When pain gets in the way

The other day, I woke up feeling fatigued with neck pain and a throbbing headache.

That wasn’t the first time tho. I’ve actually experienced this several times, and I noticed it usually happened when I had a looong day outside the house or when I stayed up really late the night before.

I hate waking up like that. If I don’t do anything about it, the pain would last the whole day and my day would be ruined.

I cannot cook for my family, I cannot do the laundry, I cannot do any housework, and most importantly, I cannot attend to my children’s needs properly. All I want to do is just sleep and rest without any interruptions until my headache subsides. But that is highly unlikely, especially if you’re a mother with no helper. Can you imagine attending to your 4-year-old’s cry with a pounding headache? Things can get really ugly and both of you could end up crying!

Sometimes I would even lose it and get snappy at my children for playing too loud or interrupting my rest with their petty little things.

Sigh… Poor my children. They just wanted my attention and I failed to give it to them because of my headache and I got mad at them instead. I feel like such a crappy mom! >_<

Now whenever I wake up with a headache, I know what I need to do. I need my Panadol Actifast. I need to treat it right away so that I can get back to my normal life, enjoying every precious moment with these two munchkins of mine….


IMG_0083Playing dress-up


IMG_6450Making a giant poster painting


IMG_6481Enjoying our ice-cream treat


IMG_6407Having a picnic in the front yard (or even indoor)


IMG_8754Goofing around and just having fun.


I won’t be able to enjoy these moments if I am sick or in pain, because pain can really get in the way of everything.

Aligned with Panadol’s recent campaign, let’s not sacrifice any pain with every small yet priceless moment with our children. Instead of ignoring the pain, choose to treat it so we could go back to our normal every day routines with the kids.

Did you know that Panadol Actifast is gentle even in an empty stomach, which absorbs twice as fast than regular paracetamol and leaves body naturally within 24 hours, besides being a safe and effective pain reliever?

If you’re in pain, don’t just suffer through the pain. Your children need you. They need their mommy to be healthy and happy again. Treat your pain, because when pain is gone, life takes its place. #LifeReplacesPain #PanadolActifst


  1. looks like that u lack of calcium sis…plz drink milk or take calcium supplement!

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