Mini Honeymoon at The Banjaran Hotsprings

This is a long overdue post. Almost a year overdue! And since this was last year, I have to add that we were fatter than we are now, especially my husband! I was like, OMG you were so fat last year! Haha. (My husband has lost a total of 15 kg to date, by the way. I’ve lost a total of err… nevermind. Sikit je).


A week or so after our Jakarta trip in December last year (which I still haven’t blogged about. Oops), my husband and I went for a romantic getaway at The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat in Ipoh – just the two of us! It was one of the best and most romantic moment in our life.

You see, ever since we got married, we never had the chance to be “romantically” together (as in, to be together alone with no one else around) except on our honeymoon. Right after we got married, we took turns staying at both our parents’ place for a year until Ayra was born (I was pregnant a month after we got married), before moving to our own place. And of course our life changed after having a baby. No more romantic dates, no more going out for movies, no more holding hands wherever we go (we would either hold our baby or the stroller). Our priorities have changed. We were so busy being “mommy” and “daddy”! Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mommy and I love my kids. And yes, we do go out for dinner or movie dates, once in a while. But I miss spending the whole day with my husband alone, away from everything and everyone. We (married couples) need that, don’t we?

I remembered how we were so looking forward to this trip. I gotta thank my dad for giving us this romantic getaway gift. Best gift ever! πŸ™‚



The Banjaran is a retreat sanctuary with luxury villas, nestled in the lush tropical jungle. It’s a peaceful place to rest and rejuvenate, and no kids under 12 are allowed!Β  We left our kids with my sister-in-law and our maid (we had a maid at that time) at a hotel in Ipoh. I wasn’t that worried because my sister-in-law was there to look after them and because their hotel is only 15 minutes away from The Banjaran.



Welcome drink


All guests that arrived at The Banjaran have to beat the gong to announce our arrival


Buggy ride to our villa


That’s the Water Villa


Ours is the Garden Villa!

My jaw just dropped the moment we entered our villa. Sooo freaking nice! And did I mention there’s a private pool in each villa? Awesome!


The whole pool for just the two of us πŸ˜‰



The courtyard



This cd player plays romantic songs ALL day long. It was SO romantic, it felt just like the romantic scenes in a movie (you know, with the background music and all)! πŸ˜›


I never liked hotel beds, not even 5-star ones. The mattresses are usually too firm, but this! OMG.
It’s just so soft and comfortable that our whole body just sink in!


Each villa is given this complimentary Pomelo fruit, which is like their signature fruit or something


Can borrow DVD as well!


His and hers sinks. Because being romantic is not necessarily about sharing πŸ˜›



Jacuzzi in the backyard!




The Pomelo restaurant



This is the Hot Springs Dipping Pool. It’s kind of like jacuzzi style pool with fresh hot water billowing up from the ground below. It’s not even close toΒ 100ΒΊ C but it’s very hot! We could see steam coming out of the surface of the pool.


Β Guests are allowed to go inside the pool, but I just dipped my foot. Panas sangat!


There are Thermal Steam Cave, Ice Bath, Meditation Cave and Crystal Cave inside there




There’s also Dr. Fish Pool and Reflexology Pool



Done exploring. Back to our villa.


At around 8 pm, they sent these complimentary desserts at our villa. Can’t remember what it was tho but I think it was made from pomelo.


Candlelight dinner at The Pomelo restaurant


The food was not bad (I especially love the scallops), but we had to wait for 1 hour before the starters arrived. One hour! But the manager came to us and apologized personally. Turned out, they just changed the chef (at that time la).


Decided to borrow a DVD. My husband let me choose which movie I want so I chose this πŸ˜€


The next day, we went for our complimentary massage



I opted for Aromatherapy massage while my husband opted for Remedial massage.


Even tho it was just a short getaway, we felt like newlyweds all over again! πŸ˜› But seriously, I think it’s important for parents to take a time off from their children once in a while and spend time together. Just ask anyone – your parents, in-laws, siblings, or whoever you trust to look after your kids. Doesn’t need to be a lavish getaway (altho it would be nice!).

“It can be very difficult for your marriage to thrive if you spend all your time being “Mommy” and “Daddy”. You need to spend regular time as “Husband” and “Wife”. — Elizabeth Pantley.



  1. Crazy awesome Iza!!
    Wonder how much per night stay uhhh?? πŸ˜‰

  2. Best tmpt ni! Cantik! Iza, nak tny. Dia ada male masseuse ke?

  3. Wow,MZ lost 15kg?howwwwww?was it the herbalife shake?iza,do you mind to make a review on the collagen dust that you consume?thanks

    • Yes, Herbalife + workout. Maybe I’ll share his before and after pics in my blog, kalau dia bagi la. haha.
      Ok, insyaallah will do a review about the collagen drink. I’m trying another brand, so nak test dulu mana lg best.

  4. Salam kak iza.

    oh my…i never ever see the resort yang “ahh…romantic nya” until i saw this entry!
    babymoon pun sesuai kan?hehe:)

  5. Auwww…such a romantic place…:-)

  6. Cantiknya!!

  7. Syoknyaaaaa!!!!!!
    Sgt sgt besttt… Huuu… Doakan for me too kak iza…
    Hikhikhik… Bila lah kan… >_<

  8. That is 1 beautiful place.. And i want that pool side in my home! Hahaha… Lovely gareaway… πŸ™‚

  9. OMG!! this has officially become a must visit place for me n hubby. thanks for sharing iza:))

  10. Bestnyaaaaaaaa

  11. You can have this similar awesome villa with private pool & jacuzzi at Bali. Its freaking cheap. Siap ada personal chef during breakfast or any makan time. I rasa banjaran is Rm1000++ kan per nite Iza?

  12. Salam iza,
    Bestnya dapat pegi tempat macam ni. Penat kerja mesti hilang kalo dpt jejak kaki kat sini

  13. Reading this post so reminds me of my honeymoon in Bali. Their villas have similar concept but slightly cheaper especially if you get a promo package. Definitely something to indulge in! πŸ˜‰

  14. can’t believe the place is in ipoh!!!! must tell my hubby once we return to malaysia…miss malaysia a lot!!!!

  15. babe, sgt2 cantik!!! it reminds me with the villa we stayed in Bali….masa honeymoon, 5 yrs back πŸ™‚ oh my …’s soooo romantic! how much per night kat sini ya?

  16. babe, sgt2 cantik!!! it reminds me with the villa we stayed in Bali….masa honeymoon, 5 yrs back πŸ™‚ oh my …’s soooo romantic! how much per night kat sini ya?

  17. babe, sgt2 cantik!!! it reminds me with the villa we stayed in Bali….masa honeymoon, 5 yrs back πŸ™‚ oh my …’s soooo romantic! how much per night kat sini ya?

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