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I get a lot of back pain these days and I think it’s quite serious. Some days I would wake up with neck and shoulder pains, which later cause an intense headache that even Panadol cannot cure it. It’s that bad!

I’m positively sure that this is the main reason:

I spend on average 4-5 hours a day in front of the computer, sitting on that chair. It’s not a comfortable chair, if I may add. There’s no armrests, doesn’t give full back support, and it’s hard and cushionless! I didn’t give much thought before buying it. I just wanted something pink and affordable. And now I’m suffering the consequences of my own poor choices. 😐

Every week I would go for a full body Thai massage to ease my back pain. It does go away… for like a day or two. But the pain will start to creep back again after that. And then I would go for a body massage again. It’s a never-ending cycle! I seriously need to invest in a good chair…and something to cure my back pain. My bad sitting posture is unhealthy and causing discomfort and to be honest, it affects my daily routine.

When I heard of Livia iSofa at the launching in Sunway Pyramid the other day, I thought it was just another massage chair. Boy was I wrong.

The iSofa is actually a pelvic corrective sofa (and the only one in Malaysia), and it’s no. 1 selling in Japan. It’s a sofa that can be used to ease and treat pelvic position and alignment. It’s aesthetically appealing too. I love the modern design!

Of course we get to test it.


Kak Jem and I


A lot of us suffer from back (and even butt) pain from daily lifestyle (like yours truly) such as poor posture, wearing high heels (uh-ohh), carrying heavy loads and extreme sports which could cause pelvic misalignment. The iSofa is equipped with 20 airbags which offers therapeutic exercise programs for correcting pelvic position as well as releasing stress and relaxing the spine.

There are 3 programs that you can choose:

1) Pelvic Corrective Exercise – both left and right airbags expertly massage the lower body to correct pelvic position and alignment.

2) Buttocks Firming & Waist Trimming – the exercises helps to firm the buttocks and trim the waist for a slimmer and sculpted body.

3) Stretching Exercises – airbags squeezes and stretched on the back and pelvic region to release stress and relax the spine.

Each program lasts for 15 minutes and I managed to try them all. I have to say, I like the Stretching Exercise the most – you can actually feel the airbags squeezing and stretching your back and butt tightly – it felt good!

Comes in 4 colors – Harmony Purple, Opportunity Brown, Health Yellow and Wealth Red.
I personally like the red one.

I like that the size is not bulky. See how my girls could sit nicely on them. And it’s foldable too.

Some Chinese celebrities were there for the launching.

I could really do with this iSofa. Massages (even massage chair) only ease the pain for a while and when you start doing all your unhealthy daily routines again, the pain comes back. It doesn’t treat it. This iSofa could prevent the pain and discomfort from happening if you make it a routine to sit on it every day, especially at night before going to bed. I wish I could have one!

In conjunction with the launching, Takasima is offering the Livia iSofa at a promo price of RM1,800 each until 31st December 2012. The retail price is actually RM3,000! It’s available at all Takasima outlets nationwide. For more info, log on to www.takasimafitness.com.


  1. Iza..i suggest u go to a chiropractor. I know one good lady chiro in cheras.

  2. assalam..iza, i think the main reason bout ur backpain is that u have reallly to slowly get rid off the high heels shoes….. :(nn

  3. Iza@ThePinkStilettos says:

    But…but… I only wear high heels like once a week or when there’s events. I don’t wear them every day…

  4. Iza@ThePinkStilettos says:

    Have u tried it before? Sakit tak?

  5. iza, no pain at all..chiropractor tu wil adjust ur spine..die either guna her hands or a special tool ..just like massage 🙂

  6. iza, no pain at all..chiropractor tu wil adjust ur spine..die either guna her hands or a special tool ..just like massage 🙂

  7. Iza@ThePinkStilettos says:

    Ic. Maybe i can give it a try nanti. May I know where’s the place?

  8. Iza@ThePinkStilettos says:

    Ic. Maybe i can give it a try nanti. May I know where’s the place?

  9. Hi iza…ni add chiro tun20-1-5 cheras business centre (jln 2/101c,off jln cheras) kuala lumpurnTel-0391312549

  10. hi, is the Livia isofa get bore or no new feel after few days or a certain time sit on it like the other massage chair do ?

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