Girls’ Outfit Ideas

A few of my friends have started scouting around for their kids’ Raya clothes and I decided to jump on the bandwagon. More reasons to shop for those cute little dresses, yay!

I came up with a few outfit ideas for my girls from my favorite children clothing brands and thought of sharing them here (don’t worry hubby, I’m not going to buy all of them). This is what I usually do before making a purchase – I make mental notes when browsing online and in stores, trying to put their outfits together by mixing and matching with whatever pieces they already have, while making sure one sister’s outfit coordinates with the other (read how I coordinate my girls’ outfits here). Sounds like a bit of a task but it’s actually a lot of fun!


 Outfit 1: Afternoon Tea

Left: Janie & Jack eyelet blazer, Zara printed dress, Crazy 8 cutout sandals
Right: Janie & Jack peplum ponte dress, Gymboree heart pearl necklace, Janie & Jack gold bow sandals

Outfit 2: Cool Cruise

Left: Janie & Jack bow poplin hat, Gap Kids floral stripe belted dress, H&M fabric sandals
Right: Gymboree ruffle eyelet top, Gymboree seersucker bow capri, Crazy 8 aviator, OshKosh B’Gosh slip-on shoes


Outfit 3: Spring Dressy

Left: Zara bag, Zara printed dress, Gymboree perforated ballet flat
Right: Zara frilled dress, Gymboree hat headband, Zara cutwork ballerina flats



Outfit 4: Aloha Sunshine

Left: Janie & Jack bow headband, babyGap split neck stripe shirtdress, Zara ankle strap sandals
Right: babyGap flower print pleated top, babyGap cropped leggings, Gymboree curly ribbon ponies, Zara faux patent leather sandals

Outfit 5: Laid-back Chic

Left: Zara handbag, Zara polka-dot printed shirt, babyGap legging jeans, Crazy 8 strappy sandals
Right: Old Navy swiss dot peplum top, Zara geometric print trousers, Zara shiny embroidered scarf, Zara leather roman strap sandals



 Outfit 6: Green Scene

Left: Gap Kids denim jacket, Crazy 8 bow batik dress, Zara leather roman strappy sandals
Right: Janie & Jack flower necklace striped top, Janie & Jack colorblock ponte skirt, Zara patent leather slip-on

Outfit 7: Miss Mod

Left: H&M sunglasses, Crazy 8 stripe pocket dress, Mangko Kids bow belt, Crazy 8 bow ballet flats
Right: H&M top with lace sleeves, Mango Kids faux leather skirt, Crazy 8 tulle headband, Zara pompom ballerina

Outfit 8: Candy Crush

Left: Gymboree eyelet tee, Gymboree striped bow dress, babyGap bow jelly sandals
Right: Gymboree big dot bow dress, Crazy 8 bow barrettes, babyGap bow jelly sandals

Outfit 9: Vintage Charm
Left: Gymboree flower straw bag, Zara embroidered dress, Zara cutwork ballerina flats
Right: Zara combined dress with bow, Zara hat with ribbon, babyGap crisscross ballet flat

Outfit 10: Sweet Posies

Left: Janie & Jack boucle beret, Janie & Jack corsage ruffle top, Janie & Jack gingham crop pant, Old Navy metallic sandal
Right: Janie & Jack hydrangea pique top, Old Navy twill capri, Gymboree heart pearl bracelet, Zara espadrille sandals

I could go on forever with the outfit list, but I think I’ll just stop at 10.

Breakfast Day

If there’s one meal that I would never skip, it would definitely be breakfast. I don’t know about you, but I always wake up in the morning with a growling tummy and if I don’t feed myself right away, I’d spent the rest of the day feeling irritable and scatterbrained. Or worse, a pounding headache! Not a great way to start the day.

Apparently, those who have breakfast tend to have better mood than those who don’t. I noticed that with my girls too, so I would always ensure that my girls have breakfast even when we’re running late because it’s important to start the day with a positive energy. Else, they will be so cranky, it would ruin everyone’s morning!


My girls’ typical breakfast – Nutella sandwiches and warm Milo for Ayra, cereal with milk and warm Milo for Raina

Milo is like a food staple in our kitchen. My girls loveeee Milo and they would drink it every day, sometimes twice a day. And when they’re not feeling well and have no appetite to eat anything, they would just request to have a cup of warm Milo instead. At least they have something to fuel them with energy throughout the day.

It’s great that Milo dedicates one special day for Malaysia Breakfast Day every once a year to celebrate the most important meal of the day and to also encourage the whole nation to enjoy breakfast with their family and friends. Just like last year, there will also be Malaysia Breakfast Day Run as well as games, performances and breakfast, and everyone is invited to take part!

Here’s the details of the Malaysia Breakfast Day Run:

Date: 20th April 2014
Time: 7am – 1pm
Venue: Perbadanan Putrajaya

There will be 2 types of run – Competitive Run (7km) and Family Fun Run (3km).

For more details about this run, log on to their website at


Last year at the Malaysia Breakfast Day with si kecil molek, Yuyu Zulaikha.


Hopefully we could join it again this year!

Milo Toasties

The other day while I was busy doing some work, Ayra came to me and requested to bake cookies.

I felt bad to turn down her request because we haven’t been baking for weeks, but I had a deadline and couldn’t be spending an hour making cookies with my girls (yes it usually takes that long), so I suggested we make something easier and a lot quicker instead. Milo toast!

She agreed upon hearing the word “Milo”.

And suddenly my tummy was rumbling and I was salivating. Oh man… Milo toast.

My mom used to make Milo toast for me when I was a kid. She would drizzle sweetened condensed milk on sliced bread and topped it with a thick layer of Milo. The slightly crunchy, sweet and chocolatey malt in every bite was so heavenly! I had them for breakfast and as my snacks for like everyday. It used to be my favorite food when I was a kid and I haven’t had it for awhile now. Time to introduce it to my girls!

I wanted to make it a bit more fun for them and more like a baking activity, so I added a little twist to the Milo toast-making.


I let my girls cut the sliced bread into flower shapes using cookie cutters.


And then we put them on a baking tray and baked in the oven for a few minutes so that it would look like we were baking “cookies”. Ha!

Anndddd…. instead of using sweetened condensed milk, we spread cream cheese on the toast… because cheese makes everything better! And umm well, because we don’t have sweetened condensed milk at home. Heh.

Then I spooned some Milo powder in a sugar sifter and let the girls sift the Milo over the toast.
Raina got a bit carried away and sifted Milo all over herself. Totally normal.


We ate them immediately! This is a less sweet version of Milo toast, but it was still nice. Creamy and chocolatey (Raina ate 3 of them!)


It only took 10 minutes to make these and everyone was happy.
Probably the quickest “baking” project ever! :D

Batik Chic

I have always loved the casual chic looks with blazers, jackets or cardigans. I think it looks great on most women – not too casual, not too overdone.

But the thing about me is that, I have thick layers of stubborn fat so most blazers and jackets felt too warm for me and I’d be sweating buckets (even in an aircond room!) like I just ran a marathon. Sighhh…

Or maybe I just have a high metabolism or something. That’s why you seldom see me in jackets or blazers, unless if I’m in a cold country. Usually I would just opt for lightweight jackets/blazers/cardigans instead, especially the chiffon or satin ones. They’re my ultimate fave!

My recent favorite is this batik cardigan from Matase Sutera. Yes, batik!

I know most people would shy away from batik for everyday wear and only wear them for formal occasions. But there are ready-to-wear batik clothing that are chic and contemporary. Matase Sutera is a brand that specializes in hand-drawn batik prints and they carry various designs of ready-to-wear batik clothing such as kurungs, kaftans, jubahs, blouses and cardigans at reasonable prices.

The one I’m wearing here is Laylaa spiral cardigan in blue. It comes in 2 other colors as well – black and fuchsia.


This batik cardigan is made of satin material with a simple abstract pattern and clean lines. It has an open front and kimono sleeves which make it an easy breezy cardigan, perfect for warm sunny weathers. I love how airy and comfy this cardigan is – I feel like I could fly!


My daughter and I having a little bit of “Elsa” moment.
Let it go, let it go… I am one with the wind and skyyyy…. #obsessedwithfrozen


I think the spiral batik print at the front part kind of gives an illusion of a smaller waist. Haha. Me likey!

If you’re bored of wearing the same ol’ batik kurung to work on Batik Day, you could wear this batik cardigan instead and pair it with a plain skirt for a more formal look.


Oh, they also have batik shawls!

Beautiful, delicate batik shawls in yummy colors and prints. I rarely see people donning a batik shawl so I decided to try one.


I love how all Matase Sutera shawls have batik prints only on both ends and the patterns on each shawl are not too crowded.

I wanted to keep it simple so I just wore it with a plain shirt (Mango)

The great thing about batik is that each design is unique and one-of-a-kind. Same goes to Matase Sutera, where most of their batik prints are exclusively designed by them. And because they design their own batik, you can even request them to reproduce any clothing items that are out of stock in your size, and you may even request in the colors you want at the Pre-Orders section.

Matase Sutera ships internationally and they have customers from all over the world, including Brunei, Singapore, Australia, Pakistan, India, UK, Poland, South Africa, Hawaii and Brazil. They are now opening pre-orders for Raya and they even offer a 3-month installment.

Check out their website at
Happy browsing and shopping! :)

DIY Rosette Collar Top

I’ve been buying some craft supplies from since last year and had been having fun making little crafty projects of my own. Most of the stuff I bought were appliques – beaded, embellished, rosettes, flowers, butterflies and bows (these are some of them), which I turned into brooches, hair clips and head bands for my girls (well, the brooches were for me obviously).

I also came up with this idea to fancy up this cute little top that I bought for Ayra from GapKids. It’s a black peplum top with a round neckline and I thought it was a little plain, so I asked Ayra whether I could add some flowers along the front neckline. She agreed immediately. I knew she would – anything flowery or sparkly, just bring it on!

I took out my sewing kit and wasted no time to sew. It was super easy to make, and I’m a beginner. Just cut and stitch!


The things you need – a plain top, rosettes, needle, thread of the same color as the rosette, some pins and a pair of scissors


This chiffon rosettes came by the yard in a few different sizes so I had to cut them individually.

I laid the rosettes along the neckline and pin them in place. I decided to put the biggest rosette in the middle, followed by the medium and smallest sizes up until the shoulders.

Then I sewed the rosettes, starting from one shoulder and ending at the other shoulder. I also made sure that the stitches were hidden underneath all that ruffly rosettes.

And here’s the end result…

A sweet peplum top with chiffon rosette collar neckline that took less than 15 minutes to make!