Don’t judge a book by its cover

Well, the title says it all.

I recently bought a book (a box actually. The book was in the box), which I thought was very good and worth it that I didn’t bother to check what’s inside to have a look or something. Hey- it’s pink, it’s cute and it says “Best Beauty Product 2007” and “over $50 worth of product samples!” all over it; who would’ve thought that the insides were filled with junks? So as a natural impulsive buyer, I bought it excitedly without much thinking.

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Later in the car, I was crushed to find out that the samples given are pieces of shite (excuse my language). I had luxury cosmetics in mind when I saw the word “product sample”. Like maybe samples of Chanel foundation, Bobbi Brown eyeshadows, some lippies from Benefit and perhaps La Mer body cream or something. But instead, they are stuff that you can just get from drugstores or even for free (like free samples in mags). Nivea cream? Chupa Chups lipbalm? Banana Boat sunblock? And they call that “Best Beauty Product”???

Don’t get me wrong now, I don’t have anything against stuff like that (I’m wearing Nivea lipbalm btw). But I think there should’ve been more “high-end” product samples. The authors are just giving away samples that are from the Low-rating category, and none from the Outrageous or High categories langsung!

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Honestly, I wouldn’t give a damn if I were to purchase all of those and later found out that I don’t like ‘em. But I do give a damn if I purchase something expensive (like Benefit eye pencil, for instance) and then after a couple of times using it, I found out that I don’t quite like it. So this is when samples should come in handy. Okay, so the whole box and sample goodies + book didn’t cost over a hundred. But RM80 for a boxful of junk? I think that’s outrageous. I could get a Stila Lip Glaze Stick and still left with RM5 to buy a Cinnabon, you know. I wouldn’t mind if they are selling a boxful of luxury product samples for RM100, seriously! Arghh…geram geram! And the book is nothing like I expected – thin and softcover and the products reviewed are limited and mostly are only available in the States. What a rip-off! Our local magazines punya product reviews jauh lagi bagus tau.

And to make things even worse, last night I tried one of the samples given, which is DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (a skincare brand from Japan) and then today, I woke up with a huge zit on my left cheek! FYI, I haven’t had a single pimple for months ever since I started using HL skincare. I am so pissed off! @#$!?%&$!!!

I should’ve bought VB’s That Extra Half An Inch instead.

p/s: Has anybody tried any one of the foundations from Chanel? I’m thinking of buying one bcoz of the reviews I read on the net. But am not sure if it’s any good for shiny skin like moi. The tinted moisturizer from Laura Mercier that I’m currently using is fine but u know, I am one curious lady…

Makeup Rave

My favorite makeup look has always been the gigantic-eye-and-pale-lip look, despite what the current seasons and trends are. Black and white eye with thick liner and loud lashes (either with loads of mascara or even better, falsies!) are my current faves, replacing the ever-so-natural browns.

They say “eyes are the window to the soul”, so emphasizing the eye area is a must-do for me when it comes to makeup. I don’t mind not wearing other makeup essentials (eg: blusher, lipstick, foundation) to accentuate my feature and whatnots, except the eyes. Saya tak bole tinggal itu, even if it were just for eyeliner and mascara only bcoz they make your looks jadi cam alive – you know what I mean? Coz when your eyes are attractive no matter how big or small they are, your face will look attractive – with the right techniques, of course (ok ok, how u dress up or ur level of self-confidence, etc adalah tidak dikira ok. I’m talking about the face area now. The rupa). I don’t have the guts to wear fake lashes just yet, although some makeup girls thought I do- so I replace ’em with lots and lots of good black mascara. My personal fave are Stila Lash Visor and Lancome Hypnose, btw. Trust me, they make ur lashes look amazing! Bcoz I wouldn’t get compliments about my eyes if it weren’t for those, would I? heh heh.

Now if you ask me what my currently desired makeup looks are right now, I would say these….

Pics courtesy from

I wonder how I would look like with that kind of makeup….

So what’s your desired makeup look, ladies? (pls don’t say natural beauty yer…)

Stila stuff

When it comes to buying makeup, I will always prefer the ones that come in a set bcoz you’ll get lotsa stuff in one go and actually save lots too, so when I came across this Color Festival set from Stila’s website, I’m totally hooked. Especially bcoz this set comes in everything that I’m currently planning to get from Stila – smudge pots, mascara, eyeshadow palette (except, I was planning to try the Fall In Love Eyeshadow Trio instead but nvm, this one will do bcoz it’s in brown shades) and a lipstick. It’s like a sweet dream come true.

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This boxed set includes all the items I mentioned above and a convertible color (for cheeks and lips) that comes in a plush brown velvet box. It would be even better if the box is replaced with a train case like the one for this set bcoz I’ve been wanting a nice vanity case (preferably Stila or any girly brand, like Lulu Guinness) for traveling purposes.

Anyway, I’m not sure if this set is already available at Stila counters in Malaysia, but if it is and it’s less than RM250, I’m gonna get my hands on it!

Honey-Shiny Hair

I bought new hair stuff from The Natural Source; Hi-Shine Extra Care Shampoo and Conditioner. I’ve been using it for about 2-3 times now, and so far I’m loving it. Makes my hair shines and cantek. I’ve tried several brands of shampoos and conditioners before – including L’oreal Elseve (both the multi-vitamin and cashmere), Schwarzkopf, Body Shop, Clinique, Prefers, Ralph Lauren, Pantene, Sunsilk, VS, Head n Shoulders, Himalaya Herbals, TRESemme, but so far I haven’t found the one I like best.

I decided to give the TNS haircare a try bcoz of the good reviews I read. They even won Best Beauty Award tapi tak ingat mag mana. And the smell is so yummy too, I could eat up my own hair! Smells like honey and oatmeal cookies. I’ve yet to try the hair mask though, that is, when I’m finished with the Body Shop hair mask.

You can buy the TNS shampoo/conditioner online for only RM39 each at Ozwin Online Shopping, by the way.