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I should have done this years ago. But that’s ok. It’s happening now. I finally moved my blog to my own domain! 😀

I actually had this domain since a few years ago (some of you already knew about it) but I didn’t know the kind of look I wanted for my blog, so I just kinda ignored it…until one day when I cannot stand looking at my own blog. I had been using the same old layout for 6 years! Mana tak bosan.

I hope you like the new look because I totally do! There’s still a little bit of editing to do (side section, About Me, Archives, etc) so please excuse that. I’ll be updating my blog as usual, nonetheless.

Goodbye Blogspot!


  1. Hi Iza, love your website new look. Especially the cute heels. How do you change from blogspot to new link? Any suggestion?

  2. wauu cantik..camner nak ada domains endiri ..berapa RM?

  3. hey congrats on the new home!
    im sure laura did a good job revamping the site and the transferring 🙂
    It’s sure is different but heck, they will get used to it 🙂

  4. yeap Iza, update us on cost. U amik local punye ke or overseas?
    My blog pun dah kena block sb over limit dah. ;(

    • Hey thanks guys!

      To those who asked, I hired omputih to do the design for me. If you scroll down my blog, you’d notice ada ‘design by laura jane’ at the bottom of the page and it links to her website ( You can check out her rates under Design Services.

      As for how to buy domain and whatnot, that one I’m not sure sebab my husband yang tolong buatkan. Hee…

  5. nice template iza….sedap mata memandang 🙂

  6. very very nice…but tiny teeny comment wud be, kasut kecit tu mcm terpotong lak ujung nya? the design is very easy on the it!

  7. nice n sweet…congrates sis…

  8. love it kakak. cantik, simple & bright

    and before this, selalu jugak visit this domain. finally it’s up! congratulations!

  9. kak iza! cantik sgt. love the font for the side bar title.

  10. Tahniah..

    Cantik rumah baru ni… 🙂

  11. love!

  12. for those yg nak tukar domain, leh cek kat sini yer… domain dari malaysia

    tukar domain

  13. Iza.. love the new layout.. sangat cute and sophisticated at the same time..

  14. So pwetty and cute. Love the 3 pink stilettos~! 😉

  15. Love the new website and domain!

  16. CANTIK..simple…yg best..sbb archieve blog lama u…tkleh klik older post..susah sgt nkbaca post dh ok…hehe

  17. salam dear , nice new it

  18. Yeay, loving it <3

  19. yeay suka…sebab boleh click untuk tengok older post.. hhehe..
    kadang2 tertinggal lama.. susah nak ke belakang hehe
    tapi nanti mesti rindu background pink stripe tu kan.. hihi..

  20. Eh, lawanya rupa blog baru ni!

  21. thepinkstilettos says:

    Thank you so much guys! Glad you like the new design 🙂

  22. iza, finally u revealed it!
    pttlah dl i saw this blog adress pstu entri sume same..ingatkan org copy-cat..

  23. Very nice n pretty.. 🙂

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