Cikgu Iza

Got myself a pair of glasses yesterday (yep, I’m short-sighted).

I kept on forgetting to wear my contact lens when I go out lately, especially when I’m in a hurry so I thought it would be handy to have glasses as well. It’s for days when I couldn’t be bothered with contact lens – like going to the groceries, massages or anywhere that I can be cincai.

I was surprised that my lens power had decreased – from 150 (left) and 175 (right) to 100 (left) and 125 (right). I don’t know what I did but I must have done something right! 8)


I think I look like a teacher.
But my husband likes it. He said it’s something different.

Fine, I get it. He’s bored with my usual look. -__-




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  1. OKay je I tengok, true, something different indeed.

  2. kalau ade cikgu macam ni, msti hot.. hehe..nice!

  3. still cantik!

  4. Teacher yg comel!i wanna be ur student hehe

  5. ur look gorges ler sisn:)

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