Beauty Bound Asia – Phase 2

I had the chance to witness the National Finals of the Beauty Bound Asia held at Ruyi & Lyn, Bangsar Shopping Centre, along with several other beauty bloggers earlier this month.




There were a total of 29 finalists participated in the finals, and each of them had to take part in a hackathon challenge where they had to do a full makeover in 30 minutes. 30 minutes! I need at least 1 hour to do a proper makeup (and that does not include wearing falsies – that would require an extra half an hour, at least). These girls are pro, I’m telling you.


IMG_4469Each participant was given their own makeup station. How fun is that!


IMG_4476One of the participants, known as PinkBoxCereal.


IMG_4478Just look at her stuff – sooo many pink!


There were also 2 workshops that the participants had to attend during the finals – Skincare Lab and Beauty Trend workshops.

The Skincare Lab workshop was led by the famous makeup guru, Khir Khalid where he shared his makeup and beauty tips and tricks.


IMG_0448Showing how to do smokey eyes using only kohl pencil.


The other workshop; the Beauty Trend workshop, was led the managing editor of Eh!, Cosmopolitan and Jelita magazines, Izza Ibrahim.




IMG_4466Now here’s something interesting. The participants were asked to guess which makeup look matches the runway outfits. Me and Tammy, who sat at a corner, decided to join in the fun… and I got all correct! I guess I uhh know all these runway beauty trends *blow nails*. Haha #itwasjustluckyguessla




Following this National Finals, all of the finalists are also required to take part on an online challenge to be eligible for the next stage. This online challenge is made up of 2 parts – unboxing challenge of a box of skincare goodies that they received before they left the event that day, and also the “no makeup, makeup look” video demo. Only 2 finalists will be selected and they will join the Asia Finals in Tokyo this November! So exciting!


IMG_2555All 29 finalists. Wonder which 2 will join the grand finals in Tokyo!


All the best to all the finalists! 🙂


  1. Looks so coool. 30 minutes to do full makeover? That’s just awesome! Ahaha. Seronoknya dpt pergi event hehehe

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