The Techie Wears Prada

Last week I attended a Celcom event at G Tower. It was the launching of a brand new fashion smartphone – the Prada phone!

First time bringing my DSLR alone (usually my hubby holds it for me)

The event was rather glamourous and there were gorgeous models everywhere, showcasing the gorgeous phone.

This one looks like a mannequin, no?

Not a model material!
With Wei Zhi and Eiling

I made new friends with other bloggers too.

The LG Prada 3.0 is aesthetically classy and stylish, just like any other Prada products. It is so slim and sleek with only 8.5mm thickness, which makes it amongst the slimmest smartphones out there! The phone is equipped with Android’s Gingerbread OS, a 4.3-inch screen, an 8MP camera and up to 8MB of user memory. Celcom is the only telco that you can get this classy phone from. That’s because the Prada phone works best on Celcom network as it has the widest coverage. Quite pointless if you have such a stunning phone but a sucky coverage, huh.

I love the leather details on the back cover.
Luxury in its purest sense!

Desserts. Yummy!

I feel like a hobbit seeing these tall models -__-
Look at those loooong legs!
There was a contest too, that night. Each one of us bloggers gets to pose with the LG Prada phone and the 2 most creative poses win the phone! I didn’t win tho (no surprise there), because a) I’m shy, and b) I don’t know how to pose creatively.
So who won?

KY (he did cleopatra pose)

Chuckei (she did a Dragon ball pose)
As for me…

I did a boring pose >_<
But that’s okay, I still have another chance to win this phone. And not just the Prada phone, but Prada voucher as well! Yes, Prada voucher that can be used to redeem a bag or wallet or shoes or sunnies or anything by Prada!
Oh yes, you too can join this contest if you’re a Nuffnang blogger. Using your most creative idea, create a video blog that demonstrates “Celcom and Prada, the perfect match”. This contest ends on 28th March 2012 so upload your video on your blog and YouTube, and get as many people as you can to view your videos because the most viewed videos will win:
Grand Prize: RM2,500 Prada voucher + Prada phone
2nd Prize: RM1,500 Prada voucher + Prada phone
3rd Prize: RM1,000 Prada voucher
And don’t forget to submit your video entry to Nuffnang.
This has got to be the most exciting contest prizes yet!
Prada vouchers, man!

Tab’s New Family Member

There are so many tablets in the market nowadays. It can be difficult to decide which one to get because there are at least a dozen different models from different manufacturers! Some are big, some are too small, some with just Wi-Fi, some comes with front and rear cameras, some don’t… the list goes on. But I’m sure there is one tablet that would fit one’s needs and lifestyle.
Samsung has a few models of tablets to choose from and the latest one is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9.

With 9.1″ x 6.2″ x 0.34″ dimension, I think it’s the ideal tablet with just the right size. It’s not too big to lug around, but not too small that people might mistaken it to be a phone.
Some key features of the brand new Tab are:
– Android 3.1 Honeycomb (I noticed Android uses really cute names for their OS. Honeycomb, Gingerbread, umm…what else?)
– 8.9″ touch screen display
– 1.5GHz dual-core processor
– 2MP front camera, 3MP rear camera
– Thinner (8.6mm)
– Lighter (453g)
– 16GB internal memory
– Supports Wi-Fi and 3G

You can now get the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 with the best network and the most affordable packages only from Celcom, from as low as RM1,288 (RRP: RM1,699). There’s also the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ from as low as RM668 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from as low as RM1,468. Whichever best fits your needs and lifestyle, Celcom has got em all!
Check out for information on the entire suite of Samsung Galaxy Tab choices. Jangan rambang mata sudah! ;D

iPhone 4S is finally here!

I still remember the first time we got our first iPhone. It was iPhone 3G and we went to the launching event at KL Convention Centre. Sanggup beratur for hours! (I’ve blogged about it here, by the way).

Since then, I was hooked to my iPhone and become even more hooked when I got the iPhone 4.
Then quite recently, Apple launched the newest iPhone 4S. It’s the most amazing iPhone yet and it’s finally available here!
Celcom will be launching the iPhone 4S tomorrow and if you’ve been waiting to get your hands on it, be sure not to miss the event!
Details of the event are as follows:
Date: 16 December 2011
Venue: La Bodega at Bangsar Shopping Centre
Time: 12 am on 16th December 2011 (queue starts at 10 pm on 15th December 2011)
There will be lots of activities and exciting prizes to be won so do arrive early!
Below are the plans offered by Celcom, by the way.

In case you cannot make it to the event, you can always get the iPhone 4S from Celcom outlets. Check out this page for the list of outlets.
My current iPhone 4 is still in good condition tho, so I won’t be getting the new one. Nor would my husband (at least I think he won’t. Kan, Si Com?).

Give a Galaxy

You know Christmas is around the corner when you see massive sales everywhere – online and offline. Just recently there was Black Friday sale, and then today there’s Cyber Monday sale. Bet people are busy getting presents for others and themselves (I managed to grab some awesome deals too during the Black Friday sale!).

Some magazines would come up with a section on something like the perfect Christmas gift ideas. They would list down gifts according to the receiver’s interests – the foodie, the fashionista, the techie, the sports fan, etc etc. Even tho I don’t celebrate Christmas, I like to read that kind of stuff. It gives me a rough idea of what to give, should I need to give someone a present in the future.
Anyway if you’ve been racking your brain trying to find a great and practical present for someone special – doesn’t matter whether it’s for Christmas or birthday or even just-because – may I suggest the Samsung Galaxy S II? Don’t be confused with the Galaxy Note tho. The Galaxy S II is the one without the S Pen stylus. The Galaxy Note is… well, the one with the stylus.
Apparently, the Galaxy S II is one of the best-selling and most talked about smartphones in the world! It’s powered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread platform and 1.2 GHz dual-core application processor which lets users multitask – browse the Web, reply messages and update their Facebook status at the same time.
One of my favorite features is the video recording. There’s a video settings menu where you can set the resolution, white balance, effects, video quality, etc just like a real video camera. I think it’s cool that a smartphone can do that! Watch this video of how this guy tries to record a Blockbuster movie using his Galaxy S II.

Watch more videos submitted by Galaxy S II users here.

The Galaxy S II has a 4.27-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen size, color gamut and power consumption that gives vibrant displays and excellent viewing experience of your favorite videos, websites and games. It also has a tough exterior and doesn’t crash when you drop it. It breaks my heart to watch this video – a drop test between iPhone 4s and Galaxy S II, but I have to say, I’m impressed at how tough the Galaxy S II is!

This vivid, fast and slim smartphone is available at RM1,899. It’d be a great gift for that special someone!

Only from Celcom

Remember the Sloggi Love World campaign that I (and a bunch of other bloggers) went to, a few months back? It was held in the middle of a forest in Hulu Langat. I wanted to tweet what we did and whatnot (I’m a Twitterholic ;p) but there was no coverage so I had to forget about it. Others were probably facing the same thing too – or so I thought.

But then Ceera took out her phone, snapped a picture of us and then twitpic-ed it on Twitter.
I was like, “Eh, tengah hutan pun dapat coverage ke? You guna line apa??”.
She told me she’s using Celcom. Terkagum sekejap!
I guess it’s true then – Celcom has the widest network coverage anywhere in Malaysia. Indoor, outdoor, on-the-move, dalam hutan dan mungkin juga dalam air. We wanted to switch to Celcom previously but we didn’t. We couldn’t, because of our contract. Lepas ni kalau nak tukar phone baru, marilah switch to Celcom sekali, wahai suami. Dalam hutan pun dapat coverage!
Speaking of new phone, Celcom had just launched the new Samsung Galaxy Note earlier this month. I’ve blogged about the cool features and specifications previously, so I’m gonna spare you the details (you can read them here and here) but basically, it gives you the portability of a smartphone and the high performance of a tablet. You can have the best of everything in one nifty gadget!

It’s great for anyone who is always on-the-go and can’t live without their gadgets because you don’t need to lug around your laptop, tablet, phone, camera, MP3 player, etc when you have the Samsung Galaxy Note. Heck, you don’t even need to carry a notepad because it lets you take notes easily and conveniently with the S Pen stylus, just like a regular notepad!

The Samsung Galaxy Note is only available for Celcom customers, from as low as RM1,368 with Celcom Exec (retail price is RM2,299 by the way). Refer to this table for the package options:
Not only does Celcom has the widest network coverage, it also offers the best network quality and gives you the richest web and video streaming experience with its stable connection. Apalah guna kalau phone canggih-manggih tapi network macam hampeh kan? I feel like switching to Celcom right away!
Anyway, to find out more about the Samsung Galaxy Note packages with Celcom, you can visit the website at