an uncomfortable shoes. Men just don’t get it). And so we stayed and had our dinner there.

The food was not bad, but it was nothing to shout about either. It still felt like we were at a wedding! It’s buffet style with mostly local cuisine and a few international ones. There was a 1-hour cultural dance performance too, and it was quite enjoyable (tarian Zapin comel la). We had a good laugh because we were the only Malaysian there! Everyone else were tourists. My husband even said, “Rasa macam kat Malaysia” while watching the performance. When I asked him where did he think we were, he said Bali. Haha. Yeah, we were kinda like in Bali earlier. 😛

Breakfast the next morning (buffet only for starters)

We chose Eggs Benedict from the A la Carte menu

Nice place to chill out, reading books

Or you know, reading your Twitter timeline.

And then our little getaway was over.

(I’m wearing MNG lime-colored shirt and Tie Rack scarf that I bought on our honeymoon 5 years ago!)

It’s really nice to be able to spend some time off from being “Daddy and Mommy”, and just be “Husband and Wife” for a while. I hope we can do this every year!

5 Things Women Want to Hear from their Husbands

  • “You don’t need to cook tonight. I’ll make us dinner and do the dishes”.
  • “Here’s RM1,000. Go buy that Zara tops and shoes that you have been eyeing on”.
  • “Let me look after the kids. You go have some rest”.
  • “I love your ____ (insert whatever things you love about her. Eg: smile, hair, eyes, laugh, etc)“.
  • “You’re the best wife a man could ever have”.

Messy Desktop

Was nagged by my husband for having a “messy” desktop.


He said my desktop is cluttered and disorganized, and that I should sort out the files and folder, clear the unnecessary ones just like his, blablabla.

Sheeesh. Look who’s nagging about being messy! 😕


If only his closet is as organized as his computer desktop. 🙄

What Women Want in Marriage

I read this article on my sister’s blog some time ago and want to share it here because as a woman and a wife myself, I couldn’t agree more. It’s what every woman wants and what every husband should at least know and do their best to be one.
Women get married to find a special friend. They want someone who will…
  • Share their secrets
  • Laugh and joke with them
  • Love them unconditionally
  • Cherish and adore them while being romantic
  • Making them feel beautiful
She wants a man strong in his deen. Someone who can stand up and take the responsibility of the household, and help raise their children in accordance with Islam.


They want someone who will be attracted to them emotionally through their personality, and attracted to them through their bodies. A woman wants a partner who will strive together with her through this life. Laughing and rejoicing through the good times. Sticking by each other and supporting each other through the bad times. A woman wants her husband to be her friend, companion and her soulmate.


Any good husband MUST realize that a woman’s primary need is EMOTIONAL. He must take into account the prophetic tradition. And strive to be the BEST to his wife. He must take care of their wives and this entails treating them with love and respect, and striving to make them happy as men have been assigned this responsibility by Allah. If a husband can fulfill his wife’s primary needs, not only Allah would reward him, but his wife will definitely be content with him, and together the couple’s life will be more harmonious.


When a woman’s needs are fulfilled, she will be MORE willing to fulfill her husband’s needs. The BEST way to satisfy a woman’s emotional needs is to LISTEN to her and respond to her with COMPASSION. By listening to her intently, with your undivided attention, and taking a genuine interest in what she has to say, she will feel loved, cherished and important. And men must realize that when she approaches you with her problems, she doesn’t necessarily want solutions, she just wants a sympathy and understanding.

To have a successful relationship, both must understand each other’s needs. A husband must take into account that a woman’s needs and expectations are different than a man’s, and vice versa. If a woman and man finds a complete, fulfilling relationship, it is then that…a great intimacy for both has been achieved!
“When a woman’s needs are fulfilled, she will be more willing to fulfill her husband’s needs” —-> Don’t we all agree with this, women? It’s kinda like, “you get what you give”. If you give good, you’ll get good in return. If you treat your wife badly, she might refuse to fulfill your needs or treat you well. Memang isteri wajib patuh arahan suami selagi tak bercanggah dengan Islam but women are only human. Women have emotions too and not to mention, mood swings, PMS, menopause, etc etc. A wife is always willing to pattern her husband’s attitudes so the next time your wife is giving you the silent treatment or if something is wrong with your marriage, ask yourself what have you done (or what have you not done) instead of blaming her. There’s always a reason why she’s acting the way she is.


When you are loving, compassionate, understanding and able to provide with your wife’s emotional needs (as well as other things), she will be content with you and be willing to provide you with your needs and do her duties as a wife. Senang cerita, treat your wife the way you would like to be treated. Even the Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “The most perfect Muslim in the matter of faith is one who has excellent behavior; and the best among you are those who behave best towards their wives”.


So men, treat your women right! It’s among the greatest responsibilities that has been placed upon you. After all, don’t you men want to be the dream guy – the “Mr. Right” for your partner?
Be a man! (mimicking Russell Peters). Be the man.


Hi Si Com, I love you! 🙂

Candle light dinner at home

I made a surprise candle light dinner for my husband on his birthday last week!

I have been wanting to do a romantic candle light dinner for my husband ever since we first got married, and only managed to do so after 4 years! I only planned the surprise dinner 2 days earlier (what food to serve, the table setting, etc), and only bought all the groceries on that day itself! His birthday falls on last Wednesday and he usually gets back home at around 8pm so I thought it was a perfect timing (I could prepare everything while he’s at work without him suspecting anything).

Right after Ayra went to school that day, I quickly got ready and went to Subang Parade with Raina. It was 1pm. I had never went grocery alone with my toddler! But it turned out well. Raina behaved the whole time, sitting nicely and quietly in the trolley. But I was panicking! Dalam otak I kept on budgetting what time I need to start cooking, which dish should I make first, when to start plating, when to set the table, would there be enough time to prepare everything, etc etc. It was my first time doing a surprise birthday dinner for my husband and I was afraid it would turn out not the way I planned. And it was only for my husband! I cannot imagine the stress and panic attack I’d have if I were to serve like, 10 guests or more. Now I know how my mom feels when she’s hosting a makan-makan!

Anyway, we arrived home at 3.30pm. I only started preparing the meals at 4pm. I had 3 hours to prepare a 3-course dinner for 2 and a cake. I certainly don’t have time for a burnt chicken or any cooking disaster!

I started doing the dessert first because it needs to be chilled before serving. I made Cheesecake In A Glass (Nigella Lawson) because that’s my husband’s favorite, and because it’s super easy and looks so nice. Then I made the appetizer – Shrimp and Avocado salad – except without the avocado. My avocado wasn’t riped enough so I had to skip it! Next I made the main course, which is Tarragon Chicken, also Nigella Lawson recipe. It was my first time making this chicken dish and also my first time using tarragon in a dish. And lastly, I made the cake. I didn’t make it from scratch tho because of my experience with baking cakes last time so I used a cake mix instead. Wasn’t actually planning to make a cake because we already have desserts but Ayra insisted. She kept on saying, “Birthday cake! Candles!”. I didn’t want to disappoint her. Besides, what’s a birthday without a cake, ey?

And then it was 7pm. Yikes!

I was so busy in the kitchen that I wasn’t aware of the mess that my girls made in the dining and living room! They scattered clothes on the floor, tissues, took out my cooking utensils, pots and pans and spread Nutella all over their hands, faces and dining table! Nooo!!! I wasted no time cleaning and tidying up everything. I set the table and took the girls upstairs to get ready. No time to shower! I changed into a dress, put on a little makeup, brush my hair a little, sprayed some perfume. I even dressed up my girls in their going-out dresses.

7.40pm. My husband will be back anytime now! I started plating the appetizers. And then I remembered something. Drinks!!! I totally forgot about our drinks! I quickly threw in orange juice, strawberries, lemon juice and some ice cubes in the blender without thinking much. Done. Phew!

And then I heard a car outside. It was him! The house was completely dark except for the lights from the candles on the dining table. We hid behind the wall in the living room and I told my girls to keep quiet and only shout “Surprise, happy birthday!” when daddy opens the door. But I guess kids don’t know how a surprise works. As soon as my husband opened the gate, Ayra ran to the sliding door and shouted, “There it is! Surprise! Happy birthday!”. Hahaha. Adoiii!

I don’t think my husband heard her tho. I grabbed her before she made her way to the door and covered her mouth with my hand but she started to giggle. I told her to wait, but she kept on giggling, and then Raina also giggled and I couldn’t help but to join in as well because it was funny! I think my husband heard our giggles. He opened the door and we shouted, “Surprise, happy birthday!”. He was all smiles. And then Ayra asked for her birthday present. Hahaha.

Appetizer: Shrimp salad (without avocado).
Tasty and succulent shrimps.

Main course: Tarragon Chicken.
Absolutely delicious! The best chicken dish I’ve made so far, I think.

Even my picky eater finished her portion! That is something very rare.

Dessert: Cheesecake In a Glass.
Mmmm! (We both had 2 glasses each).

Orange-strawberry drinks.
Dah buat, lupa nak serve, boleh? ;p

Birthday cake: Devil’s Food Cake with homemade chocolate ganache on top
(it’s actually a heart-shaped cake but I don’t think you can really see it the picture)

Overall, I think it was a success! No cooking disaster, thank God!

Oh here’s a birthday card I got for my husband.

Heh heh.