My Scar Story

I was one of those “unfortunate” people who got their chicken pox just a couple of weeks before entering a new phase of my life – starting university. I was 18 at that time. 18!

It all started when my youngest sister (who was in form 2) caught the chicken pox from her classmate, which she later “passed it down” to my second sister, who then passed it down to me. According to an article I read, getting chicken pox from a sibling is a lot worse than getting it from someone else – it has something to do with stronger dose of virus.

Anddd the child who gets it second or third usually will get a worse case. So can you imagine how extremely bad my chicken pox case was? I was 18 (no longer a child, which means the symptoms are worse), I got it from my siblings anddd, I was the third one to get it. Thanks a lot, sisters.

Not only did I have more pox on my entire body and face as compared to my sisters, but my pox were infected as well. I had to go to two different doctors for treatments and an injection. My pox were bigger, bernanah (purulent), with black-ish ring. It was so nasty, especially the ones on my face. I have never felt so ugly in my life; I seriously thought I looked like “katak puru”. I couldn’t even look myself in the mirror. God knows how incredibly down I felt at that time.

It took 2 weeks for me to heal from the chicken pox, but the scars were still there, all big and reddish all over my face. I wanted to wait until the scars were all gone before starting my university, but my mom insisted that I go because the orientation week was over (yeap, I missed it) and she didn’t want me to miss my first day of class. Plus, scars may take months or even years to heal especially for adults.

I still remember my first day in university. Thanks to my chicken pox scars, I had very low self-esteem. People looked at me as if I was some kind of a “disease” (or at least that’s how I felt) and I didn’t want to talk or meet anyone. I was so self-conscious of my face. I know it’s just chicken pox, but it was the worst kind and that was one of the worst moments in my life.

My scars were mostly gone after about 5 months or so. It felt like forever tho! Alhamdulillah, my skin is now clear from all those nasty scars, except for the ones on my forehead – two of them, to be exact. They are not as deep as they were 14 years ago and they might not be that obvious in photos, but they are still there.


Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.32.34 AM


Now every time I see those scars on my forehead, I am reminded of that awful time and I wish none of my kids will ever experience that. It’s not just the pain and itchiness, but scars can also cause distressing psychological effects which can result in low self-esteem, especially if it’s on the face where everybody can see it.

There are actually ways to minimize scars, and the most affordable and easiest way is to use a topical product. I remember during the first couple of years of getting that chicken pox scars, I religiously applied vitamin E based creams on my face every day as I read vitamin E helps to heal scars, especially fresh ones.

Now there’s Bio-Oil, which not only helps to improve the appearance of scars, but also stretch marks, uneven skin tone, as well as ageing and dehydrated skin. Bio Oil contains plant extracts such as chamomile, lavender, rosemary and calendula oils, together with vitamins A and E. It also contains a breakthrough ingredient – PurCellin Oil that acts as an emollient, making the skin soft, smooth and supple.




If you have scars, please treat them immediately after they are fully healed. You can apply Bio-Oil to the affected area by massaging in a circular motion, twice daily for at least three months. A clinical trial showed that there’s a 92% improvement in the appearance of scars after just 8 weeks. I’ve tried this Bio-Oil and I like how fast it absorbed and it’s not greasy at all. Best part of all, you can use this oil on your entire face and body.

How I wish Bio-Oil was invented earlier. My scars would have probably healed much faster back then!

I believe that everyone have their very own scar story. Now that I’ve done telling mine, why not you tell yours too? Head over to and share your story, and you will stand a chance to win RM10,000!

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