Loving my beauty rack

I usually like white when it comes to cabinets, shelves and racks, but the girly-ness in me couldn’t resist this magenta-colored rack when I saw it at Jusco yesterday (ok, if it comes in white as well, I would definitely choose that over magenta la).

I knew it would be perfect for my desk. I could already imagine arranging my makeup and perfumes in there. Excitedly, I turned to my husband and gave him the “I-want-this” look… and he just rolled his eyes. Men!


The rack is an L-shaped and comes in a box of two (RM69.90) so you can make a square out of the 2 L’s. At first I thought of using only one of the racks and gave the other one to my sister, but uhh… I changed my mind. 😛


My makeup organizer fits just nice in there




Couldn’t fit all of my perfumes, so I just put the ones I usually wear


Speaking of racks/shelves/cabinets, I just purchased this deal for Mirrored Jewellery Cabinet from Groupon. I have been searching high and low for a jewellery storage that’s big enough to store all of my jeweleries and couldn’t think of a more perfect one than this! Suami pula dengan baik hati mengizinkan tanpa menggulingkan mata. 🙂

This deal is gonna end soon, so go grab it while it’s still on!


  1. Omg….!love the magenta rack and the cabinet!def gonna buy them :-).btw,nk tanya are u purchase online using ur creditcard or debit card dear?coz i onlyhv maybank debit card and hv read bout ur post on how to purchase using debit card but couldnt find the post now.thinking of buying shoes frm js website 🙂

  2. You made everything looks nice and organised…Everytime tengok your blog mesti rasa bersemangat nak organised barang2…

  3. hi..may i know which jusco store that u bought that rack?and i also notice that you are using chloe perfume…does it smells nice?…i wanna get one if its nice…:)

    • thepinkstilettos says:

      Bought the rack at Jusco Cheras Selatan.

      That Chloe perfume smells nice – fresh floral, which I really like. And it lasts long too 😉

  4. oh iza beli kat jusco cheras selatan?that’s y i rasa mcm pernah tgk this rack n another color is green rite?almost nak beli aritu tp tak jadi so gonna get it as ur post give me idea on how to use it 🙂

  5. oh that cabinet from groupon tu memang cantek. but i have this vision that my kids akan terbalikkan the cabinet!! huaaa!!

  6. I sukalah mirror tu

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