Raya 2015

Oh my God guys, I have totally forgotten about my blog – what with puasa, raya shopping, balik kampung and everything! Haha #worstbloggerever #doesanyoneevenreadblogsanymore #sorrytoomanyhashtags #canthelpit #iblameinstagram #okfineillstop 😛

This year’s Raya is my husband’s turn so we went balik kampung Loqstaq a few days before Raya (4 days to be exact) and spent a week there. I don’t have any complaints (it’s always fun to go beraya in kampung IMO) except… THE JOURNEY BACK TO KL TOOK A FREAKING 12 HOURS! Sigh. Kalau naik kapal terbang dah boleh sampai Turki agaknya. Hehe.

My girls were fine tho, during the journey. No, they were more than fine. They were enjoying it! They spent the first 6 hours talking and singing and playing ponies non-stop, and the next 5 hours or so sleeping. I couldn’t sleep because I wanted to keep an eye on my husband, in case he dozed off or something (Nauzubillah), so you can imagine how super exhausted (and cranky) I was by the time we reached home, which was around 4am!


Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 12.15.05 AMI guess it’s never boring when there’s ponies around ^_^


IMG_9050They spent almost every night playing bunga api in kampung. Reminded me of the times when I was small. Sigh #funtimes #sometimesimissbeingakid.


IMG_9272Pagi raya.
Saya nak mintak maaf kalau banyak sangat membebel. Pastu nak mintak bag LV lagi boleh? Heh.




IMG_9253I decided to wear something simple and “Kedahan”. Top and skirt both from Mimpikita, which I got from FashionValet (was lucky to grab that Rumi top even though it was a size bigger, because it was sold out so fast!)


IMG_9277My girls in these adorable little scallop bow kurungs from ButtonMyButtons. My favourite so far!


And last but not least, family photo!




(For more Raya pics, can just view my Instagram la ok #sopemalas).

I would like to take this opportunity to wish happy Eid Mubarak to all of you and I hope this Raya would bring an abundant of joy and happiness to you and your loved ones. Do forgive my wrongdoings and umm.. for also not updating my blog regularly. 😐

Stay safe, people!


  1. lama tu sampai 12jam. anak tak meragam takpe. igt ms jam teruk balik utara ms labor day. ms tu la baby poo poo..adoii kena masuk jalan lama igt tak jam.lg teruk rupanya.

    selamat hari raya


  2. I still read your blog and insya Allah will always be your reader 😉 😉 keep writing kak!

  3. Selamat Hari Raya to you and your beautiful family! Keep on posting because we still read your blog dear! =)

  4. sweetfantasybaby says:

    Hye sis… selamat hari raya…I am a newbie here.. just start reading your blog today… since I recently follow u on instagram…quite interesting shall I say.. my first impression when I opened ur blog was “oh my… soo cuute!” I cant help but noticing the cute pink stilletos at the top right corner ..it represents u very well I must say… anyway, ur blog inspires me… I always dream of having one of my own (insyaAllah one day) keep on writing sis! I’ll be following ur entry from now on…

  5. Your blog is one of the longest I follow tau..since your time dkt MMU / UNITEN? tak ingat haha.. every now and then I must visit jugak. 🙂

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