Phone Dilemma

My iPhone 4 is showing signs of going kaput and I will need to get a new phone sooner or later. Sometimes it just freezes, the home button is unresponsive, and paling geram is the camera which takes forever to load. Imagine my frustration when my girls are doing something cute and I want to snap some pics of them right away, only to have a slow camera phone with me. By the time the camera is loaded, my girls are already running around doing something else and all I could snap was some blurry faces (you know how it is with kids). Pffft. I don’t blame them. I blame my iPhone camera. I really need a new phone with awesome camera features!

My husband and I had been loyal Apple users for the past few years andย I was so sure that I would replace my current iPhone with iPhone 5. But that was then. Now I’m starting to have second thoughts. I mean, I still love Apple products *hugs our iMacs and MacBooks*…. but have you seen Samsung Galaxy S4?? Nice, right! It doesn’t help that my husband is giving “green light” if I want to get that phone (he wanted to give Galaxy Note II for my birthday but I asked for a camera instead).

Previously he was like, “Tak payah la. iPhone lagi best blablabla *starts to defend Apple*”, when I suggested different brands of phones. I don’t know what happened. Haha.

I’ve used my husband’s iPhone 5 and I like it. The camera is fast, takes sharp and clear photos. But I’ve heard great things about S4 too. And the screen is bigger!


For someone who is an Instagram-holic and uses her phone mainly for the camera and internet, which one would you recommend? I really can’t make up my mind! A little help would be much appreciated (especially those who have experienced using both phones). Thank you.



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  1. hi husband just bought himself an iphone5. then he regrets it when he tries samsung galaxy4. he said S4 is much cooler. not sure how cool is it. im a S3 user as well and i think why not u give a try different brand pulak..;D

  2. i was in the same dilemma few months back. but end up getting an iphone 5. if u want to feel like having a brand new phone get the s4! hehe coz i dont think there’s much different between i4 and i5 accept for the speed and the phone is longer hehe

  3. *not much different

  4. well, the iphone 4 prob can be fixed. use assistive touch instead of using the physical home button. loads slowly maybe because you didnt close the running applications. Try double tap the home button and close the applications, ur iphone will be faster and insyaAllah it wont be that slow. just some tips for the time being before you decide buying new phone. =)

  5. well for me, as much as I love Apple, you can do so much more with android phone. Mid of May, the HTC One will be launch pulak. Maybe you can compare those two.

  6. my bff used iphone and then she bought samsung. It has been over a year since she used Samsung. She said all is ok but she misses the many and various apps @ iphone.

  7. my bff used iphone and then she bought samsung. It has been over a year since she used Samsung. She said all is ok but she misses the many and various apps @ iphone.

  8. BaizuraNatasha says:

    Iza..i never like apple (no specific reason)until I got myself ip5. I’ve been using S2 for a year before decided to not come back to samsung. My S2 always hang when to capture photos, even after few months used, my s2 suddenly shut down by itself. Samsung sgt cool in term of apps, but too many ads. Semak!!!! Ne i nye experience la. i definitely would not use samsung anymore.

  9. why not u try xperia z..previously i used 4s but then i changed to xperia z..for someone that avid user of instagram, the camera’s image is really sharp and beautiful with 13MP.. and i heard that samsung always hang..

  10. Iza@ThePinkStilettos says:

    Ahh yes. Keep on forgetting to close the running apps! If only there’s a way to close them all at once instead of satu-satu….

  11. Salam, if you are a heavy iPhoneography user, you will *NEVER* get the same satisfaction using other non iOS phones.
    My advice, just hold on to your iPhone 4 for a while and wait for the iPhone5S to be released in Msia by maybe end of this year – because the iPhone 5S camera is 12MP while the iPhone 5 is only 8MP . FYI, the soon-to-be-released ios7 will have the ability to close all your apps with just one touch – Alhamdulillah, your doa dimakbulkan ๐Ÿ™‚

    And if you decide to get a Samsung, just bear in mind that Android phones will usually lag after a few months of usage – even after you have killed apps – be it on my Note II or Nexus.

  12. Iza@ThePinkStilettos says:

    Thank you SO much for your responses, guys! Really appreciate it and I think I have made up my mind. U guys helped a lot! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. if u want something diff from apple, better choose S4nlots of new appsnn

  14. Was as iphone 4 user and now note II. Mmg x fact rasa ive made the right decision.notes is really cool in term of can close all running app in single step*wink wink* its the real back button beside home button. But I do heard ppl missed the ifon apps once switch to android-which I x rasa gitu pun.maybe not an avid app usetr.pesanan akhir:make the changes! Or else U deny the oppurtunity to experience lots of smarter functionality

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