Herbalife Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Progress: Part Two

So I weighed myself yesterday and was smiling from ear to ear when I saw the numbers on my scale. I lost another 1.1 kg since the last time I weighed myself, which makes me weighing at 54.6 kg!

Body weight

To date I’ve lost a total of 2.4 kg since first starting my weight loss program – which was about 2 weeks ago. I’m so haaaaaappyyy!

And not only that, my body fat has also decreased from 35.2% to 32.6%. According to the Tanita scale, anything above 29.6% is considered obese in terms of body fat percentage (even tho your body weight or BMI doesn’t indicate that you are) so obviously I have a lot more that I need to get rid off. But at least I’m making a good progress, no?


Body fat %

If you’ve been following my Herbalife success stories before I got married, then you’d probably remember this entry where I mentioned about Basal Metabolic Age (BMA).

A metabolic age number younger than your chronological age generally means that you are fitter and in better health than the average, the lower the age the better in shape you are. An older metabolic age points towards being less healthy and fit than your peers and if it’s much older than your chronological age, this should be considered a wake-up call. (Source)

In plain English, BMA is kind of like the age level your body is functioning at and let me tell you – it’s the scariest part of the whole body analysis thing! Imagine your body functioning like a 40-year old when you’re not even 30! Well that is was me. It’s no wonder why I’m always lack of energy – my body is wayyy older than it should be. Not good!

When I first took Herbalife a couple of years ago, my BMA was 25. It was slightly older than my real age. If I’m not mistaken, I was about 53kg at that time. Then after losing a lot of weight and body fat, my BMA improved tremendously. I was 24 years old when I weighed 45kg, and my BMA was 17! I was fit and in great health with the help of Herbalife.

Fast-forward to after I had given birth: my BMA was 41, no kidding! I gained weight, I ate whatever my heart desires, I did not practice good eating habit and lifestyle. In fact, my BMA remained 41 until recently when I started my weight loss program. So yesterday after about 2 weeks of consistently taking Herbalife shake and tea…



Dah muda sikit! ;p

Anyways, my short-term goal is to weigh 53kg before Raya. I have 2 more weeks to achieve that!

Herbalife Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Progress: Part One

I weighed myself on the third day of fasting and couldn’t believe my eyes. The numbers on my Tanita scaleshowed55.9kg! I was 57kg, remember? 🙂

I know I wasn’t suppose to weigh myself again until one more week but I did so yesterday (I was so curious) and the scale read 55.7kg! I’ve lost 1.3kg and it’s not even a week yet. W00t! Aaaand I also lost 1 inch from both my bum and waist. Double w00t!!! Ini membuatkan saya lebih bersemangat!

Anyways, I have been meaning to share one of my current Herbalife customers’ testimonials since a few weeks ago. So here they are:

Hi there Iza,

Thanks so much for the guidelines!!!
Proud to say that I have officially started my program today!!! Yippeee!!!
Had the shakes for lunch and dinner, and the tea as well… But i must say that the shakes really made me full… After having it for lunch (oh btw i was bz today so i just mix it with plain water), i felt so kenyang as if makan nasi goreng 2 pinggan… Amaaaazing!!! And then after drinking the tea yes yes as u said, i asyik pergi toilet je, totally felt like my body is cleansed… And u were right bout that energizing thing… Had them after i got home from a dinner party… X boleh nk tido..
Anyways, just wanna share with u dat my first day of starting the Herbalife diet.. I already see some changes in my eating habits… Went to dat bbq dinner party.. So many good food and desserts, assortments of cakes n chocs, and i was just too full after taking the shakes, i just makan few bites je then dah x larat… I mean like, wow… I lurrrve eating cakes, chocs, cookies n all dat, tapi tadi sikit punx terliur… If i can b like this forever, bagus kan?


As suggested in ur earlier email, I did write down my weight and measurements in the progress charts that u sent me… I started the program 24 July 2009 kan… Now it’s 26th kan… And jeng jeng jeng… I actually lost 1 inch from waist, 0.5 inch from thighs, and 0.5 kg… In 2 days… I actually melompat2 in my room ok after measuring myself…. And yes, I do enjoy the shakes so much (except my first day tu I just mix it with plain water kan cos I was really bz with the bbq party)

Semalam I mix the F1 shake with some ice cubes, banana, green apple and honey sikit, and I blend it… Sedaaap sangat… Hihiii
And then I also tried adding banana, red apple and wholegrain almond and banana cereal… Ok jugak tapi teramatlah filling…
Tomorrow I dah plan nak pegi Jusco beli Soyfresh to make the shake recipes macam dalam blog Iza tu… Hihiii

…just wanna update kat u… After a week of consuming the products, I can proudly say… I’ve lost 2 inches from waist, hips, butt and 1 inch from thighs!!!! And I lost 1.5 kg, alhamdulillah…

Not only that Iza, my gastrik problem pun solved… I dah x pedih2 perut or masuk angin lagi… Now I feel healthy… Even became a more disciplined person… Not even craving for unhealthy food anymore… So if my maid goreng nuggets ke fries ke, buat burger ke… I just ignore je.. Instead I snack on fruits, roasted soy beans, baby carrots and occasionally wholemeal tuna sandwich…

Dina, KL.


I believe the Tea Mix is the one that helps to speed up the whole process bcoz now I remember that I rarely drink the tea ever since having a baby. I only started drinking it religously just a few days ago, masa start puasa. I drink one glass of hot Tea Mix after having my shake for sahur, and another glass a few hours after iftar.

I could positively say that this time (after 8+ months of having a baby), my post-pregnancy weight loss program has officially started bcoz last time I wasn’t really sure if I could do it. Better late than never, no? Plus, I remember feeling this bersemangat when I first started Herbalife about 3 years ago. And this time I will really update my progress from time to time. My goal is to weigh at least 46kg and at most 50kg. So if I can get anywhere between 46 to 50 kg, I would consider it an achievement!

I have a confession

I haven’t been really serious with my weight loss program. In fact, I haven’t even started yet. Well, not really. I have been trying to but it’s so hard. All this while I’ve been consuming Herbalife as a maintenance program – not that I wanna maintain my current weight, but… is it just me or is it really SO hard to lose weight after giving birth??

I miss my slender pre-pregnancy figure!

My heaviest pregnancy weight was 64kg, and right after delivery I weighted 59kg (I only lost 5kg). I consumed Herbalife for weight loss during my confinement but only for a week bcoz my mom and my confinement nanny advised me not to go on a diet yet. I did manage to lose a little weight tho – 1 kg. So I was 58kg. Right after confinement, I started back on my weight loss program and managed to lose another 2kg but I was told by other mommies that one should not be on diet when breastfeeding to ensure enough milk supply, so I stopped after one month. I was 56kg. But then I started eating a lot – I ate 5 times a day and took Wyeth Mama milk 3-5 glasses a day. I could say I was addicted to it. Little that I know at that time, I was consuming more than 1000 kcal a day just on the milk (I mixed it with fresh milk)! Of course I gained weight shortly after that – I got back the 3kg that I lost. Dang! But my milk supply was the same – I do not have an abundance supply of milk so I was even more frustrated.

So then I went back on my weight loss program and stopped taking Wyeth Mama and I lost 1 kg in 2 weeks. Then I met Pavlova and my weight loss program went haywire again but thank God I haven’t gained any yet. To date, I am still maintaining at 57kg. I have been so for a couple of months. I figured that if I can’t lose weight (yet), at least I don’t gain. Of course that’s not the way it should be bcoz I’m still fat.

They say exclusively breastfeeding your baby can help you lose weight, but I did not. I am constantly hungry and I eat a lot and it’s driving me nuts! I don’t totally blame breastfeeding bcoz even now that I’m not exclusively breastfeeding my baby, I’m still as hungry as a bear. Pregnancy has changed my eating habit – the 3rd trimester, to be exact. I remember craving a lot of sweet stuff at the end of my trimester (hence, the massive weight gain), and until today I still am. I hate it when I don’t have self-control! Now I know how challenging it is to change your eating habit once you’ve developed an unhealthy one. My main goal now is not to slim down, but to develop a healthy eating habit – bcoz I know once I have developed a healthy eating habit, losing weight won’t be a problem bcoz I’ve been there and done that. I am reminding myself and to anyone who wants to lose weight, please don’t make “nak kurus” as your main goal bcoz if it is, then it will be hard to maintain it or you find yourself slowly gaining back, no matter what product you use if you haven’t change your eating habit and lifestyle! I know I can do it bcoz I’ve done it before. I just don’t know when and how to start. But I guess Ramadhan would be a great time to start all over again.

So my plan for the fasting month is the same as last year and the year before that. Sahur with Herbalife shake + kurma + Tea Mix. Berbuka with usual meal (hopefully in moderate amount) + Tea Mix. Supper with Herbalife shake, if I’m hungry.

Anyways, I have a Ramadhan special Herbalife shake recipe that I would like to share – Chocolate Date shake.

2 scoops Formula 1 Dutch Chocolate
1 scoop Formula 3
2-3 dates (use the soft ones)
400ml chilled mineral water/plain water

Blend all of the ingredients. It’s surprisingly good! Do give it a try.

Happy fasting, everyone! 🙂

Update on my weight loss program

Err… do I really look that slim in those photos that I posted in my previous entry? Coz I seriously think I look berisi. I haven’t slimmed down to my pre-pregnancy weight yet, ladies. I’m not even half way there. I am still FAT.

Yes I’ve lost a few weight but it’s just 3 kilos and a few tiny inches here and there. I still have like 10 more kilos to lose, which is a LOT! I know I did say that I will start my diet seriously after New Year but hmm.. my mom was against the idea of me dieting bcoz I’m breastfeeding and she worries it might affect my milk production (altho I know it won’t). I didn’t want to worry her so I stopped my weight loss program for awhile (which only lasted for a week) and decided to continue after we moved into our own house – which was end of last month (after Chinese New Year).

But I secretly think my progress is pretty good, considering the food I ate and the fact that it hasn’t been a month yet. And no, I don’t exercise. Just so you know, last week was pizza week for us. We had pizza almost everyday for lunch bcoz my house is not fully-equipped for cooking yet, and pizza seemed like the easiest option – both delivery and frozen. I was actually surprised I didn’t gain any weight but instead lose it! 🙂

Anyways, since I’m breastfeeding and always hungry, I have on average 3 shakes a day. Sometimes 4. Here’s how my daily meal plan looks like:

Breakfast: Herbalife shake
Snack: Herbalife shake
Lunch: Normal meal
Dinner: Herbalife shake

I drink about 1 liter of the tea, from morning until 6pm (bcoz I’m afraid that it could affect my baby’s sleeping time at night since the tea is energizing). Speaking of the tea, the new peach tea tastes so sedap! I love it. It’s not bitter at all. Those of you who loved the lemon tea before, you will love the peach tea even more, believe me. Rasa manis-manis buah.

So that’s it. No secrets whatsoever.

Thanks for the compliments tho. I am now more determine to lose weight 🙂
I’ll keep you guys posted with my progress from time to time.

Fasting with Herbalife

I realized I am more energized and boleh tahan lapar throughout the day if I take Herbalife shake for sahur, instead of eating rice. Seriously.

I am currently at my parents’ house, staying for a week, so I have rice for sahur since everyone else are having rice. This morning I ate more than usual (3 kali tambah, mind you!) to ensure I don’t feel hungry like the days before. Then at only 3pm, my tummy was already growling like there’s a mad concert going on. And I don’t feel energized at all. Letih lesuuu… I can’t wait to have the shake again this weekend!

If I take Herbalife shake, the earliest my tummy would start its “rock concert” is at 5pm. Sometimes it doesn’t growl at all – and I’m full of energy sauntering each and every boutique at the mall in high-heels for the whole day (like last week). I suppose it has something to do with the nutrients your body gets. It’s not the quantity; it’s the quality.

I’m not the only one tho. My customers feel the same way too. Let me share with you some of their testimonials during Ramadhan and their weight loss achievements.

Mrs. Z (via email):

Sept 16th 2008

“Thanks a lot for the guidance given below…really appreciate it!

Will monitor n keep track the measurements and any day to day difference….and fyi these 3 days I’ve lost 2 kg tau!!..I’m now 61kg (from 63 kg).”

A week later…

Sept 23rd 2008

“So far the progress very good…now my weight 58kg …I’m very happy with it..starting with 63.++ kg, now dah 58kg…my hubby also said it’s good progress…Since I mmg type yg susah lost weight.

For the body measurement pon dah ada diff….esp hips & waist ..– but so sorry I forgot to bring the details.. I keep it at home… senang nak measure & monitor kat umah

But I’ll give u the details later…..

For me, both body weight & body measurement (inches) react to Herbalife since I start taking it…which is good and I’m happy and comfortable with it..

coz according to you some ppl mayb start with weight and follow by inches…

This bulan puasa most of the time I consume twice a day (sahur & buka) ….but there’s 1-2 times I only take the tea masa sahur coz masa tu tak boleh nak masuk ape pon.. shake or etc, only the tea…

Today I have buka puasa invitation from one of the vendor, so this morning i try blouse & pants lama yg I suka sgt tapi simpan lama sbb “x brape muat” b4 this.. surprisingly muat!!…seronok betul….

not juz that, I feel more energetic lately, x rasa lapar & less letih w/pun puasa penuh lagi sbb belum lagi x blh puasa, waiting for my regular period next week..

Can really feel the diff for the past week++ ….& I guess those above really shows my progress to you.”

Jerra (via YM):

Jerra: i ader try gak xmakan shake
Jerra: tapi makan bende lain
Jerra: mmg xbest la
Jerra: cepat jer lapar
iZa: tula kan
Jerra: i kan iza nak gtau u
Jerra: i mmg ada gak skip makan shake
iZa: ohhoo yeker
Jerra: tp still turun gak berat
Jerra: tea mmg xpenah tinggal la
Jerra: kekadang cam dah ngantok sgt, tu yg trus tido xbuat shake
iZa: ouh ic
Jerra: now berat i dah 53kg iza
iZa: bape kg dah lost to date?
Jerra: total 7kg
iZa: wuu…byk tu! bestnyaa!
Jerra: banyaknyer sbb u la
Jerra: u banyak bg i encourage
Jerra: thanx a lot
iZa: aww…ure most welcome
Jerra: ramaiiii sgt org yg dah tegur kate i dah slim n cantik
iZa: really!
iZa: perasaan yg best tu kan!

Jaja (via YM):

9/2/2008 7:15:21 PM

“Hi iza. salam ramadhan. hope baby n u are fine. juz to let u know dgn my perubahan since taking herbalife. yesterday, 1st sept which is the 8th day taking HL, lebih kurang 3.5 inches dah kurang. tapi since 1st few days guna tu mmg dah rasa longgar sikit baju n jeans. perut pun xrasa buncit or bloated sgt. yg best nye, today 2nd day puasa, 2nd sept, i pun gatal la timbang saje2. mcm ada feeling la. dah kurang 0.5kg! seronok sampai ke telinga ni. hope turun lg la berkat puasa ni kan. tapi mmg x lapar sgt la puasa ni. perut rasa bunyi pun start 4pm. ok la tu dah puasa namanya kan. ok nanti if tserempak masa u online, i let u know d detail bout my penurunan..thanx to HL.”

About 3+ weeks later…

iZa: caner progress u skang
iZa: u still take herbalife shake?
jaja: amik lg. mesti
jaja: i slalu mcm lose 1kg dlm 7 ke 10 hari la yg i prasan
iZa: ouh ok sgt la tu
iZa: bulan puasa ni amik 2x gak ek
jaja: pose ni, sahur wajib. yg mlm, if i xmkn berat i amik
iZa: aha ic
jaja: tea mmg sahur n mlm
iZa: good2
iZa: so bape inches n kg dah lost so far
jaja: inches bape ek..nant i cari my notes. kg ilang 3 dah lebih kurang
jaja: sluar longgar kdg2 jadi mcm hip hop. dah lame xpakai belt, kne pakai belt
iZa: that’s great!
iZa: 3 kg in a month
jaja: ok la kan pasal u said ikut bdn kan, xleh expect turun gile2 kan
iZa: yes true
iZa: especially kalau dah in ideal weight range
jaja: tula i pun mcm terkejut gak jarum tu x penah lg tunjuk kat berat lama
jaja: xpenah la rasa gini b4
iZa: hehe ic
jaja: dulu penah la 1 sem x mkn nasi mlm. baru ilang dlm 5kg
iZa: bape lama 1 sem?
jaja: itu konon2 dekat 20 weeks. ni baru sebulan
iZa: ohho lamanyaa nak ilang 5kg
iZa: dlm 4-5 bulan la
jaja: so ok la herbalife. if org nak try i akan suggest.

Naya (via SMS):

“Tatik, I weighed myself tadi, it was 56.5kg! Previously I was 59kg. I started taking twice daily masa start bulan puasa. U can feel d difference if u sahur with rice n sahur with Herbalife. Not as hungry n definitely more energetic compared to bsahur with rice. My bf agrees! The tea helps as a detox which I take religously b4 sleeping.”

As for this pregnant lady… of course she didn’t lose any weight! ;p