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I can’t believe Ramadhan is almost over. To be honest, I feel like we’ve only been fasting for like, 2 weeks. Suddenly we’re in the last week of fasting month already!

A part of me is sad that the holy month is coming to an end, but I can’t deny that I’m also pretty excited preparing for Raya, especially when it comes to Raya shopping! Our theme colors for this year are red, pink and mint. And maybe black/nude (altho, I still haven’t found a black/nude kurung for myself yet). Funny how my decision of theme colors are based on the colors of my girls’ dresses that I’ve purchased months in advance. 😛

My husband, as usual, isn’t so keen to do Raya shopping. I had to drag him to the shop to get him to buy his baju Melayu! The thing with men (or at least, my man) is, they don’t like spending money on something they rarely wear. Like baju Melayu, for example. “I already have 5 pairs of baju Melayu from previous Rayas, takkan nak kena beli in every color? Pakai on the first day of Raya jer”.

Well yes, men. Apparently, you need to have at least one pair of baju Melayu in every color so that it’d be easy to match with our kurung, period. And you don’t just wear it on the first day of Raya. Weddings also can wear what!

But anyways, we managed to find him a gorgeous burgundy red baju Melayu with matching sampin. I fell in love with the color. And so does he! The rest of his clothes would be mostly shirts and collared tees.

My husband had the opportunity to get his hands on a few apparels from John Master’s Raya collection, which features lots of casual wears like cotton & linen shirts, cotton spandex t-shirts, mercerised Ts and cotton corduroy pants. Below is him, wearing John Master collared tee in grey, worn with black cotton pants.


Please excuse his choice of footwear -__-

This tee is made of mercerised material and features a contemporary tapered fit cut. It is a little bit on the snug side, so I’d suggest to go a size up than what you (or your husband) normally wear, unless if you/he like wearing fitted shirts.

This version also comes in black.

John Master cotton pants also come in other colors including grey, brown and sand. You even have the option to fold the cuffs that will reveal a different colored inside for a trendy look.


Here’s another shirt from John Master – a short sleeve shirt made of premium linen material, with embroidery details at front. Very BritishIndia-ish, doncha think? Looks nice on him!

It’s a little bit different than his usual style (which are solid colors, stripes and checkered) but my husband actually likes this. There are a few other embroidered designs and colors as well. I think it would look great worn with khakis!

If you purchase RM350 or more in a single receipt, you’ll get this casual canvas hand-carry bag for free! Of course, stock is limited.

John Master also has baju Melayu, sampin, songkok and even butang baju Melayu in their Raya collection. If your husband still hasn’t found his Raya attires yet, he might wanna check out John Master’s counters or visit their Facebook page for more info.


  1. can;t believe muaz is up for this! lol!
    btw i can see a model potential there! 😛

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