Clothes Catastrophe

This is a story of The Copycat Dolls. I neverĀ expect this to happen eventho we (my sisters and I) have a lot of the exact same stuff, especially clothes (that’s why we call ourselves TCD).

I went to Mandarin Orientel Hotel last Saturday to meet someone for Herbalife. My boyfriend had a few meetings kat sana sampai malam so after meeting up with her, MZ dropped me off at KLCC. My sis, Wani and I planned to break fast together at KLCC (both my parents and bro balik kampung) so while waiting for her to arrive from her college, aku pon jalan-jalan la dulu dalam Parkson.

At around 5pm I got a phone call from my sis. Without saying hello, she almost shouted, “Don’t tell me you’re wearing the same baju as mine!!”. And I went like “Haaa?? Ko pakai baju Riian London ni gak kerr?? Where are youu??”.

Then she asked me to turn around.

And so I did. And I saw her. Omigod. It was like looking in a mirror – the same top, the same pink scarf, the same Eclipse heels, (except mine is black and hers is purple). Every one and I mean EVERY ONE was staring at us! It was embarrassing! Mana taknya, mesti lah pelik tiba-tiba ada kembar sesat dlm Parkson, blaming each other on wearing the same outfit (we kind of look the same too; some people thought we were twins).

We went out of Parkson and I told Wani to walk separately. Few moments later, Wani called. Dia tanya nanti nak berbuka macam mana, takkan nak makan asing2. So I had no choice but to hunt for a top ASAP, bcoz it was 6pm already. My sister on the other hand, went to reserve a place for us to dine.

I had never shopped like I did that day. Macam ribut! I went to Zara, Topshop, MNG, Elle and Marks & Spencer. Nothing caught my eyes. I saw a shirt at NafNaf, but it didn’t match with my scarf (I was wearing a pink tudung, remember?). So I went up, masuk Guess and Esprit pulak. Still nothing. Then I remembered Parkson. There are a few brands there so it’d be easier to shop. Thank God. So I hurried there.

Tapi sampai sana, masalah lain pulak datang. There were a lot of choices (UCB and Sisley) and I didn’t know which one to buy! Then I saw a nice satin tube top at Warehouse and I froze. Cantik!

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The mannequin pakai cantek sangat, I feel like I haveĀ to have it. I can wear it with a cropped cardigan or something. Tapi karang satu hal pulak nak cari crop cardy. And it was almost 6.30pm. So I walked off.To cut the story short, I chose a retro-like floral top from Sisley (I was really close to buying the green-and-pink floral UCB shirt like my sister’s, Hanis, tapi fikir balik, God no! Enough of copycats already).

I arrived at California Pizza Kitchen just in time – 6.55pm. My sister was already waiting for moi. Tapi sbb order lambat, so our orders pon sampai lambat (I had 4 glasses of ice lemon tea sementara menunggu and by the time my pasta arrived, I wasn’t hungry anymore). Anyway, here are the pichas of the copycats.


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See the same tops and tudungs?? Hanis pon ada baju tu jugak..heee. Just so u know, we have like more than 10 baju yg sama! That doesn’t include bags and shoes. I cannot imagine if all three of us ended up wearing the same tops. Pengsan! Next time if we were to go out together, kena inform awal-awal nak pakai baju apa supaya kes seperti ini tidak berulang lagi. LOL.