Favorite Lifestyle Blog nominee?

I came across Malaysia Social Media Week website from Dr. Halina’s blog and was surprised to see that my blog is nominated in the Favorite Lifestyle Blog category. I mean, seriously? Haha.



Thank you tho, to whoever nominated and voted for me. It’s an honour to even be nominated. I don’t expect to win it and it doesn’t matter, really. What matters is you, who read and follow my blog. Your support means so much to me and I love you for that. *hugs*

Interview on Capital fm

I am slowly getting out of my comfort zone.

First, it was a live TV show. And then a live radio interview. Eeek!


When I first started blogging about a decade ago, I never thought that people would want to read my blog. The thought of appearing in the media had never ever crossed my mind. I was actually super duper shy and timid (ask my friends; I was known as “Iza the budak pendiam” in school and even uni) so this is like a big deal for someone so shy like me!

When Shah, my blog manager, called me to inform that Capital fm wanted to interview me, I was like….whatttt? Why meeee, of all the bloggers?! Haha. Ok la, I was terrified. Yes, TERRIFIED. You’d think I would be ok after my (short) appearance on TV3 the other day. I was not. Not really. Sure, people cannot see you on the radio but it was a 1-hour slot! Of course I was nervous. And I never liked the sound of my voice! >_<

I kept on bugging Shah about the interview. What will the questions be like? Are you sure they only wanna interview me and no one else? So I have to talk for an hour? Do you have the questions??? I feel like adding, Can you pretend to sound like me and go to the interview instead? Heee…. Chronic la aku ni. 😛

He was all cool and did his best to convince me that it will be alright blablabla. He even called me his son. =___=’




I didn’t know who was going to be interviewing me until that day when I arrived at Capital fm office. It was DJ Deb! We’ve met before at the Diva’s day out, some time ago (best day ever!) and she’s just so cute and bubbly! We had a little chat just before we went on air and that helped to calm me down a bit. But I was still nervous la. Can’t help it.



I was intimidated by this mic thingy. It’s so big and just right in my face as if saying, “Talk to me! Louder louder!”.

Before asking each question on air, Deb informed me about the next question that she was going to ask and I have already mentally prepared what I was going to say. It was actually just simple, straight-forward questions about blogging – how long I’ve been blogging, where I get my inspirations from, my favorite blogs, advice about blogging, etc. Simple, right! But when I was on air, I was a bit tongue-tied and couldn’t really say all the things that I wanted to say earlier, even tho Deb kept on saying I was doing fine. I guess people can’t really tell when I’m nervous because I wasn’t shaking or anything. But instead, my voice will be so soft and slow!

Despite being nervous and all, it was actually a great experience, really. And altho it was an hour slot, I didn’t talk the whole time (thank God for jam breaks and commercials)! I do feel like I could do better tho. Can someone tell me how not to be so shy and nervous?!

Right after the slot ended, Deb told me about her recent online shoe purchase from Sole Struck; a website I never knew about (I’m always excited to discover new shopping websites)!

A stunning pair of studded platforms!

And then we shared a bit about online shopping and our love for shoes, and I even introduced her to 6pm.com where I got my Betsey Johnsons heels. Ahh…there’s nothing like bonding over shoes! 😀

NuffnangX, the new and cool way to stalk blogs

You know how addicted I am to Twitter and Instagram, don’t you? I just have to check for updates on both apps whenever I’m holding my iPhone. That’s like….every 10 minutes!

I don’t really check updates from my favorite blogs that often tho. Heck, I don’t even check my own blog on my phone. And you know what? Nuffnang found out that only 1% of blog readers from 1,000,000 Nuffnang blogs in Asia read their blogs on their mobile phones. 1%! That is almost like nothing compared to Twitter and Facebook (50% of Twitter’s 175 million users and 54% of Facebook’s 900 million users are mobile users). I found out about this at the preview of NuffnangX last month.

So what is NuffnangX?

It’s basically a mobile app for reading blogs. It’s like Twitter and Instagram, but for blogs. On Instagram, you get photo feeds; on NuffnangX you get blog feeds. You can follow your favorite blogs and whenever those blogs are updated, they will appear on your feed (kind of like Twitter timeline)… like this:



Obviously you need to scroll down to see all the feeds. Here’s a better view, printscreen-ed and cropped from the web. It’s exactly like this on the mobile app, only not as wide la:


NuffnangX will simplify each blog post by picking up the most interesting line to display it on your feed (don’t ask me how they do it). And yes, there’s also a photo. Pretty cool, huh?



My favorite feature is the NuffnangX Conversation. I don’t know about you, but filling in forms is one of the things I’m so lazy to do. It’s quite a hassle. And that’s what you need to do when you want to leave a comment on a blog. You need to fill up the comment form with your name, your email and your web url (if any). Sometimes you even have to type in the word verification thing. I feel you. It’s so annoying! Leaving comments is one thing, responding to them is another. As a blogger, I admit that sometimes I overlooked some comments, especially for previous posts. Sorry!

With NuffnangX Conversation, bloggers will be notified when someone left a comment on a particular post (whether via the NuffnangX plugin on website or via the mobile app) and also when they have new followers, just like how Instagram notifies when someone commented/liked your photos or followed you. This way, bloggers get to reply to the comments instantly and when the blogger replies to your comment, you will also get the notification on your mobile phone. It will be something like a Whatsapp conversation, like this:


That’s my blog manager by the way, commenting on my New Shoe Cabinet post. Before NuffnangX, he never left a comment on my blog. 😛 Commenting on blogs has never been this fast and easy, you just gotta try it yourself!


Another feature is the discovery of new blogs from all around the world, just by clicking on the Recommended tab at the bottom of the screen.


Again, you need to scroll down to view them all. There are more than 20 blog categories including Fashion, Food, Beauty, Crafts, Design, Parenting, Personalities, Music, Politics, Travel, Sports, just to name a few. My new favorite blog is Smaggle.com which I just discovered, thanks to NuffnangX.

NuffnangX is available for free on the Apple App Store for iPhones and Google Play for Androids, or you can check out the website at www.nuffnangx.com. Download the app and do follow me! Just search for The Pink Stilettos. Thanks! 😀

My new shop

Hey, hey! Noticed anything new on my blog?
(Hint: look at the navigation bar).

Yup, my blog has its own SHOP now! I’m so excited! :mrgreen: I have been wanting to have my own e-Shop ever since I started selling my stuff online which was years ago (no, not the blogshop kinda shop) and now I finally have one, all thanks to my awesome husband! *kisses my husband*

He actually decided to set up the shop last Friday, which explains why my baby/toddler girls clothing sale had to be put on hold. But now it’s up, so you mommies (and daddies, perhaps) can head over to my shop and start shopping!



It’s really straight-forward and pretty much like a simpler version of shopping website – just click on the items to view the details and click Add to cart if you’re interested to purchase. Once you have finished adding items to your cart, click Checkout on the side bar and then fill in your details (name, email, phone number, address). Accept the terms & conditions (read it first!) and click Place Order. An order confirmation together with payment details will be emailed to you shortly. If you have any problems, just email me with the subject title “Shop @ ThePinkStilettos” and I will do my best to reply immediately.

Currently, there are only baby and toddler girls’ items in my shop, but fret not as I will be adding more adult stuff soon (and by “adult”, I mean adult clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, etc).

Happy browsing and shopping! 🙂


New Blog

I should have done this years ago. But that’s ok. It’s happening now. I finally moved my blog to my own domain! 😀

I actually had this domain since a few years ago (some of you already knew about it) but I didn’t know the kind of look I wanted for my blog, so I just kinda ignored it…until one day when I cannot stand looking at my own blog. I had been using the same old layout for 6 years! Mana tak bosan.

I hope you like the new look because I totally do! There’s still a little bit of editing to do (side section, About Me, Archives, etc) so please excuse that. I’ll be updating my blog as usual, nonetheless.

Goodbye Blogspot!