Divas’ Day Out

I had the opportunity to join Capital FM‘s Viva La Diva tour as one of the divas last Saturday. It was HEAPS of fun. Major! I’m not exaggerating.


The day started with a briefing and breakfast at Tropicana Tower at around 7ish am. Right after that, all 20 of us divas *ehem* were divided into 9 chauffeur-driven MPVs with the entire crew of Capital FM’s presenters as the leaders. The MPVs even had the face of each Capital FM’s presenters on it! So cool.

My team leader is the lovely Priscillia and there were only the 3 of us in the team: me, Cat and Priscillia, of course. Less people = more space!

That’s Xandria Ooi, the one wearing sunnies


You see that? We were even being escorted by police outriders.
Everyone had to give way to us, jam or not. Such divas, hahah!

This Viva La Diva tour is a one-day tour and we were given the ultimate “Diva” experience. Pampering, shopping, gourmet cooking and dining! Basically, everything that I love to do!! 🙂


1st stop: Pampering session at Beauté Library, Taipan

Had Silky Hand Treatment, which involves scrubbing, massaging and dipping our hands in paraffin. I had never done any hand treatment before so that was the first time. The result is soft and moisturized hands! Before leaving, we were each given a goodie bag which consist of a trial facial set and RM200 voucher treatment. Yay!

With Asha Gill, who is one of Capital FM’s presenters. She’s so pretty!

2nd stop: Brunch at Twenty One Tables + Terrace, Bangsar Shopping Centre.

It wasn’t even 12 noon but I was already starving! I was salivating as I went through the list of menu of what we were going to have. Everything sounded yummy! Feta and quilted spinach quiche. Spaghetti aglio olio with chili & parsley. Marsala chicken tortilla wrap with minted yoghurt aioli. Yummmmm! The spaghetti olio was the best. I had 3 rounds of that, believe it or not! We also received RM100 dining voucher each. 🙂


3rd stop: Shopping at Pavilion

 Ahhh… My favorite and the “toughest” task of all!

When I tweeted that our next stop is shopping at Pavilion, a few of my Twitter friends asked me whether we were given any money to shop. You betcha! 😉

*smiling from ear to ear*

All of us were given RM500 Parkson vouchers each and we had to shop within 1 hour! Sounds easy? Well, not really. But challenge accepted! I was actually planning to get SK-II skincare but we were told that we could only shop for clothes, accessories, bags and shoes. No cosmetics and fragrances or kitchenware allowed. And we had to shop stuff for ourselves and everything must be coordinated.

I panicked a little. I usually shop for hours, spending more time browsing and deciding, but I managed to get a peplum top from Warehouse, a zebra print top from Wallis and a black ponte jacket from Elle. I overspent a little, but I’m happy with my purchases!

After the awesome shopping session, we were given another task – to sell as many Parkson’s 25-Year limited edition tote bags as possible to Parkson customers at RM9.90 in only 20 minutes! 100% of the proceeds goes to charity. The bag comes in 3 colors (black, white and pink) and personalized with a message from Xandria Ooi, Asha Gill and Joanne Kam. The team that sold the most bags wins a CK perfume each! We didn’t won tho. Our team only had 3 people! But never mind. It was fun tho.

Check out more photos at Parkson’s FB page: https://www.facebook.com/parkson.

Last stop: Gourmet cooking and dining at The Food Studio, Amarin Kiara.

Now this was fun too! I love watching cooking shows on Food Network and have always wanted to experience gourmet cooking session, so this was kind of like a dream come true for me. The spacious, well-equipped, fully-stocked kitchen is really a joy to work in.


When I saw the menu, I went, “Wow, are we going to cook all of those? Sempat ke?”


Chef Paul taught us how to cook oven roasted lamb, oven roasted potatoes and ratatouille. The rest of the dishes on the menu were already prepared for us! Asha Gill also taught us how to cook her signature dish, Vegetarian Chili. I didn’t manage to snap a photo of her dish tho, but it was so delicious! I’m going to make it one of these days (my husband loves chilies!).



Makan time. I ate everything from the menu.
The desserts were soooo gooood!

 This is Monny. She thought I was 18-19 years old. Merepek, bukan? :p


So that was how 20 divas spent their day out together. I had so much fun being pampered, eating, shopping, learning new gourmet recipes and making new friends. You can check out this page for more pics from the tour. You can even download their mobile apps at Google Play (Android users) and App Store (iPhone users).

Thank you Capital FM and Nuffnang for this opportunity. It’s an experience I will never ever forget and would definitely love to experience again! 🙂


  1. bestnya jadi diva even for a day sbb rasa dimanjakan…benda2 yg ladies suka buat i.e shopping,cooking

    rasa happy dpt ‘me time’ mcm ni kan?

  2. wow..its sound so muchhhhh fun…

  3. Hi sis,

    really like the way u style ur scarf..i know it’s just a normal way of wearing the scarf but i cudnt wear it as neat as urs….wud u b able to do a quick tutorial on that?greatly appreciated if u cud spare some time doing the tutorial..

    cheers! 🙂

    • thepinkstilettos says:

      Hi nora, thanks for the comment. I have never done hijab tutorial (and not sure bila entah nak buat), but i found this video which is quite similar to how i wear mine, cuma instead of selit bawah dagu, i pinkan hujung tu kat bahu (as you can see in my pics above)

  4. hi iza…boleh tau iza beli dkt mana tudung tu?suke la color dia…

  5. seronoknyaaaa…i dream to be like diva….kena pamper aushhh bestnyeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. Iza, pretty as always.

  7. bestnyerr… sangat jeles nih…

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