Mini Temporary Wallpaper

I have a thing for children’ drawings (and paintings). There’s just something so “pure” and innocent about their drawings – and not to mention, cute.

Children don’t censor their artwork. They would just draw whatever they feel like drawing and their artwork is usually a reflection of their inner world.

My soon-to-be 5 year old girl loves drawing, just like any other kids. She would spend 30 minutes or so drawing houses, people, ponies, fairies, princesses, flowers and butterflies every single day. Sometimes 2-3 times a day. I even set up a table with some drawing supplies (papers, sketch books, crayons, color pencils) in their room so that she and her little sister could draw or scribble whenever they want.

But Ayra has never really painted a picture. Her paintings were usually just random splotches of colors and patterns… until today.

She was down with a fever this morning and slept until around 11 am. And when she woke up, the first thing she said to me was, “Mama, I want to do painting. Pleaseeee… But I don’t want to use hands, I want to use the brush”.

It was like she had an inspiration or something. A dream, maybe.

And so after lunch (she paksa me to gobble up my food. “C’mon mama, I want to do painting!”), I took out their painting supplies and rolled out the drawing paper on the floor. Ayra wasted no time painting her first picture.

It was a house. A pink house.

Then she painted a butterfly with polka dot wings. I was impressed! I couldn’t stop praising her paintings because she never really painted a “picture” before. I got so excited and took out my camera (mommies, right. Hehe). But Ayra was too busy in her own world and couldn’t be bothered with my excitement. She just rolled out more paper and continue to paint one picture after another….


A baby butterfly


A girl with a flower on her hair


Flower, tree, car, clouds, sun

And before you know it, she made one looonggg scroll of paintings. Almost 2.5 meters! It’s her biggest masterpiece by far (the drawing paper roll is from Ikea, by the way).


While her sis was busy painting pictures, Raina was busy painting her hands and the floor (last time she painted her face!).

In case you’re wondering what we did with the scroll painting (I mean, I couldn’t just throw it away now, could I)…

Wallpaper. Just what their bedroom needs. Hehe

Kids’ Play Corner

My girls used to have their own play room, but we decided to turn it into their bedroom about a few months ago. Finaaaally we can have the bed all to ourselves! We had been sleeping like sardines every night for the past 4 years. Can you imagine all four of us on a queen size bed? Ok la, most of the time Ayra slept in the cot but 3 is still sempit.

I remember waking up almost every day to the sight of Raina’s foot right in front of my face. My husband lagi kesian + kelakar. Raina would just flop herself on top of my husband while she was still sleeping, like a neck scarf. Hehe. They’re too big to be sharing bed with us now!

The first thing we did was…. furniture shopping! We bought children’s beds and storage furniture from Ikea – everything is smaller and sooo cute! Setting up the bedroom and decorating it was so much fun. I keep on wanting to add this and that to their bedroom that my husband thinks I’m obsessed. Well, how could I not be obsessed? I had been dreaming of having a girly room for my daughter(s) ever since I was pregnant with my first child (I didn’t know I was having a girl at the time) and this is my chance. And it didn’t help that children’s furniture and accessories are so darn cute (have you seen Pottery Barn Kids? Everything is just ridiculously cute, I want to cry)!

The size of their bedroom is just nice for two, but since it is not a play room anymore, it could only mean one thing: smaller space for their toys. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of keeping their toys in their bedroom because I can imagine that the toys would end up everywhere in the room, just like in their play room previously and it would drive me crazy. But we don’t have a spare room just for their toys so I decided to set up a play corner in their bedroom by the window.


And because of the smaller playing area, we had to give away half of their toys.

We also kept some of their remaining toys in the store room because I remember one of the speakers at a parenting conference I attended some time ago said that children should have no more than 6 sets of toys at one time (for example: Lego set, cooking set, doll set, Play-Doh set, puzzles, musical instruments and nothing more).

My MIL also told me that she used to alternately hide some of my husband’s and his siblings’ toys when they were little, and only took them out after a couple of months. They got excited seeing their “new toys” every few months, and that is what I’m doing with my girls. My girls have 7 dollhouses and castles; I’m hiding 4 of them. We probably need to give away some of their old ones because they keep on getting dollhouses as presents! Hehe.

I also learned a few things about toy organizing at the conference. One of them is that toys should to be kept in shelves or racks rather than one big toy chest because it would be tempting to just dump everything inside, which would only create chaos later on as kids would end up taking out everything from the toy chest just to find the toys they wanted to play with.

But if you already have a big toy chest, you could place boxes, baskets or any small storage in there to separate their toys, which is what I did. I find it very helpful especially when it comes to toy sets like Legos, baby doll accessories, dollhouse furniture, kitchen/cooking sets, My Little Pony set and so on. This way, my girls would only take out the toys from the box that they want to play with and the set won’t go missing or mix with other toy sets. It would be even better if you could label the boxes so your kids would know which toy goes in which box. Maybe I should do that too.


Another thing I learned is to place the shelves and racks within your children’s reach. It is not only easier for them to take their toys, but it’s also easier for them to clean up on their own without adult’s help.

Speaking of cleaning up, Ayra is always the one who would clean up their toys after playing and she doesn’t seem to mind that her little sis doesn’t help her. I guess it’s a “big sister” thing? She even has her own way of organizing her toys especially her kitchen. Kalau ubah cara dia susun alatan memasak dan makanan, mesti dia marah! Guess she got that from me. 😛

The Apartment Style Edition

My mum and I have a few things in common – love for good food and interior design are some of them.

My mum is a great cook; there’s no doubt about that. But she also has a good eye (and she’s a very detailed person) when it comes to interior design, that even her interior designer said so. She knows how a modern contemporary design should look like (everything must be straight line, simple deco, no crown moldings nor carved woodwork or anything with kerawang), how to mix and match different furniture, wall colors, lighting, which art painting should go in the living room, etc etc.

I may not know the different types of kitchen worktops like she does, but I love looking at various interior designs for inspirations (and daydreaming). 😀

Here are some photos taken at one of the showhouses we went in Shah Alam. Love the monochrome-with-a-splash-of-color theme!




Besides showrooms/showhouses, I also love getting interior design inspirations from magazines, catalogs, websites and even furniture shops, but the best would be TV shows because you get to see the process of how a room is being decorated!

The Apartment Style Edition is a reality TV show that premiers 8 teams of amateur designers. Every week there will be one room to design from scratch within a time frame, and each team needs to showcase their creativity and innovation according to the key theme to impress the judges. They need to go shopping for furniture, assemble them, paint the walls and do everything on their own. I just love watching the whole process when it comes to home makeovers – before, during and after. It’s inspiring!


The show is hosted by Jamie Durie, one of the most well-renowned interior designers in the world, who is also a best-selling author of 9 books. He mentors and guides the 8 contestants, pushing them to their limits, alongside UK’s favorite interior designer, Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen who is the judge of the show.

The contestants are from different backgrounds all across Asia and it’s interesting to watch how they deal with one another and handle challenges, despite their different personalities.


They are all battling for the ultimate prize, which is a luxurious apartment at The Veo, courtesy of Sime Darby Property (also the co-creator of the show). It is the biggest prize in design television history that would definitely change their life forever! A mortgage-free future; it’s everyone’s dream!


#TheVeo luxury apartment

They even created a cool game app where you could unleash your decor skill by decorating your virtual apartment and you could win awesome prizes such as LED TV, RM1,000 furniture vouchers, 2 nights stay at PNB Darby Park Studio Apartment and many more prizes worth over RM25,000!


You can change the floor finishing, wall color, add furniture and toggle/resize them however you like. Here’s what I managed to come up so far:

Obviously it’s not completed yet. There are premium items which are “locked” and you can unlock weekly items by tuning in to The Apartment Style Edition every Thursday at 9.30pm on Star World Channel 711.

You can also vote for your favorite designs on the Showcase tab (mine is Nurul Iza Hamid. Vote for me guys! :P).

Start decorating your apartment now at

New Shoe Cabinet

Finally… a bigger shoe cabinet that can fit all my shoes!


I had been storing half of my shoe collection in the store room for months (inside their boxes, of course) and now they finally get to see the world again. Unfortunately, I also realized some of them no longer fit me well so I had to let them go. And also because I need some space for my new shoes (which have yet to arrive)!

Check out my shop for my pre-loved shoes!

I’m also giving discounts on all the remaining baby clothing and shoes at my shop here.

Happy shopping! 🙂

DIY Bag Storage

Keeping bags in their own dust bags and boxes might be the safest and most protective way to store your bags, but it’s also the most leceh way. I used to keep my bags in dust bags and some in their boxes as well. It’s impractical, really. Empty bag, put bag inside dust bag, then put inside box, then place box in wardrobe. And then when I want to use it again, I have to take it out from the wardrobe, the box and the dust bag. So many steps just for a bag that I couldn’t be bothered anymore. Sometimes I even forget what bag I have because they were all hidden inside their dust bags and boxes that I keep on wearing the same one whenever I go out (not that I have many bags).

I wish I have a special display cabinet for my bags (and shoes) so that I can see everything and grab them within seconds. Or at least somewhere to hang them. Then I came across a few bag storage ideas on (so many cool stuff in there! DIYs, decorating, before-after, etc) and I was inspired by this. There is an empty compartment at the bottom part of my wardrobe where I put all my bags (in their dust bags and boxes) and I could easily turn it into a proper bag storage!

So I went to Giant yesterday and bought a few hooks that are big enough to hold bag handles (make sure they are heavy duty hooks because some bags can be heavy) and just stick them horizontally at the bottom of the shelf like this.



It’s so practical, I can easily see and grab my bags!


Could only fit half of my bags, but that’s ok (I’ll figure out how to store the rest of my bags. Or maybe I’ll let go some that I don’t use anymore). It looks so much neater than before! I wish I took a before picture, but you can just imagine it lah – boxes and dust bags all piled up in that small compartment. Macam sardin!