April Darlings

Football, field, pom-pom, lippies, bags – bet you could guess the cuppy theme by now 😉

Happy Birthday to us!

Free pizza, anyone?

Can anyone help me to finish up this pizza?? I’m already panting halfway through my second slice. The pizza is humongous! One slice is about the size of my wallet (or even bigger)!

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The Sinful Bags and Shoes treat

Alrite, alrite. I know y’all are so excited to see my bags and shoes. Some even SMS-ed me beli bag brand apa! Heee…. I’m just as excited to show ’em to you! *wink*

So I went to pick ’em up last Saturday. The bags and shoes come in a box…

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And when I opened the box, I was speechless. They’re beyond my expectation!

Nah! Feast your eyes…

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Bags and shoes cuppies! Aren’t they cuteeeeee?

Pinkk… bags… shoes… oooohh! They’re cupcakes. I did say “yummy bags and shoes” before, didn’t I? ;p

Thanx Kak Yong and her sis, Sue for those scrumptious cupcakes. According to them, I’m the first to request such theme! So I am just as creative as Kak Yong too, ey? Heee…

The Froggy Drink

I had Squashed Frog for dessert. It’s the cutest drink I’ve ever seen (and drink)! It’s basically an ice-blended drink with milk chocolate and…. frogs. At least that’s what the description says:

“Blended with milk chocolate frogs, topped with an extra chocolate frog and dusted with chocolate”.

There’s Mr. Frog, the chocolate swimming in it!

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I’ve yet to try the Fluffy Koala. Sounds yummy!

Weekend Project: Baking

I made my very first pizza and buns!

I didn’t know the existence of Bread Softener before, which is err.. softener for breads. The only softener I know is Softlan, the fabric softener. I’m learning something new here.

Ok, truth is, I didn’t really bake ’em; but I did help my mom to glaze the buns and tabur2 the pizza toppings, so that must’ve count as baking too, right? ;D