NST Photoshoot

Had an interview and a photoshoot with NST yesterday, about a topic that I reaaally love: ONLINE SHOPPING.

I was excited and didn’t remember being nervous even tho that was my first time doing a photoshoot for a newspaper. I was just a little shy to pose in front of the camera, but oh well, that’s me. Hehe.


My girls were there too!



I wore a shawl from TudungPeople, floral blouse from Nasty Gal, Kim Kardashian for Dorothy Perkins jeans and one of my favorite Jessica Simpson shoes.

The whole time I was like, how do I pose? Are my legs ok like this? Am I smiling too wide? Because my upper gum is big and I’d look like a horse if I do so. I absolutely don’t want to look like a horse.

Then the photographer suggested that my girls join the photoshoot. Cool! But they need to change first.

If I knew my girls were going to join the photoshoot as well, I would have dressed them up in coordinating dresses and shoes! But never mind. Color-blocking, yo 😛

I was asked to bring a few of my online purchases for the photoshoot that are significant to me and my God, it was so hard. How do I even choose which one not to bring? I love them all, especially my shoes. I wanted to bring 5 pairs of shoes at first, but there were no space for other items. In the end, I managed to squeeze in 3 pairs of shoes, a bag, a few of my girls’ dresses, some necklaces, books and a couple of jackets that I love in one small luggage!

It will be out next Monday, so if you wanna know about my online shopping story, get a copy ya! 😀


  1. Salute you babe!

  2. Iza, can i know where did u get Ayra’s mint dress? I need to look for one and it’s hard to find. Let me know plss!! I really adore the one you let go for Raina :)rnrnThanks!!

  3. Iza@ThePinkStilettos says:

    It’s from Gymboree

  4. mestila nervousss…hehehe..u and ur girls sangat comel!!!…tambah pulak baju raina comel gile gitu….

  5. Iza share la all your handbags punya collection…nak tgk!..huhu..u have great taste in choosing what is best for u n the kids,everything looks perfect

  6. Iza@ThePinkStilettos says:

    Alahai. My handbag collection seciput jer. Not worth sharing! Huuu

  7. I love your blouse. What size did you get?

  8. Iza@ThePinkStilettos says:

    Thanks. I wear S size.

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