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I remember the first time when I got my first handphone. It was given by my dad a few days before I started university. Just before my parents were about to leave me, far far away from home (I studied in Melaka), dad handed me a box.

“Here, you’ll need this”.

It was a Nokia 3310 (no smartphone at that time ok).

Boy, was I happy. I felt like a grown up. I had my own handphone!

I spent the next few days playing around with my new baby. Dad got me a postpaid plan so I did not have to worry about credits and stuff. I sms-ed my friends, downloaded ringtones and picture messages every single day. So cool to have your own phone!

And then the bill came – to my dad, of course. 5 pages long! I was shocked (and scared, haha). I didn’t know ringtones would cost that much! I only downloaded like 20, I think. Pffft.

Let’s just say, my dad wasn’t happy at all and he decided to teach me a lesson by switching my postpaid plan to prepaid. He only provided RM50 top-up a month; pandai-pandai la kau berjimat guna. It could be worse – he could have taken away my handphone! But he did not.

But still, it was hard at first. I was always worried about how much credit I had left. Sometimes I even had to cut down my meal expenses and eat express noodles instead, just so I can buy extra top-up credit.

uMobile came up with something that I think students especially, would appreciate.




They’re having a promotion where you can redeem free Mamee Express Cup (curry flavour) and Revive Isotonic drink when you purchase RM50 top-up. Why didn’t they have this kind of promo when I was a student?! Sheeesh.



Redeeming it is easy too. Just go to any 7-Eleven outlet and present your uMobile top-up card at the cashier.




IMG_7936Make sure you have topped up your prepaird first before redeeming it.


IMG_8134And then you’ll get your free foodies!

You can also redeem a bottle of Revive Isotonic when you purchase RM30 top-up credit.

This promotion is valid until 31st August 2014. For more info, you may log on to their website at


  1. Awww… Totally understand coz I made the same mistake. Terkejot biler tengok total bill.
    Needless to say, my dad kept my hp every night (hp curfew) to teach me a lesson. Tough love. :/

  2. awesome!

  3. Nurashikin ZA says:

    selamat berkenalan.
    Jemput semua singgah sini juga.
    “Life is beautiful…don’t waste it.”

  4. Wow.. nowadays reload so good one.. can redeemed food and drink some more O.o

  5. Assalammualaikum first time bw here 🙂 salam ramadhan.

  6. Cold promotion….love it =)

  7. seronoknya dapat extra free dengan topup ni~

  8. Salam…u mobile oh u mobile…

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