Getting Pregnant

A few people had been asking me, “So when’s the 3rd one?”.

I wanted to reply… I just had my baby! And then I realized my baby is not so baby anymore. She’s going to be 3 this year!

Am I ready for a third one?

Well, honestly… no. Not now. Maybe I will be ready to get pregnant in 6-12 months from now (or maybe more), kalau diizinkan Tuhan. But for now, I’m just physically not ready. I’m overweight (trust me on this), I’m not fit and I’m always so tired. We all know that it’s best to get pregnant when you are fit and healthy so that is why I don’t want to get pregnant yet. I need to lose weight and get fit first!

Experts recommend women to start preparing for pregnancy as early as possible before trying to conceive. This includes lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, medication, emotional, environment and financial. It’s important to plan your pregnancy ahead to ensure a healthy pregnancy. A baby’s organs begin to form in the first few weeks of pregnancy and sufficient folate is critical for fetal development especially in the first 27 days of pregnancy – that’s before you even know you are pregnant!

Folate or Folic Acid, helps a baby’s neural tube, which is the part of the embryo that becomes the brain and spinal cord, to develop properly. This is a critical phase of development, so having sufficient level of folate as early as possible is important to prevent birth defects.

Women who are planning to get pregnant are required to take 400mcg of folic acid a day and Anmum Materna provides all of that when you drink 2 glasses a day, in addition to folate intake from a varied diet. Anmum Materna is the only high folic acid milk powder that is clinically tested. It’s no wonder why Anmum Materna is the pioneer and the number 1 brand of maternal milk in the market. Besides that, it also contains important nutrients such as calcium, iron and zinc, all of which are essential for pregnancy. Don’t wait until you’re pregnant to drink it; start drinking Anmum Materna if you’re ready to get pregnant!

Anyway. Here’s a game to find out how to be physically ready for pregnancy:



Some of the questions are easy peasy, like this one…

Boxers, of course


Some needs revision on Biology subject. Hee 😛

I have no idea. Anyone knows?


Answer the questions correctly in the shortest time and you could win exciting honeymoon holidays and prizes!

You could also request for a sample product by clicking on ‘The Easy Answer’ tab.

For more information on planning for pregnancy, visit Or if you have a burning question about pregnancy or anything related to it, you can call Anmum Care Malaysia to speak to their nutritionists at 1800-88-3122 (weekdays from 8.30am – 5.30pm).


  1. Salam Iza,nThanks 4 sharing this game. Really enjoy it dan dapat banyak info + knowledge walaupun tak menang..

  2. Iza@ThePinkStilettos says:

    Wasalam. Good to hear that!

  3. Sindrom ibu anak 2.. I have 1 pair 1 year apart.. the ‘baby’ going to be 4 this year… still maminya berkira2 ..hmmm

  4. Iza@ThePinkStilettos says:

    Rasa macam tak puas rehat lagi kan? huhun

  5. Is it ok to drink anmum materna even if we are planning to get pregnant in 2017? Is it ok to start drinking now?

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