Pledge for Tomorrow

I love this photo of my family.


Just us siblings and our parents together and no one else….

Okay, and my bro-in-law. Well, it was taken a few years ago, the day he married my sister, so of course he had to be in it :P.

My point is, I love it when the whole family gets together – be it at family gatherings, weddings, dinner or just hanging out. Because it rarely happens, now that we are all married and have our own little family. We tend to spend less time with them because we are busy with our own life.

Now that I’m a parent myself, I’m starting to understand everything that they have done for me – the cans and cannots, curfews and all. It may all have seemed a little cruel to me back then, but now I understand why they did that. I guess being a mother teaches you a lot of things, and one of them is appreciating your own parents.

Sometimes I miss being a kid. I miss having my mom and dad around. I miss having my mom cook my favourite dishes every day. I miss going holiday together. Sigh. Those good ol’ days.



AIG is having a contest where they want to encourage participants to make a pledge to spend more time with their parents. I think it is a very good initiative from the company to do activities like this that reminds us to be good to our parents.

Here’s what you need to do to join the Pledge for Tomorrow:

  1. Make a pledge to spend more time with your parents.
  2. Fulfil your pledge and take a photo of your special moment with your parents.
  3. Upload your photo to your Instagram with hashtag #pledgefortomorrow.

There will be 5 winners selected and each winner will be able to enjoy a lovely day with 9 other family members at one of these 3 family outings:

  1. High tea session at a 5-star hotel
  2. A family trip to Bukit Gandah Elephant Sanctuary
  3. A family cooking session with Le Cordon Bleu trained chef

Contest runs from 7th October till 30th November 2015. For more info about the contest, log on to

As for me, I pledge to visit my parents at least twice a month, and to cook together with my mom for the family, just like the old days – where my mom will be happily passing down all her knowledge as we cook, and the satisfied expression on my dad’s face when he tastes the food.


Let’s pledge to spend more time with our parents, people! It would mean the world to them 🙂

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