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I am addicted to online shopping. I do most of my shopping online because it is SO convenient. Everything is just a click away! I can shop in my nightie and the stores are never closed!

Here’s a list of local and international online shopping websites (in no particular order) that I usually make my purchases from. I’ve purchased from each and every website listed here at least 3 times so they are reliable (except maybe for ASOS. 4 out of 10 orders including exchanges I’ve made so far never arrived. They do refund your money tho. Now I shop ASOS via HopShopGo so problem solved!).



Clothing: Forever 21, ASOS, ThePopLook, Azorias

Shoes: Zappos, DSWJessica Simpson, 6pm

Accessories: Piperlime, FashionValet, Forever 21

Lingerie: Victoria’s Secret

Makeup/Skincare: Sephora, StrawberryNET




Dresses: babyGap, Gymboree

Tops & bottoms: babyGap, Carter’s, Gymboree

Sleepwear: Old Navy, Gymboree, Carter’s

Shoes: The Children’s Place, Old Navy

Accessories: Gymboree

If you’ve shopped at any shopping website that you love and is not listed here, do share!


  1. Awesome!

  2. is it cheaper to shop online for Forever 21? love a lot of their pieces…

  3. i shop kat oldnavy as well using vshub.. very efficient, so far no probs at all.

  4. shoes : 6pm, endless, piperlime
    tops&dresses : Walmart (=p the prices are good and some of the pieces are cute & of good quality), jjill (banyak blaus with longer hems)

  5. iza..kalo shopping kat forever21 online dia bleh ship ke malaysia ke?byr guna paypal ek?

  6. Oh my, love all the website for girls!! Am a shopaholic for my baby girl’s stuffs, not so much for mine tho cos I worry about d size fit 🙂 I love UK brands too eg. Next, Debenhams, Monsoon, Mini Boden. So cantik2 rasa cam nak makan!! 🙂 I selalu special order thru friends living there or any personal shopper service 🙂

    • thepinkstilettos says:

      True, most of the time, my girls’ clothes fit them well. As for my stuff, selalu tersalah size (especially pants!). That’s why I like to shop at Forever 21 coz ada bagi garment measurements. So far semua beli muat! 🙂

  7. iza please do tutorial how to shopping…tq.

  8. Hai, best tak baju kat poplook tu, I mean in terms of the quality of the fabric. Contoh kalau baku kat Dorothy Perkins byk from Polyester which is kain dia tak serap peluh tapi baju cantik.

    • thepinkstilettos says:

      Depends which baju. Ada yang material polyester, ada yg jersey, cotton-like, etc. U can read at the description. Kalau u nak yang serap peluh, then choose yang cotton-like or jersey la kot.

  9. Kalau kita shop kat HopShopGo tu means kita boleh go thorugh all those websites mcm gap, sephora semua tu?

  10. iza..u penah ada experience shopping dkt h&m online tak?if yes, how is it?


  12. iza,
    please do share your experience & on to how to use hopshopgo; i did register my paypal with them tapi macam tak sure macammana nak proceed order…. tq dear!

  13. kakak! do share on how nak guna paypal ? ai is blurrrr …. ~_~

  14. Try ChristyNg.com to purchase your pair of high heels! 😉 its superb!

  15. Hi Iza

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience doing online shopping
    i just wondering, how do you shop when gymboree offers free shipping. i understand that the shipping is for US resident only
    But do u have any idea how we can get free shipping as well?
    If via gymboree itself, the shipping is expensive, what about other source like hsg or vpost?
    thank you very much

    • Hi Amrysa,

      Gymboree doesn’t offer free international shipping. I usually shop via hopshopgo because I like to ship my other purchases from other websites sekali harung so i can save a bit on shipping cost. But if you only want to shop at gymboree, then I would suggest to just use their international shipping instead of hsg because the shipping cost would be about the same.

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