Baju Raya: one down, a few more to go

My mum and sister went to Nurita Harith bouqitue last Saturday to tempah a few baju Raya, and mum told me that Nurita still takes Raya order, but they will only be available for collection a week after Raya. A week after Raya? That’s totally ok for me. Raya kan sebulan! 😛

And so yesterday, after attending a family-friend’s engagement in Shah Alam, my husband took me to Nurita Harith’s boutique in Bangsar. I was excited! I wanted to touch and see her collection in person, and perhaps try them on… And I did. Well, only two coz those are the only ones that I could fit! >_<


I never liked kaftans (except the ones you wear to sleep) but I really like this!


This one is supposed to be tucked in shorter, but I wanted to hide my tummy, so yea… 😛


Mint it is!

Initially, I wanted the drapey-top kurung (Siobhan) in mint, but Nurita said my sister already tempah that design. Alaa! I opted for a different design instead (wanna have a guess?), but still in mint color. Ikut hati, nak tempah lagi satu but my husband told me to, “Sabar, sabar. Buat satu dulu”. Pfft.


As for the rest of my baju Raya, I guess I’ll just have to find ready-made ones.


  1. Hi there,
    If you don’t mind, may I know what is the price range for Baju kurung @ nuritha boutique? Ready made or kena tempah?


  2. Lawa laa colour baju raya you! I dah lama tak tempah baju for raya, always bought ready-made punya. Sighhh

    Anyway, if you’re looking for some raya clothes for your daughters, have a look here:

    I hope you don’t mind me advertising it here, thanks!

  3. Hahaha.. Looks like mint green colour is going to be a popular colour this year…

  4. much sepasang..

  5. thepinkstilettos says:

    The Raya 2012 collection is RM1.2k sepasang

  6. huwaaaa…. nak jugaaaaaaakkkk

  7. Cantiknya!!!! Harga pon bole tahan…hehehehe….Mint Green tgh in yek now…;)

  8. Memang cantik! nak jugak!!


  1. raspberry ketones…

    Baju Raya: one down, a few more to go | The Pink Stilettos…

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