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OMG guys. It’s out… and I look so tembam! *cries*

Fine, I am tembam. 😛


It’s so surreal seeing myself on the front page of NST Life & Times. Thank you NST for featuring me (and my girls)!

Click here to read the article.


  1. yezza…saya sudah baca..muka comel la..awak harus framekan..cantik..hehehehe…terkejut..ebay pun ada jual fake ek iza…nice to be your silent reader..have a nice day iza..’browse,click,buy’ :p

  2. u look ok what… 🙂

  3. Oh nooooooo…u should never crossed your leg when taking pictures or when you’re on tv…its just so wrong!

  4. Iza, loved ur girls dresses. Need the babygap on9 url to shop. Thx !

  5. Iza@ThePinkStilettos says:

    The mint dress that Ayra is wearing is actually from gymboree. Raina punya baru babygap. I bought it from gap.com but it’s already sold out sbb past season punya (bought it earlier this year).

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