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Besides the basic human necessities, I really cannot live without the internet. It’s an essential and I would feel “lost” without it.

I use it for almost everything – look up recipes for dinner (you should see how I cook in the kitchen – one hand holding a wooden spoon and another hand holding my iPhone, trying to follow the cooking instructions), send Whatsapp messages to my family and friends, check my emails, search for a specific location using gps on my phone, search for food recommendations when I’m at a new place, etc…



And then of course there’s Instagram. It’s interesting to see pictures of what my nephews and my friends’ kids are up to, what other people are wearing today, what they are having for lunch, what new arrival items my favorite online stores are releasing, etc etc. I just have to check it for like every hour or my fingers would itch. I’m addicted!

All of these require internet connection, which is not a problem when I’m at home. But when I’m out and about – when I need my phone and a fast internet connection the most (you know, in case I got lost or I need to post a photo of my yummy dessert on Instagram or something), that’s when I usually face connection problem.


One time, I was at Sephora looking for a new facial scrub when I came across a new brand with a pretty packaging. I wasn’t sure if it was any good, so I quickly took out my phone from my bag and started to look up for the reviews of that scrub on Sephora website (they have user reviews and ratings which I find very helpful). But the WiFi connection was very slow, so there I was, standing in the middle of the beauty aisle, frantically reloading the page for like the hundredth time while my husband was impatiently waiting outside, giving me the “how-long-are-you-going-to-be-in-there” look. Gahhh!

It can be frustrating dealing with super slow internet connection. You can’t even rely on the free WiFi connections that some cafes and restaurants provide because they are also slow as everyone else is using it.

Maybe I should say yes to YES. I heard about their new mobile hotspot device – the Huddle XS. This device can create private WiFi hotspots wherever you are and it’s light and compact enough to slip in your pocket or inside your handbag. It’s just the size of your palm!


The Huddle XS would be perfect especially for gizmo geeks who like to carry around several devices with them wherever they go – phone, tablet, laptop. You can share high speed internet connection (4G y’all!) on multiple devices that’s 10 times faster than other 3G providers.¬†Your iPhone, iPad and Macbook can all be connected with just one subscription. You can stream videos without buffering (ain’t that a pain?), download your favorite songs, update blog, upload photos on social medias, etc faster than ever, even when you’re (moving) in a car! Best part is, even if you’ve used up all your data quota, you can still continue using unlimited data at 128Mbps with no extra charge.



The Huddle XS retails for RM480, but if you sign up for their Yes Super Postpaid Plans between 2nd January – 31st March 2014, you can get the Huddle XS for FREE! They are also having the largest tablet giveaway contest – 90 tablets are up for grabs and you could stand a chance to win one. There’s only 12 days left to win it!

Here’s how to participate:

1. Log on to
2. Answer a survey question
3. Submit and win*

*Contest T&C apply:
*Valid for subscribers who signed up from 2nd Jan – 31st March 2014 only.


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