Milo Bento Box Workshop

I can’t believe we are already in 2017!

This year is going to be a big year for Raina as she enters primary school for the first time. Sighhh… My baby girl is growing up so fast! Can’t believe I have 2 kids in primary school now. Makes me feel so old! *cries*

Anyways, I’m pretty sure mommies of school kids have been busy preparing for their kids to go back to school. Uniforms, books, stationeries, school bags, school shoes… Hmm what else?

Oh yes, lunch boxes!

I’m actually excited to make cute bentos for my girls to bring to school (well, let’s hope I’m rajin enough to do them everyday hehe). I went to Milo Bento Box workshop with Ayra the other day, and we learned how to make cute bentos using everyday food like rice, sandwiches and noodles. It was super easy and simple! Even kids can do it , I think (with adult’s supervision, of course).



The cooking demo was done by Yan Diana from Kelab Bekal Bento Malaysia.




Yan showed 3 types of bentos – giraffe chicken baguette, Japanese girl egg sandwich and Rapunzel noodle. So cute, right! Each bento box took only about 10-15 minutes to prepare, so that’s pretty quick. Yan’s tips is to prepare the ingredients (washing, chopping, marinate, etc) during the weekend or at least the night before so that you don’t have to rush in the morning.

Here’s our version of the giraffe chicken baguette that Ayra and I made. I did the giraffe baguette; she assembled the broccoli forest. Not bad, huh? Hehe.



There was also a Senior Nutritionist from Nestle, Nurul Illiani Ahmad, who shared about the benefits of packing food for kids to school and how a proper nutrition can affect kids’ performance at school. Consuming the right foods with a balanced nutrition at regular intervals provides kids with sufficient energy and nutrients to help improve their mental alertness so they can focus in class, as well as keep them energised.

She also suggested packing bento boxes for kids before they go to school to ensure that we provide the right nourishment and sufficient energy for kids. It also eases our minds, knowing what our kids eat at school and that they will not go through energy deprivation when we pack a healthy meal or snack, together with a convenient pack of MILO®.

My girls are quite picky eaters so I have to pack food for them to bring to school. I have been packing food for them every day ever since they were in kindergarten, but it’s usually the same thing like sandwiches, pancakes, waffles and nuggets. Most days they would finish the food, but sometimes they won’t even touch it, especially if it’s something “new” to them (apparently, tuna sandwiches are new to them -__-). Because of that, I tend to pack the same food as I don’t know what else to pack for them and how to get them to eat “new” food. I think this bento box would be a great way to get my kids to eat their greens and introduce new food.

Illiani said that at the early stage, it’s ok to mix/cook fruits and veggies with something that is not exactly healthy to make it tastier and attract your kids to eat them. Then as kids started to eat them, slowly substitute the unhealthy ingredients with healthier ones. Why haven’t I thought of this before! LOL. My girls don’t like raspberries, so I’m thinking I could actually make MILO®UHT stuffed raspberries instead. They love MILO®, and I’m sure they would love raspberries with MILO®UHT. Or, I could also serve broccoli with chili sauce or even cheese dip. I think serving fruits and veggies with some kind of dips and sauces would attract kids to eat them. Did I mention that MILO®UHT come with Activ Go so that’s a bonus if you pack it alongside the bento box!

If your kids refused to bring packed food to school, try making them bentos. It doesn’t have to be complicated, maybe you can start off with a simple smiley face or something. After all, kids love cute things!

Do check out their page here:

Also check out this video!

Kids’ Healthy Chocolate Smoothie

My girls are big fans of anything chocolatey. I guess they got it from their *ehem* parents.

Yes, too much chocolatey stuff ain’t good, but I found a great way to make it healthy for my girls. It’s actually my favourite way to get my girls to eat their greens!

Behold, my girls’ favourite healthy chocolate smoothie!



This smoothie is packed with protein, vitamins and fiber which is great for growing kids. Best part is, they don’t even know there’s veggie inside! Baby spinach is totally flavourless and all they can taste is the yummy chocolate smoothie.

Here’s what you need to make this Healthy Chocolate Smoothie:






1 cup MARIGOLD UHT Full Cream Milk
2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1-2 tbsp pure honey or pure maple syrup
1/4 cup oats
1 medium ripe banana (frozen banana is even better)
1/2 cup baby spinach
Ice cubes

Place everything into a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into glasses and serve!




This smoothie is really delicious and nutritious. The MARIGOLD UHT milk really adds creaminess to it. It’s also rich in calcium, protein and their unique formulation which contains Vitamin D, helps with your child’s growth and health. My girls don’t like to drink plain milk on its own, so making smoothie is one of the ways to add milk in their diet, besides with cereal.






MARIGOLD UHT milk comes in 4 milk choices – full cream, low fat, chocolate and strawberry. Of course my girls love the chocolate ones!



Royale Of The Day

There is something just so satisfying about a bowl of steaming hot instant noodle, eaten in the middle of the night, while watching your favourite TV series (for me, it would be The Vampire Diaries). The steaminess of the flavourful broth and the slippery springy noodles just gets me through so many emotions. It’s my ultimate guilty pleasure.

I usually prefer Tom Yam flavour for its hot and spiciness, but I recently tried a new flavour from Maggi’s latest range – Maggi Royale Penang Seafood Curry. Now I don’t usually like curry flavour for my instant noodle, but this one is just different. It actually tastes like real curry. I like!

Maggi is undoubtedly one of the biggest manufacturers of instant noodles in the world. In fact, it’s so famous in Malaysia that we Malaysians even call instant noodles as “maggi”, not necessarily referring to the brand. The Maggi Royale is their latest premium range and once you taste it, you could really tell the difference. The noodles are springier, and the seafood broth is rich and creamy, with real toasted belacan. OMG I’m salivating as I’m typing this. #dugaanpuasa hehe.


IMG_7225It comes with 3 packets of seasonings – prawn seasoning powder, seafood chili paste and creamer.


Usually when I make instant noodles for myself, I just add an egg and that’s it. But the other day, I decided to add more ingredients to the Maggi Royale Penang Seafood Curry as it was for buka puasa (was too tired to cook as we went out shopping from morning till late afternoon) and I want to look like I actually made some cooking effort *ehem*.

 IMG_7223I added these extra ingredients: prawns, fish balls, fried tofu and hard boiled eggs.

For this Maggi Royale, I cooked the noodles and the broth separately. It’s important to use the right amount of water for the broth; so measure the water according to the packet instructions and then bring the water to a boil. I added the prawn seasoning powder and seafood chili paste, fried tofu, fish balls and prawns before adding the creamer. You know it’s ready when the prawns turned pink.

Place the noodles in a bowl and pour the broth. Breathe in the aroma and dig in!


IMG_6639I served it with hard boiled eggs and sambal for that extra kick of flavour.

My husband almost thought I made this seafood curry from scratch because he said it didn’t taste “instant”. It’s really that good!

Did I entice to having a bowl of Maggi Royale right now? Give it a try! You can try out the recipe that I’ve created here (ahem), or better still, make the noodles with your own twist to create your #Royaloftheday.

Visit #MaggiRoyale‘s official website to get more ideas!

Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

I just started my day with the most delectable chocolate treat – Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding.

I can’t believe how good it was. So creamy and dreamy, and it’s secretly super healthy. Who doesn’t love that!




Chia seeds, as we all know, have been in the “superfood” limelight for the past few years because of its amazing nutrient density and health benefits. I usually just toss chia seeds in my protein shake and chug away, but this morning, I decided to try something new.

This recipe has been in my to-try list for months now (along with other yummy healthy recipes which I have yet to try) and I finally gotten around to do it. Not that it was hard or anything, it was actually very simple. No cooking required! (Don’t you just love that? hehe).




Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding.

1 1/2 cup almond milk (unsweetened)
1/3 cup chia seeds
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
5 tbsp pure Maple syrup (or you can substitute with honey)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon (optional)

Blend all the ingredients in a blender. Pour mixture into a jar, cover it, and leave it in the refrigerator overnight.

Serve pudding with your desired toppings (berries, bananas, kiwi, mango, pomegranate seeds, nuts, seeds, cacao nibs, dried cranberries, raisins, Greek yogurt, etc).

I had my pudding with strawberries, toasted pecans and desiccated coconut.


IMG_6008I do not know how many calories is in this pudding, but let’s just pretend that it’s calorie free because it’s healthy. Hehe (I got the spoon on Etsy, by the way)


Cooking With Love

I know a lot of us would say our mum’s cooking is the best food in the world. I would too! My mom makes the best nasi lemak, bihun goreng, lontong, mee Jawa, gulai-gulai kampung, kuih Cara, kuih ketayap, puding sagu gula Melaka and the list goes on. Heck, she even makes the best omelette!

For years I thought it was because mums had years of cooking experience, but now I realized it’s not just about mastering the techniques or recipes. It’s the unconditional love that mums put into their cooking that made their dishes unforgettable. “Air tangan ibu”, as we say it in Malay. Mums cook with love and that is the secret ingredient!

My mum enjoys cooking. It’s her passion, really. I think it’s one of her ways to show her love for the family. She can spend hours in the kitchen, preparing meals for her family without any complain, and her food always taste good. You can taste the love in every bite! She even told us that there’s particular food that she cook that will remind her of each of her children (gulai masak lemak labu and puding sagu gula Melaka are some of the food that would remind her of me because those are my fave).

Undoubtedly, being a mum is never easy but things sure are different when it is done out of love for the family. Just like this video below, I’m pretty sure mothers out there can relate to this too.

Now that I’m a mum myself, I finally get it. Cooking is like love made visible. There’s this unexplainable satisfaction feeling when I get to feed my family with the food that I cook myself. Cooking has become even more fun for me now, what with my food flatlay craze. I just love arranging and styling food on the table. My girls get excited too, seeing all those beautiful set up that I made. They felt like we were having a tea party or a special dinner or something. Makes dining even more fun! Hehe.

Knorr is having a special “Knorr Penuh Rasa, Penuh Kasih Sayang” campaign to celebrate the power of mum’s cooking. They want to appreciate all the hard work and effort that mums put into their daily cooking for the family by giving them a good breakaway from house chores. Knorr will select 10 winners and each winner will get a FREE helper to clean your house for 10 sessions! I mean, if you’re a stay-at-home mum with no helper like me, you know how much this means! It means I get to sit and relax without having to vacuum, mop the floor, wipe the cabinets, scrub the sink, clean the bathrooms and everything. I need to win this! Haha.



All you need to do is:

  1. Snap a photo of your family’s favourite dish that you’ve cooked using any Knorr products. It can be either the Knorr Cube or Knorr All-in-One Seasoning. Oh, and you need to include the Knorr product pack as well in your photo.
  2. Share it on Knorr’s Facebook page together with the hashtag #KnorrPenuhRasaSayang and a short description of why the dish is your family’s favourite (in no more than 20 words).
  3. Winners will be selected based on the highest number of ‘likes’ and the most interesting description.


IMG_2830For this campaign, I used Knorr Chicken Cube to cook my family’s favourite dish.


IMG_2893Kari ayam


The Knorr Chicken Cube gives this chicken curry that extra kick. It’s so flavourful!

My husband and my girls have their own favourite dishes, but when it comes to eating rice, one of their favourite lauk is chicken curry. My husband is “orang Utara” so it’s no surprise why he loves curry very much. And somehow, my girls inherited their daddy’s love for chicken curry (as long as it’s not too spicy).


IMG_2932Mummy, the family’s Masterchef 😛


Anyway, here’s my campaign entry photo. Make sure you are in the photo, together with your dish and Knorr product pack.




Share your family’s favourite dish, mummies, and who knows you could be one of the lucky winners!

For more info about the campaign, visit