Dove Volume & Nourishment Hair Care Review

I have always dreamed of having long, luscious, bouncy locks instead of my fine, unruly and just plain old blah hair. I swear my hair has a mind of its own. It just won’t stay still! My hair always sticks to my face and kind of gets in the way of everything, so I tend to tie it up in a bun all day long (which probably just made it worse). My hair gets oily easily too, and this sometimes makes it so flat especially near the scalp. Can you imagine – flat and limp at the top, and unruly everywhere else? Sheeshh >_<

I have never bothered to try anything to tame my tresses until I found out about Dove’s new Volume & Nourishment hair range. This hair range is a breakthrough range from Dove with Oxyfusion Technology that contains oxygen-fused ingredient that breathes volume into dry and flat hair.




IMG_5261 The Oxyfusion Technology is present in both the shampoo and the conditioner.


I have been using this shampoo and conditioner for about 1 1/2 months now, and I can honestly say that my hair looks and feel so much better than before. My favourite is the shampoo, which is a clear gel and it lathers up beautifully. You only need a little product so one bottle could last you long enough.




This shampoo has a formula that instantly dissolves into hair to give deep down moisture without weighing it down. Both the shampoo and the conditioner have a sweet fruity scent and I love it. Can’t stop smelling my hair! Hehe.

The best part is that I can see the effect almost immediately after using it! So my hair is still thin and fine (I guess I can’t do much about that as I was born with it) but it’s more volumized now and kind of gave that somewhat thick hair illusion. Haha! It’s not too flat as before, and it actually made my hair light and bouncy!

Watch this feather test video to see how the shampoo adds volume to your hair and makes it feel lighter.



The Dove Volume & Nourishment range is available nationwide at only RM15 for the shampoo (340ml) and RM15 for the conditioner (330ml).

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