SK-II Global Blogger Workshop

Earlier last month, I attended the first ever SK-II Global Blogger Workshop in Singapore. It was a 3-day event filled with pampering, dining and workshopping (eh?) with 15 other bloggers across Asia including Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. As an avid SK-II user, I was thrilled and excited to accept the invitation. Plus, I had never traveled anywhere on my own before so that was a great chance (my husband was green with envy :P)!

A day before departing, we packed our bags and went to my parents house. That was where my husband and the girls stayed at while I was away.


Lil bro sent me to the airport the next day (he hates it when I called him that :P)


I was already enjoying my “independence” while waiting for the flight. Felt so grown up! Haha.


Arrived at Singapore Changi Airport. Somebody was already waiting for me and the other blogger, Kelly.


Bloggers from Malaysia


They even arranged a private chauffeur for us!


We stayed at St. Regis Hotel and everything was superb. There’s a 24-hour butler service, a tub and a TV in the bathroom and a king size bed all to myself! I didn’t even know we bloggers got a room each. Thought we would be sharing a room or something. I told my husband about it and he was like, “I knew I should’ve followed you!”. Haha. Yeah well, it’d be great if he was there with me but I enjoyed being alone too, once in a while.




The first day was free and easy, so Kelly and I went shopping at Orchard Road. It was only a few minutes away from St. Regis Hotel. Later that night while I was soaking in the tub, reading a book, somebody knocked on the door and sent these…


Some SK-II products!


The next day, we were chauffeured to Millenia Walk for a pampering session at SK-II Boutique Spa.


The beauty therapist explained about the types of facials available and I chose the Illuminating Facial. I don’t know, I just love the word illuminating. 😛 The Illuminating Facial helps to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone, as well as reducing dullness and slight pigmentation, by the way. There were a few steps involved, just like any other facials, but I love the facial massage and the tool that the therapist used to help the mask penetrate deeper into my skin. It was so relaxing that I actually fell asleep!

That night, we had a welcome dinner at Salt Grill, ION Orchard Tower where we met the rest of the bloggers.



So honored that we get to seat next to the important people behind the SK-II brand.
Mr. Taro Yamaguchi (next to me) and Dr. Kukizo Miyamoto (next to Kelly).


We played a little guess-how-old-am-I game among ourselves. Most of them thought I was 24-25, and Kelly… Oh my God. Everyone thought she was in her mid 20’s. She’s actually 10 years older than that, believe it or not! SK-II la, of course. Heh.


Food was good, especially the Barramundi with celeriac puree (bottom left).


On the 3rd day, right after breakfast, we attended the Beauty by 5 Dimensions Facial Treatment Essence workshop at St. Regis Embassy & Consulate. I love the cozy and intimate setting; definitely something different than the usual beauty workshops. I also love the goodie bag that each of us got – the limited edition Facial Treatment Essence (215ml) by Rochas Paris and a Swarovski thumbdrive!




The speakers


Dr. Kukizo Miyamoto, who is the Principal Scientist in Research & Development, explained that in 1999, SK-II embarked on the world’s first holistic skin tracking study on the ultimate factors that define beautiful, crystal clear skin at any age. Over the course of 10 years, SK-II’s team of scientists followed the skin biologies of over 100 women to understand how the skin’s bio-physics responds to aging. The detailed study was conducted in Japan’s Akita region which was famed for its beautiful women and the skin results showed that over 600 women living in Akita, aged between 5 to 65 years have significantly fewer wrinkles, spots and fairer skin compared to those from another region in the south of Japan which has higher exposure to UV rays. Sun exposure (besides gravity) is one of the main causes of aging!

I remembered the night before, at the welcome dinner, Dr. Kukizo asked Kelly and I when did we start using skincare (sunscreen) and we both answered in our teens (I started earlier, at 13). He later explained that our current skin condition is the result of how much sun exposure we had during our childhood and teen years! They accumulated and will only show 10-15 years later! Meaning that, if we were frequently exposed to UV rays when we were a kid/teenager and did not wear any sunscreen, we have higher chances of getting wrinkles, sun spots, age spots, pigmentation, etc at an earlier age. Eeek! I guess it’s a good thing I started to get interested in beauty and skincare at an early age (gotta thank my mum for that)! And my being a “Puteri Lilin” ever since I was a kid is also a good thing, apparently :P. So ladies (and men, too), wear sunscreen whenever you go out in the sun! Or at least a moisturizer with an SPF in it because once the age spots or pigmentation appear on your skin, it would be hard to get rid of them.


Each of us were given a hallow card to be placed on our cheeks for spots analysis.


Try pulling one side of your face like this to see how much your skin have sagged.


Place a transparent sticker on the outer side of your eye while smiling and then stick it on a black card to see if there’s any crow’s feet.



Speaker no. 2, Mr. Taro Yamaguchi who is the Global Scientific Communications Manager of SK-II, talked mainly about the Facial Treatment Essence (FTE). FTE has been for over 30 years and it still remains as one of SK-II’s best-sellers – it’s one of my favorite beauty products too. Its main ingredient is Pitera, with over 90%, and it’s also SK-II’s signature ingredient. Pitera has a delicate balance of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids, and it also contains components of Natural Moisturizing Factors which occur naturally in the skin. This gives it a unique ability to adapt and work harmoniously with the skin. The formula of the FTE which has remained unchanged over the last 3 decades has been proven to shift skin’s five dimensions to attain visible improvements towards crystal clear skin. It’s even suitable for those with eczema, even children!



The last part of the workshop is the Tools of Proof – science behind skin counseling by Tanacin Meswad (Aum). He’s my favorite speaker! He gave so many useful skincare tips and I learned so much.



We were introduced to Magic Ring, the latest skin analysis device from SK-II. It gives an in-depth analysis of your skin based on the 5Ds of Texture Refinement, Firmness Power, Wrinkle Resilience, Spot Control and Radiance Enhancement. It can even analyses skin with makeup on. Results are benchmarked against skin averages and skin scores of women of the same age and ethnicity as yours to reveal how well your skin is doing in all 5 dimensions.


Capturing a close-up picture of my skin


And here are the results!


Aum said my skin’s 5 dimensions are harmonious with each other.


I got the highest score for spot control (despite the many moles I have..hehe) of all the 5 dimensions. Apparently my skin’s spot control is like a 21 year old woman! Ngeh ngeh. Oh by the way, those red marks on the grayscale picture are the spots that are hidden in the basal epidermis layer and if I don’t take great care of my skin, they will appear on my skin sooner or later. Yikes!


My worst score – Texture Refinement! Basically, it’s something to do with pores. To be honest, I was quite shocked because I thought my pores are rather small! Haha. Turns out, I have clogged pores underneath my skin and those blue marks are them! 😯


Aum asked whether I do double cleansing every day. I didn’t. I only do double cleansing when I wear makeup so that’s only about… 1-2 times a week. He later explained that double cleansing is important because it helps to remove makeup residue, sebum, dirt, dead skin cells and previous skincare product used. Cleansing the face with a cleanser alone won’t remove all of those. No wonder my pores are clogged because I didn’t cleanse them well! So ladies, double cleanse your face TWICE a day, whether you have makeup on or not. He also recommended me a product that can help with my clogged pores, which I will share later on.

The Magic Ring can also show how your skin would look like when it has improved or worsened. I think it’s a great feature because it made me more bersemangat to take care of my skin.


The left photo is my current skin, and the right photo is how my skin would look like if I neglect it. I can see pigmentation. Tak nak, tak nak!


Anyway, this Magic Ring is available at any SK-II counter and you can do it for free. It would only take about 10 minutes to get an in-depth skin analysis. I would highly recommend anyone to do it because you don’t know what’s going on underneath your skin! And it’s especially useful for those who don’t know which product you should be using or if you don’t have any idea what are your skin’s main concern. Like me for example, previously I was so busy trying to get a radiant, glowing skin so I used the Cellumination range (the mask-in lotion and moisturizer) when I should be focusing more on my skin’s texture and pores! Oh well, now I know.

Before the workshop ended, we had group photos.


All of the bloggers from Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.


With the speakers.


And then we had lunch at the same place we had breakfast.


Sedap, except for the dessert. Too sour for my liking!


The event ended with a tour to SK-II counter at TANGS, led by Aum where he explained each and every product of SK-II, as well as some skincare tips.



Aum shared how to get full use of the Facial Treatment Essence:

  • Soak 3 cotton pads with the FTE (because 1 cotton pad is not thick enough) and start patting gently on your eyes, followed by the whole face.
  • Using the other side of the cotton pads, wipe them on your neck and décolletage with upward movement.
  • Then split the cotton pads into 2, and wipe each one on your arms and legs!

If you have a problematic area on your skin that needs special care (redness, spots, dry patches, pimples, etc), you can leave on the soaked cotton pad on that area for 5 minutes for extra treatment.


My skin is combination with oily/shiny T-zone so Aum recommended me the Facial Clear Solution, Skin Refining Treatment, Advanced Eye Treatment Film and StemPower.


I have started using the Skin Refining Treatment (for my clogged pores) and the StemPower moisturizer for about a month now (I actually bought them right after the trip). Loveee them! I will probably do a little bit of review about those two in a different post, together with my other favorite beauty products.

Overall, it has been a wonderful event with fun and exciting activities. Thank you SK-II for inviting me, for letting me be a part of your first ever Global Blogger Workshop. It’s definitely the best beauty event I’ve attended so far!


  1. PROUD OF U IZA…u re the one n only yg pakai tudung.u rock girllll

  2. Bestnyer!!! Nak tny u mentioned FTE bole apply kt children kan? below 1 year bole ke x eh? sbb my baby ada eczema kt pipi dia…dh try mcm2 pn x jalan gak…..nnI love skin refining treatment gak! Rasa kulit licin lps guna tuh….

  3. Awesome experience! Berani ok u pergi sorang2! If i sure dah angkut jgk hubby n yusuf! Great post! As usual! 😉

  4. so jeles! anyway i love the stempower too. hehehe mmg power!

  5. OMG!!You are so lucky!!

  6. this is one awesome experience! <3 Would love to try SK II products too! <3nn

  7. hi salam perkenalannnbestnye dpt free product….nnjom join my blog.nn

  8. Iza@ThePinkStilettos says:

    Babies I’m not sure pulak. But the MC applied the FTE on her 2yo kid.

  9. Iza@ThePinkStilettos says:

    Bukan selalu dpt peluang macam ni! Haha. Lagipun i dah lama teringin nak tidur hotel sorang2 for me time ;p

  10. Iza@ThePinkStilettos says:

    Yeaa…Best moisturizer I’ve used so far!

  11. Mulus nyer kulit awakkkkkkkkk…cantik…

  12. Iza@ThePinkStilettos says:

    Tapi underneath that rupanya ada clogged pores. Boo hooo!

  13. ah bestnyer mcm pampering session

  14. Oic. Thanks anyway. I tried the FTE tips tu. tp x sapu kt kaki la plakkan. Hehe

  15. wahhh nest nyer events kaki iza 🙂

  16. You look so pretty!…takyah SK II pun..ahaks…Pretty, Classy and Chic…that’s how I would describe u…heheh

  17. Iza@ThePinkStilettos says:

    Aww thank you! But that’s with the help of sk-II and makeup of course! 😀


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